The cries are proclamations that are pronounced loudly and repetitively in public places to announce something new or provide a commercial offer. For example: Tasty empanadas, for the good girls!

Town criers, who had their heyday towards the end of the 19th century in Latin America, used to be located in squares, streets and markets to capture the attention of passers-by. With the advent of the mass media , this trade fell into disuse, although it still persists in massive events, such as recitals, concerts, mobilizations, or in highly trafficked spaces, such as parks or beaches.

The proclamations, which are spread orally, usually have a certain musicality, and often rhyme , depending on what is offered or even who pronounces them. The main objective of these phrases is to capture the attention of the public and they are characterized by using the popular jargon typical of the place in which they are expressed.

Examples of proclamations

  1. Very hot empanadas for the bravest!
  2. Little water I bring from the river,

    generous as bread,

    that even the sorrows of love,

    singing knows how to erase.

  3. Tortillas, warm tortillas, stop by for their tortillas!
  4. I sell the candles

    to light the houses.

    I sell candles, candles

    to light the rooms.
  5. I am selling a duster and a broom

    to clean, ma'am,

    a duster and a little duster

    to clean little furniture.

  6. Duritos with salt and lemon, French fries made with the heart!

    Come on, seño, come eat the mere good stuff, be it with chili or with lemon!
  7. Hats, shoes, or used clothes that sell!
  8. Try the ripe fruit that I bring you, little girl, very ripe!

    Just try it, so you can see that it's delicious!

  9. I am selling a little white milk

    to drink

    freshly milked milk in a cup

    to drink in the morning.
  10. Oh, mother of God, the cooked peanut that I sell!

    That it comes directly from the comalito, the peanut, yes, sir!

  11. Fresh and pure water,

    how much yield and lasts!
  12. Pass it on, marchant!
  13. Avocado, avocado,

    for the whole family!

  14. Warm mazamorra,

    to fill the tummy.
  15. Sharpeeeeeeeee!
  16. I am the milkman and I get up very early,

    and I come to everyone to wake up;

    I bring abundant and rich milk

    so that you can have breakfast.

  17. I'm walking to the river

    to wash his clothes;

    You will see, pretty lady,

    how white it looks.
  18. Broom and broom, to clean the living room floor!
  19. I'm in charge of lighting the street lamps ,

    so that you, my little bold girl,

    won't fall.
  20. Is there rag and old iron to sell? Traperoooo!


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