There are many games for adults to entertain friends and family, but one of the most fun is that of riddles. Proposing questions whose answer is more complicated than it appears at first glance allows you to test the imagination of the participants and, above all, find yourself faced with solutions of all kinds that will not cease to surprise you.

These riddles for adults can be on different topics, but all have one thing in common: the difficulty in finding the most appropriate answer. To discover all kinds of difficult riddles for adults with funny and short answers, at CRG we recommend that you continue reading this article. You will surely have a fun time!

Difficult riddles for adults with funny answers

Posing hard riddles for adults with answers doesn't stop the solutions from being funny. The ingenuity of each person allows to listen to any funny answer that unleashes the laughter of the participants of the game. The following funny riddles for adults are sure to laugh in all groups, but the answers are very specific:

  1. What is the instrument that gets into and leaves liquid inside?
  2. What is a dog with a fever called?
  3. What can give a skinny cow?
  4. If a rat has a machine gun, what can he do?
  5. Which toy is the most selfish?
  6. What does a traffic light say to another who is looking at it?
  7. There is a living being capable of drinking water with its feet. Which?
  8. It always goes through the dirt without getting dirty. What is?
  9. It is long and hard, it is used by men and women and it always puts up a fight.
  10. Large, hanging, fat, hairy balls that are voluminous and beautiful.
  11. If you put it in one hand you have a span left over. He is strong, healthy and hairy and caresses calm him down.
  12. The grandfather has a thing that hangs, without hair and that comes out from the front.
  13. It is soft on the inside and furry on the outside. With a little effort, you can get it inside.

Think carefully about each riddle before looking at the solutions. Are they very complicated? Check if you got these answers right with these tricky riddles for adults with double meanings, although it is true that some may have more than one correct answer. I'm sure you'll have a good laugh!

The solutions to the above difficult riddles are as follows:

  1. The syringe.
  2. Hot dog.
  3. Pity.
  4. Ratatatatatatata.
  5. Yo-yo.
  6. Don't keep looking at me, I turn red.
  7. A tree.
  8. The shadow.
  9. Rifle.
  10. The coconuts.
  11. A cat.
  12. A pocket watch.
  13. A sock.

Difficult riddles for adults with short answers

To make the riddle games very dynamic, at CRG we offer you the following tricky riddles whose answers are brief and provide agility.

  1. There are twelve ladies with stockings, but without shoes. Who is it about?
  2. If you leave them, they go away, but to sell them the weights.
  3. Everyone walks by asking for me, but I neither walk by nor ask for anyone.
  4. Although I went for him, I did not bring him.
  5. It can whistle without lips and run without feet. Also, it hits you in the back without you being able to see it.
  6. Where are there rivers without water, cities without houses and forests without trees?
  7. What lies between beach and sea?
  8. You can stop it with one hand and pay it with the other.
  9. I am born without a father, but when I die my mother is reborn.
  10. What gives orders and receives them, authorizes some and prohibits others?
  11. Despite being smaller than the others, he gets up more than everyone else if he is motivated and happy.
  12. It has a square container, a round base and a triangular portion.
  13. It is pointed with the point, it is pressed with its ass and it covers the crack with what hangs. What is?
  14. It is white like salt and, although it can be opened, it does not close.
  15. When you name it, it will no longer be there because it disappears.
  16. Two people travel in a car. One is a minor and daughter of the eldest, but this is not her father. So who is she?

The solutions to the above riddles with short answers are as follows:

  1. The hours of a clock.
  2. Grapes.
  3. A street.
  4. One Way.
  5. Wind.
  6. A plan or a map.
  7. The letter Y.
  8. A taxi.
  9. The snow when it melts.
  10. Brain.
  11. The thumb finger.
  12. A pizza.
  13. A needle and thread when sewing.
  14. The shell of an egg.
  15. The silence.
  16. Mother.

Difficult math riddles for adults with answers

To make the riddles even more complicated, come up with some math riddles. Thus, you will force all participants to do calculations and test their knowledge on the subject. Here are some riddle ideas to think about math :

  1. Position in which a runner is placed who overtakes the second classified.
  2. Times that 1 can be subtracted from the number 1,111.
  3. I have 40 pigs, 20 horses and 10 rabbits. If I call pigs horses, how many horses do I have?
  4. Day of the year in which the charlatans talk the least.
  5. You drive a bus with 18 people on it. At the first stop, 5 people get off and 13 get on. At the second stop, 21 people get off and 4 get on. What is the color of the driver's eyes?
  6. How does someone survive who falls from a building with 50 floors?
  7. It is always between heaven and earth, it moves away when you get close and it always calculates and keeps the distance with you and between heaven and earth. What is?
  8. Although they run more than the minutes, they never manage to arrive first. What are they?
  9. Four nines are capable of giving 100 as a result. How?
  10. When is the following operation correct? 11+3=2
  11. Add one to 20 to get 19.

The answers to these difficult math riddles for adults are:

  1. In second position.
  2. One, since later you will subtract it from the figures 1,110, 1,109, etc.
  3. The same (20), since calling them something else does not make them horses.
  4. The day that the time is advanced for the adaptation to summer time, since it is the day with the fewest hours of the year.
  5. The color of your eyes.
  6. Falling from a first floor, since the puzzle does not specify which floor the person falls from.
  7. The horizon.
  8. The seconds.
  9. Thus: 99+9/9=100.
  10. Thinking in hours, since if you add 3 to 11 it gives you 2.
  11. In Roman numerals, adding I to XX will result in XIX.

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