The 'wolf cut' is the haircut that has set a trend due to its versatility and dynamism. Undoubtedly a modern bet that combines the best of the 'mullet' and the 'shaggy'. Here we tell you how to ask your stylist. A new hair trend is going viral in 2024 and you've probably heard of it. The wolf cut is the layered haircut that the entire generation Z has fallen in love with. And although it refers to the 70s and 80s , this style has recently become popular thanks to celebrities like Billie Eilish. If you also want to show it off, here are the keys.

What is the 'wolfcut'?

Cathy Wolf in medium wolf cut, with bleached blonde hair

A 'wolf cut' is the ideal cut to frame your face and show off rebellious hair. In the image, the model Cathy Wolf. Credit:

The wolf cut or wolf cut, receives this name in tribute to how fierce and wild it looks. Without a doubt, it is a perfect mix between a mullet and a shag .

This style is worn with choppy layers that cover the ears and frame the face—boosting volume at the top of the head and tapering toward the nape—and with thick bangs, either side-draped or draped. The wolf cut, moreover, is inspired by the look of David Bowie or Patti Smith of the 70s, but also in the one worn by Jane Fonda in Klute , with side layers that frame her cheekbones, thus proposing a casual aesthetic and, above all, , rocker.

The wolf cut is inspired by David Bowie. Credit:

Ideas to wear a 'wolf cut'

wolf cut mullet style

wolf cut mullet style

Rebellious and light, this is the wolf haircut of Úrsula Corberó. Credit:

Combine two styles and show off a much more rebellious mane with deep layers. Without a doubt, an androgynous cut, which gives your hair a disheveled effect with a lot of volume.

Wolf cut in Chinese hair

Wolf cut in Chinese hair

This cut will highlight the natural texture of your hair. Credit:

The wolf cut is a style that suits all hair, especially curly hair, as it respects and enhances its natural shape.

Extra long wolf cut

Extra long wolf cut

Highlight your features with a layered cut. Credit:

Do you want a change of 'look' but you are not willing to sacrifice the length of your hair? Then a layered cut is ideal for you, as you can achieve a casual and relaxed look without cutting too much.

Wolf cut in short layers

Wolf cut in short layers

Short or long, the 'wolf cut' will be your new addiction. In the picture, Maria Bernad. Credit: Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock.

The versatility of the wolf cut comes to the fore with its short layered version. Which is ideal for those people who love to wear their hair short, and are looking for a fresh and youthful look.

The wolf cut is the new trending haircut and flatters all hair textures and face shapes.

Like every season, there is a haircut that triumphs over all the others and this season the wolf cut that Alexa Chung already wore in 2016 (threatens to release a similar look, notice to navigators, on her Instagram account) and that triumphs among Instagram insiders, celebrities and street style. This trendy haircut is a hybrid of the mullet and shag cuts that have been so popular in recent months. The best thing is that it can be adapted to all hair types and textures, as Eduardo Sánchez , director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez , tells us . In general, the wolf cut haircut can suit all face shapes, even round faces ., "in which case it would be necessary to make a bang with a lateral movement and it favors especially oval faces but also elongated ones. It is even ideal for abundant, slightly wavy hair and not so much for too thick or curly hair. And since it has bangs , you have to be careful with very sparse hair because it would be too thin or with many eddies in the birth area".

Actress Debby Ryan wearing the wolf cut with her hair with soft caramel highlights. Instagram @debbyryan


The wolf cut is a cut that is easy to maintain, but the fringe , which is usually worn, does need to be touched up more often. It is also very easy to wear on a daily basis because it only requires drying it upside down and then impregnating your hands with wax or another styling product that you like and pass it through the strands to add texture regardless of the length of your hair.

Alexa Chung with the wolf cut that she just released on her Instagram account. Will it be her next makeover? Instagram @alexachung


The wolf cut is perfect to wear on your straight, wavy or curly hair, but what Sánchez does recommend, it would be ideal to accompany it with some sunlight reflections , to highlight the cut and the feathery effect of the ends. It is an ideal cut for girls with fine hair with a gesture in their hair or with natural waves.

Vanelli Melli

Vanelli Melli with her wolf haircut ideal for her curly hair and how well she looks with retro glasses. Instagram @vanellimelli

What is clear is that this haircut is triumphing because it works on any hair length and texture and when it comes to cutting, you can play with different finishes when choosing it and it gives your hair a different style. It even allows the waves and natural texture of your hair to be much lighter than a piece that is heavier.

Úrsula Corberó

Úrsula Corberó alternates the pixie cut, the mullet, the shag and the wolf cut. Instagram @ursulolita

The celebrities who have signed up for this cut are becoming more and more Alexa Chung , Billie Eilish , FKA Twigs or Demi Lovato , among others. To get more texture with the haircut, you can go for a dry shampoo or a matte pomade or styling cream but if your hair is drier, maybe a light oil would help so you can apply a few touches to your bangs and on the sides of the cut on your hair to give it that grunge effect.

Billie Eilish

The singer Billie Eilish points to the wolf cut with open bangs and platinum blonde color. Instagram @billieeilish

It's like Jennifer Aniston's version of Rachel in Friends from the 90s but with high doses of rock and roll. Actress Debby Ryan has also transformed her look with this cut with bangs and thick layers around the face, showing how well it works and if your hair is straight or finer, use texturizing products to give it more body. The wolf cut is also inspired by the look of David Bowie or Patti Smith of the 70s but also in the one that Jane Fonda already wore in Klute with lateral layers that frame her cheekbones, and that would be the image that we could take to hairdressers to inspire this new cut to our face.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda in the movie "Klute" in 1971. Getty.

Even George Northwood himself , Alexa Chung's hairstylist assures that the wolf cut is even more bearable than the mullet worn by Miley Cyrus. A true seventies rock star style. Another of her clients, Suki Waterhouse , has also tried it with dreamy layers. Elegant and discreet and with a long fringe that is spectacular.


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