A leading question is one that seeks to deceive or confuse the interlocutor, causing him to give an answer that he would not usually be willing to give and that, in general, is wrong. Also known as trick questions, they often have funny or ridiculous answers that often make those who participate in the game think more than they should.

When the time comes to answer these questions, you must be aware, because in most of the statements there will be a hidden trap. These types of questions are intended to bring a smile to those who answer them, so it is a perfect game to have a good time with friends or family. The best thing about these games? They are suitable for all ages! Don't miss the following article and discover +110 tricky questions with interesting and fun answers. Let's go there!

Tricky Questions With Answers - The Most Difficult

Looking for hard tricky questions with answers for the whole family? Take a look at the selection of fun logic questions that we propose below:

  • What word would you use to describe a person who doesn't have all their fingers on one hand? He is a normal person, because the vast majority of people have five fingers on both hands, that is, no one can have 10 fingers on one hand.
  • It's completely yours, yet everyone uses it... what is it? Your name.
  • I have three apples, if you take two away, how many do you have? I can't know, because you haven't told me how many you had before.
  • What can you hold in your right hand, but never in your left hand? your left hand
  • What is the main reason why people get divorced? Marriage.
  • Which of the two expressions is correct, penguins fly or a penguin flies? Neither, because penguins can't fly.
  • What is the most important thing to avoid lightning at home? Let there be no storm.
  • Whoever makes it doesn't need it, whoever buys it doesn't use it and whoever uses it can neither see nor feel it, what is it? The coffin.
  • In what place does Thursday occur first than Wednesday? In the dictionary.
  • What goes in hard but comes out soft and smooth? The gum!
  • What color does a white horse come out of after getting wet in the black sea? White.
  • There is only one question that no one can answer affirmatively and telling the truth. Are you asleep?
  • How can a man go without sleep for eight days? Well, he can sleep at night.
  • Where does a policeman stand to blow his whistle? behind the whistle
  • What goes up, but never goes down? Age.
  • Imagine that you are in a dark room... how do you get out of there? Stop imagining.
  • How many apples grow on a tree? All apples grow on a tree.
  • Before Mount Everest was discovered to be the tallest mountain in the world, which was the tallest? Mount Everest has always been the highest mountain in the world, the only thing is that no one knew about it before.
  • If a plane crashes in the middle of the bridge that connects Mexico with the United States, where are the survivors buried? Nowhere, because they are survivors and still alive.
  • How many pairs of each animal did Moses take into his ark? None, because Moses did not build the ark, it was Noah.
  • What would happen if an irresistible force collided with an immovable body? Nothing would happen.
  • What year of the 20th century does not change if you flip your numbers? The year 1961.
  • What is a barrel filled with so that it has less weight? Of holes.
  • What is seen in the middle of infinity? The letter i.
  • What thing always stays on the floor and on the walls but never gets dirty? The shadow.
  • What thing can be broken without having been in our hands? A promise.
  • I have a lot of faces, emotions and expressions; I live just a touch away... what am I? an emoji.

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Tricky And Funny Questions With Answers

Tricky And Funny Questions With Answers

These types of questions, in addition to making you think, will make you smile more than once. Here are some of these funny tricky questions with answers so you can ask your friends or family:

  • What goes up when the rain comes down? A: the umbrella
  • I can shave all day, but my beard still looks the same. What am I? A: a barber
  • What are the police called in Macedonia? A: by phone
  • Where are the rivers that have no water? A: on the maps
  • If I have 12 fish in a fish tank and 5 of them drown, how many are left alive? A: 12, because fish never drown.
  • Some months have 30 days and others have 31 days, how many of them have 28 days? A: Every month of the year has 28 days.
  • What are grandparents called in China? A: By name
  • What is the species of chameleon that sleeps in beds? A: the lion-bed
  • What happened to the lion after swallowing a clown? A: it made him laugh
  • What is needed to light a candle? A: It's off
  • What is the elevator called in Japan? A: pressing the button
  • What gets wet while it dries? A: The towel
  • Why did the banker lose his job? A: because he lost interest
  • Is it legal for a man to marry his widow's sister? A: No, but since he is dead it would be a bit difficult
  • What is displayed at the end of the rainbow? A: The letter “S”
  • What goes up and down, but is always in the same place? A: the stairs
  • If a baby is born in Argentina, but moves to Germany in two years, where will his teeth grow? A: in the mouth
  • What do you call someone who is afraid of Santa Claus? A: claustrophobic
  • It has four legs, but cannot walk. What is it? A: the table
  • What is the longest day of the week? A: Wednesday
  • What does it take for 5 people not to get wet in the rain? A: it doesn't rain
  • Two soldier friends go to war, one to Afghanistan and the other to Israel. What are the soldiers called? A: by phone
  • Why does a giraffe drink more water in March than in February? A: Because the month of March has more days.
  • What is it that always comes, but never comes? A: tomorrow, because when it arrives it becomes today
  • What is it that if you have it you want to share it and if you share it you no longer have it? A: a secret
  • Who has been to weddings, but has never been married? A: the priest or priest.
  • Which animal takes the longest to take off its shoes? A: centipede
  • What is the thing that the bigger it is, the further away it is visualized? A: the dark
  • What is it that if you give to another you must keep? A: your word
  • Why can't a man from The United States be buried in Japan? A: Because you can't bury a man alive.

