In the past, you got precisely what you paid for in terms of quality, but now inexpensive watch brands offer a lot of value. To reach the level of a luxury watch, Instead, we'll suggest X budget-friendly watch brands that are both reasonable and good value.

Budget watches date back to the 1970s, when a quartz shortage swamped the market with low-cost Japanese battery-powered timepieces. Anything less than a thousand dollars was considered substandard. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

We don't know if Quartz watches just grew more popular or if something else occurred, but less expensive watches began to change. Things that seem too good to be true are frequently true. If you want to buy an affordable watch, you need to know what you're searching for and which brands you can trust.

This isn't just a list of fashion brands' timepieces. In the watch sector, we've looked for well-known and trusted brands. Some have automatics, while others have chronographs.

So there's no need to organize products in increasing price order, and you won't have to trawl through a brand's website's sale section. Right now, we're going to walk you through the best guide to inexpensive watch brands.


Seiko is a Japanese brand, thus you can expect Japanese movements inside. Compared to Swiss alternatives, these are more cost-effective. Seiko is unique in that it grows its own Quartz for its battery-powered timepieces. Everything else is created in-house as well. Seiko also features its kinetic technology, which eliminates the need for a new battery in your watch. Overall, they not only function well, but they also look good.


Citizen's objective has always been to create watches that are affordable. It's another Japanese manufacturer that makes some of the world's most accurate watches at a fraction of the cost of its competitors at the same level of quality.

Unlike most solar choices, Citizen's Eco-Drive range can use either natural or artificial light to fuel the battery, ensuring you'll rarely need to find a charge. It also means you won't need a replacement for a long time.

Traditional Swiss brands have been put under pressure, but your budget has been relieved.

Citizen offers a wide range of watches, from simple dress watches to more sophisticated dive watches.


Tissot is a well-known brand that is part of the Swatch Group. Known for providing excellent value and quality for money. And you'd be right to anticipate that, given that the company was formed in 1853 and has never stopped developing.

If you're looking for a dress watch, Tissot's Tradition collection is classic and classy. You might also look into the Chrono XL line if you're looking for a large chronograph.


Did you know that Swatch was founded to provide the most affordable watches on the market? Did you know that the term is formed by combining the words "Swiss" and "watch"? We're disappointed by the innovation, but not by the watches themselves.

Swatch has a very creative mind. To keep on top of pop culture, this business has cooperated with a number of well-known artists and fashion designers over the years.


From whimsical fun to minimalist beauty, there's something for everyone. Skagen is a Fossil Group Scandinavian brand that is underappreciated (so, now everything is made in America, but the style remains).

You should check out their collections because there is a lot to choose from, including the Skagen Falster 2. (stainless steel).

The style is present regardless of which option you choose. You do, however, have a wide selection, ranging from plain dials with no complexity to chronographs with subdials, date windows, and Roman numerals.


Triwa was founded with the goal of upsetting the established watch industry. The brand, founded in 2007 by four friends, wanted to pave the way for the Scandinavian style with its contemporaries, Skagen (about which we've written an article).

Each watch in the series was created in Sweden and combines traditional watch features with a striking and trendy aesthetic.

Because they're a newer organization, they're also concerned about long-term viability. For example, their leather straps are organically tanned. Because the bands are replaceable, you won't have to buy a new watch every time you want to freshen up your style.


We bet you remember those classic silver and gold digital timepieces from the early 2000s when you hear Casio's name. Granted, this is a well-known Casio line, but they have a lot to offer, and you should have an open mind.

True, they do splurge on that one, as evidenced by their Retro line. However, more complex options such as analog-digital hybrids, Bluetooth-connected watches, and diving watches are available. Casio watches are available in a variety of styles, from formal watches to sports watches.

which is a great deal considering the durability and dependability they provide.


Timex is known for giving a good everyday watch with a classic look, as well as being a sports-specific brand.

Timex is best known for producing complex chronographs with cluttered displays, yet its nostalgic design tastes are always evident.

The Weekender and Easy Reader, for example, may be found on the wrists of businesspeople all over the world. They've also made various limited editions over the years, which is unusual for a budget-friendly business. They even tried their hand at a smartwatch with the Timex Metropolitan S.


Wearers adore the crisp, clean design of MVMT watches, which are similar to dress watches with classic displays. If you're looking for a way to add a touch of class to your outfit on a budget,

Wellington, Daniel

If you like the MVMT, we think you'll appreciate Daniel Wellington as well.

