Several Samsung Galaxy Watch Reddit users have expressed their reservations about the device's battery charging and overheating problems.

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The venerable Gear line has received an update, according to the South Korean electronics giant. LTE connectivity, extensive fitness capabilities, GPS, water resistance, and a price to match are all included with the Galaxy Watch.

When charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch, users complain about overheating.The 472mAH cell found inside the 64mm version of the device is sufficient to power the device for 7 days on a single charge. Given that the display is always on and in full colour, this is quite astounding. The smaller 46mm version's 270mAH battery lasts for three days, giving Apple something to strive for.

However, some customers claim they receive a message on their watch that it is overheating. This currently only happens when using the charging pad (it supports rapid charging). It goes without saying that this is not what should be happening.

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Although the issue also appears to affect third-party QI charging pads, the issue may be caused by a batch of defective chargers. If you're getting alerts, reverting to the standard watch charger and wall plug is a workaround.

As of right now, it doesn't appear like overheating is a widespread issue, and Samsung hasn't made any official announcements. This closely resembles problems consumers had with the Samsung Gear S3. After that, Samsung made a number of software updates to address the problem.


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