Other Tricky Questions With Answers To Think Hard

Here we leave you another 25 tricky and logic questions that are difficult questions to think about .

  • What happens if you throw a ball into the black sea? A: It gets wet.
  • What time is it when two girls arrive at a hotel to rent a room? A: a quarter to two.
  • What is called a true sharp edged weapon? A: to a broken milk bottle.
  • What is one thing you can never eat for breakfast? A: Lunch and dinner.
  • Where do passengers get out of a plane if it crashes? A: For the news, as there will be no survivors coming out unscathed.
  • In which month do women eat less? A: In February, because it is the month with the fewest days.
  • How is it possible that a shepherd could have killed all his sheep with one shot? A: Taking a panoramic photo with the camera.
  • At what point does a person become a fruit? A: when you wait
  • How many people can go in a whale? A: None, because it is always “full”.
  • How could you lift an elephant with one hand? A: You couldn't, since there are no elephants that have one hand.
  • What is the country where everything ends? A: Finland
  • One is a symbol of loneliness, two is a couple and three are a trio, how many will be 4 and 5? A: The sum of 4+5 gives a total of 9.
  • How is a cow like two Argentines fighting? A: the cow produces milk, while one Argentine says to the other while they fight: "Dale Che".
  • How is a stove like an airplane? A: In that both have a pilot to work in optimal conditions
  • What do you find in the middle of nowhere? A: the “ad”
  • What is the hottest country in the entire world? A: Chile
  • If you imagine that you are in a sunken rowboat and surrounded by sharks, how do you survive? A: stop imagining that situation.
  • What is round and violent at the same time? A: a vicious circle
  • What thing has four wheels and flies? A: a garbage truck
  • What do you sit on, brush and go to sleep? A: On a chair, with a toothbrush and on a bed.
  • What gives a starving cow? A: pity
  • What happened when the wheel was created? A: caused revolution
  • What can you write on the tombstone of your grave? A: nothing, because you are dead
  • What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is all the time? A: widow
  • What is black and white and comes out every day? A: The newspaper

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More Unique Tricky Questions With Answers

More Tricky Questions With Answers

To finish, if all of the above have not been enough, here you can learn more tricky and tricky questions with answers :

  • I've been in the sea for many years, but with everything and that I don't know how to swim. Who I am? A: the sand.
  • What can travel around the world while still in a corner? A: a postage stamp.
  • How many birthdays do Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate? A: none, they don't celebrate birthdays.
  • Why has a man who is forty-two years of age only been able to celebrate ten birthdays? A: Because he was born on February 29 of a leap year.
  • What color are the black boxes on airplanes? A: They are orange in color, they are so called so that they can be easily seen inside the plane in the event of an accident.
  • What happened yesterday in paris from 6 to 7? A: one hour.
  • If in a race you overtake a runner who is in second place, what position would you reach? A: Second place.
  • Does the word Paris start with P and end with T? A: The answer is completely yes, since the word Paris begins with the letter P and the word "ends" with T.
  • If an electric train moves from north to south, which way does the smoke move? A: nowhere, because electric trains don't smoke.
  • In what month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution? A: In November.
  • What material are camel hair brushes made of? A: Squirrel hair, goat hair, brand hair or just synthetic hair.
  • In which country are Panama hats made? A: Ecuador.
  • What animal gives the name to the Canary Islands? A: These islands get their name from the term “canis”, which is Latin for dog.
  • How long did the hundred years war last? A: 116 years
  • It has cat ears and it is not a cat, it has a cat tail and it is not a cat either, it has cat eyes and it is not a cat, so what is it? A: a cat.
  • What is the first name of King George VI? A: Albert.
  • A girl finds herself sitting in a place where, even if she gets up and leaves, you won't be able to sit down. Where exactly is she sitting? A: on her knees.
  • A person is quickly approaching a field, their backpack must be opened before reaching it, otherwise they will die. What does he carry inside his backpack? A: a parachute.
  • How many buttons must a shirt have to be considered elegant? A: the same number of buttons and holes
  • What is it that gives you the strength and possibility to go through the walls of your house? A: the doors
  • How much soil can you find in a well that is 20 meters deep by 5 meters wide? A: in the wells there is no earth, but water.
  • What is the discomfort that has the 1 + 2? A: stress.
  • What is the result of dividing thirty by a half plus ten? A: 70.
  • What object can have a face without having a body? A: a coin.
  • If a panther, a jaguar, and a gorilla ran into the top of a coconut tree, who would put down the banana first? A: None, because you can't get bananas from coconut trees.
  • How would you manage to drop an egg on a stone floor without breaking it? A: easily because with the fall of a simple egg it could not break.
  • Why do white sheep eat more food than black sheep? A: because black sheep do not exist.
  • What is the animal that always walks with its legs on its head? A: louse.
  • What are woodpeckers? The hammerhead fish and the saw.
  • What weighs more: a kilo of cotton or one of lead? A: Both have the same weight.

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