Thirty-two years ago, Frederique Constant was brought into the world by her parents, Aletta and Peter Stas. The original names of the two founders were combined to form the name of the company.

It's possible that Frederique Constant doesn't have quite the same legacy as some of its Swiss competitors. The vast majority of them have been running for quite some time now. But Frederique Constant has demonstrated that they are equally as skilled when it comes to producing Smartwatches.

Since Citizen's acquisition of Frederique Constant, which occurred about four years ago, things have only gotten better.

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Catalog of Frederique Constant Jewelry

They provide a vast selection of both sorts and varieties. There are also sizes available for both men and women.

The Traditional Collection

This collection has precise lines. Because of the modern design, they may be worn with a wide variety of different clothes.

The Auto FC-316MC5B9 (which retails for $1,995 and can be purchased for £1,529) is an example of a model that successfully channels the vintage appearance. This watch has a diameter of 37.5 millimeters and is constructed of solid gold. It is equipped with automatic movements and has an outstanding power reserve of 38 hours.

This watch also features sapphire crystal in addition to its 26 individual stones. There is a date display located at the three o'clock position. Roman numerals are used for marketing the different hours of the day.

The HeartBeat Moonphase timepiece is another option available in the Classics line and retails for $775.00 or £595.70. This provides information regarding the current phase of the moon. It has a gold-plated stainless steel case and measures 40 millimeters in diameter. The Roman numeral markers are displayed magnificently against a face made of sapphire crystal. It has a beautiful strap made of leather.

Manufacture collection 

In-house movements are something that Frederique Constant provides. This collection was first introduced in the year 2001 as an upscale option. The mechanism that is housed inside these Smartwatches is quite accurate.

The Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture FC-975S4H6 is one of the collection pieces that is considered among the most impressive. This watch has a stainless steel case that is 42 millimeters in diameter and contains 33 stones. They only made 88 of them available for purchase. This could be one of the reasons why it costs $9,995 or £7,665.

Another watch from the Manufacture line that comes in at a more reasonable price point is the FC-710MC4H6 ($895 / £687). This in-house mechanical piece features an automatic movement that winds itself, a power reserve that lasts for 42 hours, and a streamlined design with Roman numerals as the identifying feature. The watch has a casing made of stainless steel and a leather strap and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

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Ladies Automatic collection

This collection features a few distinct looks, each of which is dazzling because of the inclusion of diamonds.

The majority include a design known as a "double heartbeat." This indicates that there are two hearts that touch at the 12 positions.

The Double Heart Beat is a polished stainless steel alternative that retails for $1,299 and has a diameter of 36 millimeters. It has a silver bezel with three diamonds and a white front with six diamonds.

This set includes three different models that all have automatic movement. You have a variety of different strap options available to you, such as rose gold, two-tone stainless steel, or blue leather.

Horological Smartwatch Collection

This collection provides something that is a little more refined and has a timeless appearance.

The Horological smartwatch collection is the product of a union between the handcrafted artistry of traditional watchmaking and the cutting-edge technology of modern smartwatches. This one is unlike the vast majority of other smartwatches on the market because it does not feature a digital display. It displays the clock in analog format, but it also keeps track of your sleep cycles and activities throughout the day.

One such model is the $549/£421 FC-285V5B4, for instance. It is constructed of stainless steel that has been rose-gold plated. It has a sapphire that is curved outwards. Initial considerations point to the fact that this is a rather standard watch. It is not that. It will sync without any problems with either your iOS or Android smartphone.

In the realm of smartwatches, Frederique Constant makes an effort to encourage a more physically active lifestyle. It gives consumers information about their activities as well as their sleep patterns. Notifications and alarms will be sent out, and they will also provide guidance regarding training.

Runabout Collection

The Riva Historical Society and Frederique Constant collaborated to create this product, which was then made available to the public. It fits into a limited category. It encourages the ongoing conservation efforts that are being made for the Riva sport boat.

These Smartwatches pay homage to a well-known sports boat with their design. There are three distinct versions available. One example is the Runabout Automatic, which retails for $1,095 (or $764). There are only 2,888 copies available of this limited edition. It is made of stainless steel and measures 42 millimeters. The indices and numbers on it glow in the dark, making it simple to see, while the inner rim displays the military time for 24 hours. A date window can be seen in the sixth position on the clock. On the reverse side of the case is a little rendition of the Riva logo in the form of the company's flag.

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Vintage Rally Collection

This collection is for those who enjoy being outside. It is tough and athletic at the same time.

The classic Austin Healy automobile was the source of creativity for this project. Frederique Constant has maintained a tradition of releasing one limited edition timepiece per year for the past 15 years. These Smartwatches, which feature the automobile brand, are a reflection of the owners' dedication to precision and excellence.

They have a one-of-a-kind style that focuses on fitness in addition to their attractive appearance. You can read them quickly and effortlessly, even when you have a lot on your plate. The Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph retails for $995 and can be purchased for £764. It features well-indicted indices, indicators that glow in the dark, and a second counter. In addition, there is a sturdy wristband made of navy leather included.

Slimline Collection 

The pieces in this collection are understated and sleek.

The Frederique Constant catalog that falls into the more cheap price range is found here. You won't have any trouble finding something that costs $500.

The Midsize ($549 / £421) is characterized by understated elegance and polished stainless steel with a silver dial that matches the finish. As you might have come to anticipate, there are Roman numerals written out on the face. This model is one of the really thin types, measuring only 1.9 millimeters in thickness.

You can select the Slimline Automatic Heart Beat, which costs $995 (or £764). This watch has a diameter of 40 millimeters and is made of stainless steel. It features rose gold plating, and the indexes are a matching color. Both men and women are able to get their hands on the version of their choice.


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