The Good and Bad of Popmoney It's Not Ideal, but it's Not Pricey Either

The Good and Bad of Popmoney It's Not Ideal, but it's Not Pricey Either

A payment service known as Popmoney is one that facilitates the transfer of digital currency from one bank account to another. Its primary function was to facilitate financial transactions between individuals, but now businesses are also able to make use of Popmoney thanks to a new feature called Popmoney for Small Business. Even though the business is real, you should still take precautions before sending any money their way by ensuring that you are not falling victim to financial fraud.

The Essentials of Popmoney

How Popmoney functions and what it can be used for is outlined below:

Electronic Transfers

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is utilized by Popmoney in order to facilitate the direct transfer of payments from one bank to another. You do not have an account with Popmoney that retains any balance, unlike other types of payment (such as PayPal or Venmo). Instead, the money is always in the bank account of the sender or the recipient of the payment. It is possible to send money to a person by using either their email address or their mobile phone number.

A Method of Financial Transactions

Because electronic payments have replaced cash transactions, there is no longer any need to carry cash or write checks. When you go out with pals, one person can cover the bill and everyone else can pay their portion of it online. This eliminates the need for everyone to gather change for a $20 bill or to give over a stack of credit cards. One person can pay, and they can receive electronic reimbursement while also perhaps earning rewards on their credit card. If you are the one who is getting paid, there is no need for you to cash a check, make change for friends, or keep your fingers crossed that other people will pay you back in the end.

Personal Payments

Sending money to a person you already know and can put your faith in is the best application for Popmoney (or to receive payment). Some businesses use personal Popmoney accounts to “casually” take payments from customers, while others use accounts specifically for their business.

Be aware, however, that if you use the personal service for payments related to your business, you might not have all of the customary protections in the event that fraud occurs. You might feel safe using Popmoney to pay your babysitter or your landlord, but using it to make online purchases is perilous because of the possibility that your credit card information or identity will be stolen.

Processing Time Required

Because Popmoney uses ACH payment methods, which usually take between three and five business days to finish, transactions can take several business days to finish.

That is generally OK. On the other hand, there have been online complaints about payments being stopped and wait times that seem to go on forever. If this is your first time using the service, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from making any time-sensitive payments. Once you’ve successfully set up your accounts and sent and received a few payments, you’ll have a better idea of when things will happen. This helps you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The majority of customers’ concerns about Popmoney center on their funds being unavailable for a longer period of time than was originally anticipated, meaning that neither the sender nor the recipient can access the funds (but things get resolved eventually). The quickest way to make a payment is with a debit card, and the money should be in the recipient’s bank account within one business day at the very latest.


Popmoney is already on customer accounts at a lot of financial places, like banks and credit unions.

If your financial institution has an existing partnership with Popmoney, you will be able to send and receive money without leaving your online banking session. Even if your financial institution does not yet support Popmoney, you are able to continue using the service (both for sending and receiving) through Popmoney.


If you want to submit a payment via or the app, it will cost you $0.95. When you receive a payment into the account that is linked to your Popmoney profile and is referred to as your Eligible Transaction Account, there is no charge incurred on your part. Inquire with your financial institution to see if they offer Popmoney as part of their services. Banks and credit unions each have their own cost schedules. The majority of financial institutions have transaction fees that are either around $1 or completely free. 


  • It is easily accessible.
  • Inexpensive
  • Private


  •  There is no fraud protection.
  • The amount of time that passes before funds can be used
  • Having Received Payment

When you have been paid by someone using Popmoney, you will receive a notification that you have been paid. This notification may come in a form of a text message or an email.

If you have never used the service before, Popmoney will need specific instructions from you regarding where to send the money when it is transferred.

To reiterate, the process is straightforward if your financial institution uses Popmoney; all you have to do is claim the money when you are signed in to your bank account. If not, you’ll need to give BayourNK account and routing information at The website provides a list of participating financial institutions. 

There shouldn’t be any fees associated with picking up the money unless you were the one who started the transaction by making a money request (although your bank or credit union may charge a fee).


People who have never heard of Popmoney but have received money or requests from friends are often surprised to learn that the service can be used to make legal financial transactions.

On the other hand, there is always the possibility that your “friend” could send you a phishing email that will direct you to a false website that is designed to steal your personal information (and money).

If you receive a message that is out of the ordinary, exercise extreme caution and check with your friend before clicking on anything. Make sure that you only access the service through the official Popmoney website or through a protected section of the website of the financial institution that you use.

Using Popmoney to pay for things might be a dangerous endeavor. Since there is no such thing as “buyer protection” at Popmoney, you are on your own if the things you ordered do not arrive at all or if they are not what you expected when you received them. For alternative payment methods, such as credit or debit cards (for reasons of security, credit cards are preferable) and PayPal, provide a higher level of protection. Both Popmoney and Venmo have been used to commit fraud on popular online auction sites.

Information Exchange Regarding Accounts

It is not necessary to disclose the details of your bank account (such as the routing number and account number) to anyone in order to transfer or receive money; instead, people can use their email addresses or phone numbers instead.

On the other hand, when you write a check (or endorse one that was written to you), other people may be able to read sensitive account information and replicate your signature. This can happen when you endorse a check that was written to you.

Because of this, Popmoney is able to maintain a certain level of discretion.

Your bank account is automatically ready to send and receive payments if it uses Popmoney, provided that your bank uses Popmoney. However, if your payee does not use a bank that is compatible with Popmoney, your payee will be required to furnish Popmoney with information regarding their bank account, which is something that not everyone is willing to do. Similarly, if you have a bank account that is not associated with Popmoney and have received payment, you will be required to give certain details in order to collect the payment. Once more, check to see that you are doing it exclusively on the official website or app for

The Crux of the Matter

Popmoney is a convenient and low-cost method for transferring money. The price structure is not overly complicated, and depending on which bank you use, it may not even cost you anything at all. There is no need to sign up for it if it is already included in the services that your bank provides.

The game Popmoney can be rather annoying at times. Use Popmoney with extreme caution if you can’t afford to go without access to your assets for many days or longer, because the amount of time it may take to complete the transfer is completely unpredictable. Even though the fees are quite modest, it is possible that other low-cost methods, such as PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App, are superior choices for making personal payments. Zelle is a popular choice right now, and many banks are working with it to make it easier for people to pay each other quickly.

Questions That Are Typically Asked (FAQs)

To whom can Popmoney payments be made?

If you have the recipient’s phone number or email address, you can use Popmoney to send them a payment. This service is available to everyone. This will make it possible for Popmoney to notify them that you are paying them after you have done so. You will need to come up with another method of paying the recipient if they do not have a Popmoney account or do not wish to create one. In this case, you will not be able to use Popmoney.

Is it possible to reverse a Popmoney transaction?

If you accidentally send a payment to the wrong email address or phone number, you can cancel the transaction as long as it is still pending on the Popmoney Activity Tab of your account. In the event that the transaction cannot be reversed, you will be required to get in touch with customer service.

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