A DW watch is instantly recognisable thanks to its simple face, which features a discrete logo, no numerals, no second hand, and no date window or sub-dials. Nonetheless, it manages to provide a nearly limitless number of options.

Colors, textures, and bands (including Italian leather) are all available in what was supposed to be a classic vintage look.


Mondaine is another Swiss option that does not require a Swiss bank account to use.

Mondaine is a company that specializes in classic Swiss workmanship at a reasonable price. Quartz movements are all built in Switzerland and have the same logo on them.

A Mondaine is easily identified by its connection to the country's train system. Each face is a tiny replica with a red hand and old contrast.


Hopefully, we've demonstrated that it's not all about Swiss timepieces. In truth, the United Kingdom has a stellar reputation in the field of horology. Rotary is based in the United Kingdom and has a French ancestor. They like to name their collections after well-known places and historical figures, such as Cambridge.

Check out Rotary if you want busy faces with plenty of complexity and features 


Since 1950, Orient Watch has been a popular Japanese brand that has created revolutionary timepieces. With a focus on affordable timepieces, this brand ensures that everyone can find a watch that fits their budget.

This brand offers high-quality timepieces at affordable costs. While Orien does not provide a budget watch, they do offer lower to mid-range options for individuals who do not want to spend a lot of money on a watch. Try Orient for a watch that is well-known and respected for its quality.


A well-known brand that has produced a number of iconic models. Stuhrling is known for its unique watch designs at affordable prices. They shun ostentatious ad campaigns and premium marketing in favor of letting their high-end timepieces speak for themselves.


The team at Invicta strives to offer watches at modest prices. They want their timepieces to be available to a range of people, not just those that can afford large price tags. The brand also aims to be different from others, providing alternative designs and features. Invicta is also known for its excellent quality and durability too, a great brand to invest in if you want to get your money’s worth


Solios' team of designers and innovators is dedicated to helping the environment while also creating timepieces. When designing watches, they have three things in mind: sustainable materials, renewable energy, and an elegant watch design. Try a Solios watch if you want a cheap watch with a minimalistic design, sustainable materials, and solar charging.


Nordgreen was founded in 2017 with the goal of creating timepieces that are both aesthetically beautiful and environmentally friendly. Nordgreen's design methodology is guided by Scandinavian ideas. They want to give back to the environment while also making a watch that fits into people's daily lives. Their timepieces have a simple design and are priced in the mid to low range.


The Armitron team emphasizes forward-thinking design and technology in their products, making them a pioneer in the watch business. In the 1980s, this company was renowned as "America's Watch" and produced a line of stylish timepieces, solidifying their status as industry leaders. Various styles, such as analogue, digital, retro, and more, are available nowadays. In addition, there are economical solutions in every category.


Bulova, which was founded in 1875, has a long history of exceptional design. Citizen has owned this luxury watch brand for more than a decade, and sales are still strong, with a variety of models to suit all budgets. If you enjoy the premium style of brands like Rolex but don't want to spend a lot of money, this is a nice brand to try.

Luminox is a Californian cosmetics company that was created in 1989. Despite their American roots, their watches are still Swiss-made. Luminox watches are unofficially military-grade, and special forces and the military love them. These timepieces are reasonably priced and provide outstanding visibility and time accuracy for those who are constantly on the move. Luminox watches are primarily created for males and are popular in the men's market due to their military roots.


 Hamilton is a watchmaker noted for producing high-quality timepieces at a low cost. This mid-range watch company offers high-quality Swiss-made models with elegant design. These watches are well-known in the aviation industry for their amazing accuracy and long-lasting durability. 


Victorinox is another well-known brand around the world, as it is the creator of the Swiss Army brand. These watchmakers have been in business for over a century and are well-known for their Swiss Army Knives and superior engineering. Check out their Swiss Army Timepiece if you want a watch that's as complicated and effective as their blades. This was created in 1989 and features an efficient design, cutting-edge technology, and a stylish appearance.


When Junghans first started making timepieces in 1861, the company was named as "Junghans and Tobler." This brand has a long history in Germany, and it began producing high-end wristwatches in 1927. This is a brand to invest in for a quality watch, with nearly a century of expertise creating clocks. There are a variety of timepieces available, but no smartwatches; however, a classic watch may be found at any price point.


