Use our maps and find out which places are giving away free food near you. You'll see the addresses of banks and free food pantries near you so you know where to go in case you hit a rough patch .

Free food banks near me

If you need emergency food help, you can go to the centers that distribute free or low-cost food. These centers are divided into three: food centers, churches with soup kitchens or vouchers, and free pantries .

TIP: If you need emergency food, call the US National Hunger Hotline immediately at 1-877-842-6273 (option 3). This line is active Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm EST.

Free food centers near me

The most popular free food banks in the United States are run by Feeding America , an organization with more than 40 years of experience. There is also Ample Harvest and Second Harvest , the latter very popular in the Silicon Valley, California area. However, there are many others run by state and community organizations. You can find the closest one on the map above .

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Churches that give free food near me

There are Churches that provide assistance to immigrants, such as The Salvation Army , Catholic Charities and St. Vincent De Paul Society have pots, soup kitchens and community pantries that offer free or low-cost food .

In general, you can access them without being a parishioner or meeting age, nationality, income or immigration regularization requirements. Nor will your belief, race, or gender matter. The only requirement is usually to live in the community or very close to it.

Free food pantries near me today

Find the places where they give free groceries near you on the following map.

Food pantries can be run by churches, local authorities, businesses, or non-profit organizations such as No Kid Hungry and Angel Food . On the map that we leave you above you will find the closest ones to your location. Remember that, in some cases, you could receive a coupon redeemable for hot food at qualified restaurants and cafeterias.

What are free food banks?

States, communities, churches, and non-profit organizations use donations and volunteerism to deliver food to those most in need. Free food banks are exactly that, centers with take-out food pantries and community kitchens with prepared dishes for immigrants, the elderly, patients with reduced mobility and low-income families.

Some organizations with free food banks support the community in other ways . For example, there are churches that help pay the rent , NGOs that offer free cars for low-income people , low-income housing programs for the elderly, among others.

How many people benefit from food banks?

It depends on the situation of the country. During the pandemic, 2 in 7 Americans relied on their community's national network of pantries and food banks . This figure does not include P-EBT and SNAP card recipients . Adding the statistics, we would be talking about at least 3 out of 7 people.

What food can you find in pantries and food banks?

This will depend on each organization. Some centers serve free hot food to eat in the same dining room; others, bags with food and some coupons that can be redeemed in restaurants and cafeterias associated with food stamps. There are also open pantries so that families can take some ingredients they need to strengthen their food intake .

Pantry Alternatives & Free Food Banks Near Me

The United States offers several social programs such as help to obtain food and free meals at school. These programs, mostly federal, serve to eradicate hunger and poverty.

Seasonal actions aside, like free turkey and Thanksgiving dinner or financial help at Christmas and the holidays, there are always-on efforts for those in need.

Food stamps or SNAP benefits

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for the SNAP EBT card at the nearest stamp office to your home address. Depending on your state, you may also be able to complete the application online or by phone. If you qualify, you will receive monthly benefits to buy food (dairy, meat, chicken, fish, breads, cereals, fruits and vegetables) in supermarkets and establishments, such as Walmart.

WIC Program for Women, Infants and Children

Although there are some differences between the WIC card and SNAP food stamps , they work in a similar way. This program focuses on improving food intake during pregnancy, lactation, or childhood . Therefore, it is very popular among pregnant women or single mothers, families with special children and growing babies. The age limit for children is 5 years and the food list is more limited than the food stamp program .

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School meal programs

There are several school meal programs. Normally, they have been created to strengthen nutrition and growth in children and adolescents from low-income families. Most do not need to apply, as students qualify immediately :

Food Programs for Seniors

Among the programs that strengthen the diet of the elderly, we find two that are the most important: the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program , which works with coupons redeemable for organic and healthy foods (such as honey, vegetables, and fresh fruits) and the Supplementary Grocery Program for First Needs, which offers the monthly delivery of a basket at home with nutritious food.


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