If you want to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch and maximize its capabilities, you're going to need to download the greatest apps that are available for it.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the 18 top apps for the Samsung Galaxy Watch that are currently available so that you may save time searching for them and get the most out of them.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Applications for Your Samsung Galaxy Watch Using Your Smartphone

The same capabilities that you have on your phone are available on your smartwatch, including installing, altering, and uninstalling applications. You can personalize your smartwatch to meet your needs and preferences by downloading the Galaxy Wearable software on your smartphone and using it.

You can personalize your smartwatch to meet your needs and preferences by downloading the Galaxy Wearable software on your smartphone and using it. While you are managing programs on your smartwatch, you also have the ability to adjust some settings.

It is important to remember that the available displays and settings may vary based on the provider, the phone, or the watch. These capabilities are not included with the Galaxy Fit.

You can browse watch applications by going to the Galaxy Store app on your connected smartphone, then touching the Watch tab on the app's menu. Touch the app you want to install once you've located it, and then select Install from the menu that appears. Immediately after purchasing it, it will be added to your watch.

Installing programs for watches is also possible using the Samsung Galaxy Watch (iOS). After the application has been installed, please navigate to the Discover menu and tap it. After that, touch the View more button that's located under the highlighted watch applications to see all of the options that are readily available. Touch it, and then after you've selected a suitable one, press the Install button.

Additionally, updating the applications on your watch is quite easy to do!

How much storage space do the various apps require?

All of the compatible applications with the Galaxy Watch have been improved to provide a more fluid and enjoyable smartwatch experience. The storage used by these seamless applications downloaded from the official Android app store is often between 1 and 10 megabytes. These applications are designed to run without impacting the memory or functionality of your watch; however, you should limit the number that you download just in case! Simply tapping the delete symbol allows you to remove any programs you no longer require from your device.

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The Best Applications:

Find my Phone 

It is really convenient to have a smartwatch that can communicate with your phone via Bluetooth. When you've had a hard day and put your phone somewhere you can't recall, having an app that can locate your phone is better. It is also a wonderful safety feature to have in the event that someone tries to steal your phone.

The most exciting part? This program, like many others, can be downloaded at no cost.


It used to be that the Samsung Internet app was the only method to watch YouTube videos on your smartwatch. Now, however, there are other options (we get into that later.) You should now feel free to go ahead and download Player4YouTube so that you may view videos from YouTube on your watch. This has proven to be one of the most useful applications for getting around the irritation of being unable to access YouTube as readily as on other devices. But you can do it now!

Yandex Translate

Going to a foreign country, Or do you find that communicating in the workplace or school might be difficult? There is no need for this because Yandex Translate is an excellent tool for overcoming this challenge. Eighty-five distinct languages are spoken regularly worldwide, and this program covers them all. Because of this, traveling has become a lot less difficult and unpleasant.

Samsung Health

It is highly recommended that you look at the health app that was developed by Samsung, even if we will provide you with another alternative for a health and fitness app later on. You can monitor not just your sleeping patterns but also the quality of your sleep. In addition, you are able to conduct more fundamental things like keep track of the number of calories you burn each day.

The mobile application allows you to keep track of a wide range of physical activities, making it possible to tailor information to your individual health journey. You can also take all of this information and synchronize it with your mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to always be accessible to you.

ToDo Manager

When you spend excessive time compiling lengthy lists of things that need to be done, you never get very far. On the other hand, when it is streamlined and readily accessible to you around the clock by simply checking your wrist, you will notice that things have suddenly become a great deal more productive. And a lot more get's done.

The ToDo Manager is an application for managing tasks that enables you to manage your list rapidly. It also synchronizes with the Reminder App on your device, so if you feel like you might be forgetting anything, you won't have to worry about which app you should check first.


Due to the positive working connection that exists between Samsung and Spotify, the Spotify app naturally comes in at number one on our ranking.

Users of the Samsung app can access music that they have recently played, create their own playlists, or view the most popular songs on Spotify because Samsung provides full support for Spotify. Offline playback functionality is also available through Samsung for Spotify Premium subscribers. Because of all of these factors, the Spotify app should be your first choice if you want to listen to music on your Samsung smartwatch.


When you have the Uber app installed on your Samsung Watch, requesting an Uber ride is quick and uncomplicated. One of the reasons why this is one of the better apps that can be used with the Samsung Galaxy Watch is because it makes it really easy to call a ride from your wrist.

The screen is not too small to let the user drag the map around while selecting a pickup location, and the rotating bezel enables the user to zoom in and out of the map. It is simple to choose a location where you will be picked up and then wait for your transport to come.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with various amazing watch faces already installed. On the other hand, the Facer app offers a significantly wider range of customization options. The extensive library that is Facer provides a variety of free watch faces to pick from, in addition to a collection of paid watch faces, so that you may completely personalize your watch and make it unique to you.

Here WeGo

One of the most well-liked mapping applications available in the Samsung Galaxy Store is called Here WeGo, most likely because it provides dynamic maps that are updated in real time and great audio navigation and notification capabilities.

In addition to that, there is support for offline map use. If you are in an unfamiliar area and want to know how long it will take a cab to get from point A to point B, you can get traffic updates, which are quite helpful in situations like these. Nevertheless, you shouldn't anticipate it having the same quality level as Google Maps.

