This article will show you some of the best Alexa-compatible smart doorbells.

Homeowners are supporting intelligent devices to control their homes, which is causing the homes to become innovative. The primary motivation for making homes bright is increasing security and aligning with improved security. However, staying connected with intelligent gadgets and assistants like Google Home Assistant and Alexa is critical to ensuring effective connectivity. We've tailored this article to help you find the best smart doorbells if you're using Alexa.

To make things easier for our readers, we've included Alexa compatible smart doorbells in this article, but first, let's look at what features to look for, such as;


Smart doorbells differ from standard doorbells, and you should be sure that it has all of the functionality you require.


Whatever smart doorbell you choose, keep in mind that you're seeking Alexa-compatible doorbells. You should test voice assistance compatibility for features like recording stop and start, quiet mode, video capturing, echo show, spotting, and the camera.


There are a variety of intelligent doorbell brands available on the market, and wireless doorbells are an option if you want Alexa compatibility.

Keeping Videos

Users can snap and store photographs and videos with some intelligent doorbells. Local storage or cloud storage are the two most common storage solutions. When choosing a doorbell, consider how much local storage is accessible and whether or not cloud storage is a paid option.

Quality of Video

Thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers are investing in video quality, and they don't go below 720 pixels. The video quality of smart doorbells varies between 720 pixels and 1080 pixels, depending on the quality and, of course, the price!

Life of the Batteries

If you choose a wireless doorbell, you will need to choose one with long battery life.

Let's take a look at the top intelligent doorbells compatible with Amazon's Alexa after you've prioritized your preferences and considered all of the features, such as;

The Best Alexa-Enabled Smart Doorbells

Ring Video Doorbell 2


Since acquiring intelligent home products, Amazon has been producing the best-in-class intelligent home products, with Alexa being one of them. You'll be able to communicate with guests at the door while sitting in bed as soon as you install Ring Video Doorbell 2 in your Alexa-enabled house.

These elements guarantee not only convenience but also the highest level of security. The video doorbell has a microphone for two-way conversation as well as a camera for video recording.

The camera can record films in 1080 pixels. The night vision capability allows you to keep an eye on every detail at all times of the day and night. Even if the doorbell button is not pressed, the motion detection feature allows users to record video as soon as motion is detected. Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a faceplate changing feature that allows you to change the color of the doorbell to match your outside to satisfy the needs of a wide range of users.


HD films of excellent quality

There are both wireless and wired alternatives available.

There is night vision accessible.

Powered by a battery

Faceplates that can be swapped


For video storage, a subscription is required.

Ring Doorbell Pro is an advanced version of Ring Doorbell

Compared to the Ring Video Doorbell 2, this is a slimmer doorbell, which improves the appearance and makes it look classier. The camera can record video in 1080 pixels, and the image quality is satisfactory. The view angle is 160 degrees, and there is a microphone for two-way contact with the visitor. The doorbell is simple to set up and comes with an app that gives you complete control over the functionality.

You can watch live streaming through this video doorbell, and if you link it to Fire TV, you can also view photographs and videos on your TV. It also works with Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Wink in addition to Alexa.

This doorbell has infrared night vision to give footage at night without sacrificing quality, and it covers a 30-foot area. This doorbell is a hardware model, which means it does not require batteries. If you need to use the storage choices, the first month is free, but after that, customers must pay for the video storage membership.

The motion detection tool is also accessible to watch visitors who do not ring the doorbell.


Night vision infrared

Model of hardware

The design is elegant and straightforward.

detection of movement


High-definition video at a resolution of 1080 pixels


None, but some individuals grumble about the wired system since they require a battery-operated doorbell.

August Doorbell Cam Pro


This company has built an excellent reputation through time and has consistently provided top-rated intelligent products. This doorbell may be used in conjunction with intelligent locks and is controlled and monitored via an app. This doorbell is a hardware model, which makes it tough to install and may necessitate the assistance of a techie.

The entire appearance is clean and complements the home's outside wonderfully.

This smart doorbell has motion detection features and records videos with a 960 x 1280 camera in HD. The camera has infrared night vision, which allows it to stream and capture videos in the dark. The video storage is free for 24 hours. You must purchase a membership to keep the films for a more extended period of time.


For the videos, we used a full HD camera.

Storage is free for the next 24 hours.

Alexa compatibility is straightforward.


Modeling software

It is necessary to get a premium subscription.

Nest Hello

Nest Hub is a well-known intelligent home assistant. They've added the Nest Hello doorbell to their lineup to expand their offerings. Many people believe it is costly, but wait a few seconds, and you will see that it is well worth the money. Pre-recorded audio responses, facial recognition, and video streaming are some of the unique and noteworthy features. The performance of this doorbell has been enhanced for use in harsh environments. The most important feature is that this doorbell is a hardware model, which means that wiring is required for its operation. However, you will have a few complaints once you have installed it.

The camera lens can zoom up to eight times, and video can be recorded in portrait mode. Suppose users are unable to respond to visitors at the door. In that case, they can leave a message by playing pre-recorded messages. The camera's resolution is roughly 1600 x 1200 pixels, and the picture quality will be excellent thanks to the inclusion of HDR technology. Face recognition technologies are built into the doorbell, allowing it to remember who comes to the door frequently. The doorbell contains infrared LED technology to capture photos precisely in the dark when using the night vision functions.


LED infrared system

The resolution is 1600 × 1200 pixels.

Messages that have been pre-recorded

Recognition of people's faces

detection of movement

The ability to remember familiar faces


Model of hardware

Video doorbell eufy


This is a new brand on the market, and they've done an excellent job of establishing themselves. The great storage solutions are one of the many reasons why this intelligent doorbell is worth every penny. This doorbell features motion detection, which activates the camera, and the capacity to capture 2K HD videos, which has helped people maintain a constant check on the gate. Local storage options are available, and videos can be kept in the 4 GB of space offered. Military-grade encryption is also available to secure the security of the saved footage.

This doorbell comes with a battery that can last over 180 days on a single charge, and it is water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. There's an opportunity to establish pre-recorded messages for times when you won't be around to respond. Professional installation services are required, however, because it necessitates technological adjustment.


Local storage of 4 GB

HD videos in 2K

Messages that have been pre-recorded

Encryption that meets military standards

Resistant to water

Battery with a long life span


Professional installation is required.

Motion detection is unreliable.


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