One of Polar's two new watches in March was the Polar Vantage M2 watch. In a subsequent piece, we will discuss the second, which is called the Ignite 2.

Although it was intended to be an update to the Polar Vantage, it does not have all of the capabilities of the V2. Despite this, it is still an excellent device for the price range, particularly if running is your sport of choice.

Now that we have that out of the way let's have a look at the updated design, as well as the intelligent features and the capabilities of the Polar Vantage M2.

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An improvement in appearance has been made to the Polar Vantage M2 model. There is a clear distinction to be made between this and the Vantage at this point. To begin, there are four distinct color combinations to choose from when purchasing an M2: black/gray, copper/brown, gold/champagne, and gray/yellow. However, I think it looks fantastic in the darker styles, even though my personal preference is for gold and champagne.

Even though the Vantage M2 is the same size as its predecessors, it is only 44 grams in weight, which is a significant reduction. The watch's durability comes from the use of glass fiber reinforced polymer, while stainless steel is utilized for the etched bezel, buttons, and buckle.

Additionally, the Vantage M2 comes with a variety of interchangeable straps. On the other hand, the strap that it comes with is one of the most comfortable I've ever worn. The silicone wristband has a large number of very small holes in it, which makes it easier for air to reach the skin.

There are five discrete buttons located all the way around the exterior of the case. The five discrete buttons are there because the display is not a touchscreen. When it comes to the screen, the Polar Vantage M2 features a color display that is constantly active. It has a resolution of 240 by 240 and spans a width of 1.2 inches. The watch faces may also be customized, giving you the ability to select the most relevant information, but your options are fairly restricted.

Featured Events in Sport

The Polar Vantage M2 lacks several of the capabilities that are available in the V2 model. Despite this, it is still a great watch for amateurs who participate in multiple sports. Because it supports up to 130 different sports modes, you can be confident that it will track the most activity you enjoy.

FitSpark is one of the additional features that can be found on the Vantage M2. The FitSpark feature, in essence, provides you with individualized workouts regularly to assist you in maintaining your current levels of fitness and tells you when you have finished your daily objectives. The running program will create a customized and individualized workout regimen for you based on your specific needs and objectives.

You are given the ability to examine the amount of recent training that you have completed thanks to the Training Load Pro function. In addition to this, it offers guidance regarding the amount of strain placed on various parts of your body. The Vantage M2 may track swimming parameters such as style, distance, pace, and strokes in both pool and open water environments.

The assistance that is offered in terms of nutrition and hydration is one of the best features of the Vantage M2 system. It allows you to monitor which kind of energy is consumed throughout your workouts (fats, carbs, proteins). After that, it will notify you when you need to refuel or rehydrate and make suggestions for the types of energy sources that will serve you best.

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Additional Benefits to Your Health

Monitoring one's sleep is becoming an increasingly standard aspect of wearables, and the Vantage M2 does a good job of providing this functionality. The first of this report's two sections break down your sleep phases and provides that information to you. For instance, the time you go to bed, the number of times you wake up during the night, and the time you get up in the morning. However, a second characteristic reveals how well you rejuvenate while you are sleeping. To figure out how well you rejuvenate your sleep, the watch requires data for three days to begin functioning, and the results gradually grow more accurate as more time passes. It is a great method for evaluating the quantity of sleep you obtain and the quality of sleep you get each night.

Monitoring one's stress levels is yet another function gaining prominence on smartwatches. The Polar Vantage M2 offers guided breathing sessions that can be completely customized. After adjusting the duration, lengths of breath, and other parameters, you may take a seat, watch the bubbles on the screen, and let yourself unwind.

Intelligent Components

This is a watch that can be used for various sports, and the smart features that come with it are not particularly advanced. Your smartphone provides you with the ability to manage your music and receive notifications. We regret to inform you that you cannot respond to these notifications. Therefore, you will still need to carry your phone with you to view and respond to any messages sent to you. It provides you with in-depth weather forecasts and the usual alarms, date, and time information.

The interior of the Polar Vantage M2 watch

The Vantage M2 does not have the sensors that are found in the Vantage V2, but the heart rate sensor is precise and can monitor the wearer around the clock. It is then synchronized with the Polar Flow App after being stored locally on the device itself.

The integrated GPS and GLONASS have received a variety of evaluations, with some claiming that it can take between one and three minutes to get a signal (which, in 2021, is painfully slow). The greatest piece of advice is to attempt to stay away from huge buildings or covered locations and remain still rather than looking for a signal when trying to find one.

The lifespan of the battery is acceptable. It features a battery life of up to 30 hours when used in training mode (GPS and wrist-based heart rate) and up to 5 days when used in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking. Additionally, the M2 comes with a variety of settings that preserve power, which is a new addition. These can provide you with up to one hundred hours of continuous fitness mode use. Therefore, we recommend experimenting with the different options until you discover the model that works best for you.

Even though it is not compatible with all sensors, the Vantage M2 can work with the following ones:

  • Straps with Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitors
  • Cycling Power Meters Equipped with Bluetooth Technology
  • Bluetooth-enabled smart cadence and speed sensors for bicycles
  • Footpads with Bluetooth Smart Technology for Runners
  • Bluetooth-enabled smart running power meters

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Should you go ahead and purchase the Polar Vantage M2

It would appear that Polar is making an effort to make the Vantage M2 attractive to a wider segment of the market for smartwatches by introducing a fresh design and providing a number of color options. Despite this, it is still a fantastic watch that can be used for a variety of sports. It offers a vast selection of different fitness-related features, is reasonably priced, and looks fantastic. Therefore, why not?


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