Flipboard News Briefing 

You can easily stay current with the news by checking in on your Samsung Phone or even configuring your phone to send you notifications. However, if you have Flipboard News Briefing installed, you'll have the news on your wrist in a simple format to read. This makes staying current with the news much simpler. Because it is so simple to install and operate, you will quickly wonder why you even bothered pulling your phone out of your pocket to check the news in the first place.

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Through the use of an application known as "Watch Viewer for Twitter," you can view your Twitter feed in a clean and uncomplicated format on your wrist. You also have the ability to view the profiles of other users, including the number of followers that they have.

Even though this is not an official Android app, it received a lot of positive feedback, particularly when utilized on a Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung Internet

You can surf the web on your Galaxy Watch, so even if you forget to bring your phone with you, if it's buried deep in the bottom of your luggage, or if you need to check something up extremely fast, you can do so.

Although Samsung Internet is not likely to displace tablets or smartwatches in terms of the simplicity with which one may navigate the internet, it does provide a suitable option for performing a Google search in a hurry.

Waste Time!

Play a game of Gear Tac Toe if you're feeling bored, but it's not an appropriate moment to pull out your phone. You might think of this as a digital version of the classic game of noughts and crosses that you can play on your watch.

It is interesting to note that there are three various levels of difficulty available so that when you are finding it all to be too easy, you can step it up a notch so that you are not bored again.

Gear Voice Memo

Voice memos are significantly more adaptable and may be recorded much more quickly than notes written on sticky notes.

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch users have access to a very functional voice recorder right on their wrists, thanks to the Gear Voice Memo app. After the app has been downloaded, all the user needs to do to start recording is tap the screen and then tap it again when they are finished. Both the recording and the transcription are made available to you by the watch app, and both the recording and the transcription will be synced immediately with your phone.

Face My Face

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car and spent an inordinate amount of time looking for it in a parking lot because you couldn't find it? You're not alone! Tap your watch to save your location in the Find My Car app as soon as you get out of your vehicle, and the app will then direct you directly back to your vehicle. You may also record a voice memo to serve as a reminder, and the app includes a counter that will let you know how far away you are from reaching your goal.

Samsung Speedometer

The Samsung Speedometer is an instrument that can assist you if you are preparing for a run, are a cyclist, or are otherwise interested in learning your speed. The application uses GPS data to determine the user's speed and enables them to remember their travel itineraries. It's a terrific way to monitor your progress in the gym, but it's also a fun tool to use if you want to see who is the quickest runner among your friends.


The vast majority of Samsung's intelligent home appliances, known together under the brand name SmartThings, are designed to simplify and expedite daily tasks. Any device that is compatible will be displayed in the application, where its current status may be viewed, and it can be operated using your watch.

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Similarly, control your smart lighting.

You may use your smartwatch to manage the Philips Hue smart lights installed in your house, which is a feature exclusive to Hue users. You may easily change the lights, colors, brightness, and scenarios on your watch by turning the revolving bezel.

Map My Run

Because wearable technology and physical activity appear to go hand in hand, we felt it was necessary to include a workout app among our Top 15 for 2021.

As a result of the fruitful partnership that Samsung has developed with Under Armour, a collection of fitness watch apps may now be downloaded via Samsung's app store. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch may monitor their speed, distance traveled, and other metrics related to their fitness with the help of Map My Run's straightforward yet functional GPS tracker. One-year premium membership to Map My Run is included at no additional cost with purchasing any Samsung Galaxy watch.


Strava is one of the most popular and adaptable fitness apps for individuals who are primarily into cycling and running. You will be able to keep track of some extremely granular statistics on your workouts with the help of the app on your Samsung smartwatch.

Strava is a health and fitness program that is widely used across all kinds of devices, even though Samsung has its own health app. In fact, we have prepared below a list of the finest smartwatches compatible with Strava.

Check out our rundown of the top running apps if you're searching for recommendations on which ones to download. If monitoring your health is a top priority for you, you should choose the Samsung Active 2 smartphone.

Camera One

Anyone interested in photography would benefit greatly from using the Camera One app. This app for the Galaxy Watch gives you control over the camera on your smartphone right from your wrist! When you launch this app, you will be presented with a view from the camera on your device. You also can effortlessly switch between the front and rear cameras, which is ideal for taking shots of groups and selfies.

Controlling a variety of camera capabilities, such as zoom, video recordings, flash settings, and even a timer for taking images without using your hands, is possible with the help of this app. You can also edit the films and the photographs in the gallery. Never again will you pass up a photo opportunity on Instagram!


Your smartwatch has the potential to become a hands-free gadget if you download the Bixby app. This program for the Galaxy Watch enables you to do general functions solely through the use of your voice rather than by touching the screen. The wake-up command, "Hey Bixby," activates the app and enables voice control of your watch. The principle is quite similar to that of Alexa and Siri, but you will need to be connected to the internet to use the program.


Calculators are extremely useful tools, regardless of whether or not you are excellent at performing quick calculations. The calculator software for the Samsung Galaxy Watch is ideal for use in situations where you need to perform a quick calculation. Keeping a calculator on your wrist will ensure that you never get stuck when it comes to doing the math!

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Conclusion Regarding Samsung Galaxy Watch Applications

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch, you get access to all of these popular apps and a great deal of additional functionality. The wonderful thing about a smartwatch is that you can decide how it should work with your lifestyle.


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