Alpina has a long and illustrious history as a watchmaker. Gottlieb Hauser, who founded Alpina in 1883, intended to make timepieces that combined innovation and design. In 1939, Alpina released the Alpina 4, a luxury sports watch that was revolutionary at the time and quickly became a favorite among members of the military, navy, and air force.

Alpina is now at the higher end of the inexpensive spectrum, yet their remarkable models include timepieces to fit all budgets. A well-made watch is waiting for you, whether you want to spend a lot or a little.


Movado is a well-known watchmaker that has been producing classic timepieces since the 1940s. Simple designs with big statements are created by this Swiss watchmaker. Many watch collectors admire and seek these classic timepieces. The minimalist edge of this brand can make it difficult to determine the time at a glance, but the watch's quality and accuracy make it worthwhile to purchase!

Armani Emporio

You might think of Emporio Armani when you think of trousers and other clothing, but this fashion house also makes high-end timepieces. Not only that, but Armani watches are more affordable than many people imagine, and are well worth considering if you're looking for a new timepiece. Traditional components are mixed in with current designs in this brand's watches, making them ideal for anyone searching for an economical and stylish wrist watch.

Guess is another well-known brand with a strong following in the fashion business. It was founded in Los Angeles in 1981, providing it with more than 40 years of industry experience. This brand caters to those who are fashion-conscious. Their clocks, on the other hand, are loaded with cutting-edge technology and are quite practical. Guess watches come in a variety of price ranges, with some being inexpensive and others being more expensive, ensuring that there is always a great timepiece for any consumer.


Maserati is a name synonymous with luxury, engineering, and perfection. Consider a Maserati timepiece for its distinctive Italian design, high-quality materials, and long-lasting durability. This brand collaborates on watches with Morellato, an Italian wristwatch and jewelry manufacturer. The first Maserati line was introduced in 2012 and was a huge success. Maserati now sells timepieces in a variety of pricing ranges, including mid-range and low-cost options.


Nixon was founded in the late 1990s with the goal of creating timepieces that mirrored Californian culture. Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna, the founders, aimed to capture the spirit of youth in their neighborhood. Despite the fact that Nixon is a fashionable and well-known brand, its timepieces are not smartwatches or based on cutting-edge technology. These are fashion watches, and their appeal is based on their appearance rather than their functionality. On the other hand, there are numerous stylish and economical Nixon watches on the market.


Dartmouth Brands owns AVI-8, a company situated in London. These British watches are powered by Japanese movements, and they offer both Quartz and mechanical variants. These watches are made in China, and many variants are available at mid to low prices, making them ideal for anyone searching for a cheap watch with a trendy edge.


Lacoste's watch collections are a colorful and playful spin on classic styles. These watches are developed with a fashion focus and are one-of-a-kind and eye-catching. Consider purchasing a timepiece from this brand if you want to make a fashion statement. Unlike other watch brands, Lacoste is an affordable yet luxurious brand with items to suit every budget.

Anne Klein 

The Anne Klein brand was founded by fashion designer Anne Klein in 1968, and its first collection was released in 1969. The firm has grown into a well-known supplier of exquisite watches and accessories for ladies thanks to this line. Offering cheap timepieces is a priority, guaranteeing that all women may have a taste of luxury in their daily lives. Though the company also created jewelry, eyewear, and clothing, its watches are the most well-known due to their sophisticated design and flair.


Vincero is a well-known brand among consumers looking for a high-quality watch at a reasonable price. Their wristwatches are reasonably priced. Vincero, on the other hand, never scrimped on quality or materials. When users wear a Vincero watch, they are wearing a high-quality, long-lasting timepiece. These timepieces have a high-end feel and appearance but can be purchased for a low to mid-range price.

Michael Kors 

Whether you like fashion or not, almost everyone has heard of Michael Kors. This fashionable designer creates a variety of accessories, but their women's watch collection has become particularly famous. Women raced to the store to acquire this trendy timepiece, which came in gold, rose gold, and silver hues. The company currently sells a variety of watches, including smartwatches, that appear luxurious yet are priced reasonably.

 Tommy Hilfiger 

Tommy Hilfiger is another brand that immediately conjures up images of clothing and accessories. This company, on the other hand, is well-known for its timepieces. Their watch collection includes stylish designs that combine traditional and modern trends. Classic, sports, and chronograph watches are also available, as well as some with enormous cases. This is a mid-priced brand that is a terrific value for money for anyone in the market for a new watch.


Many people are familiar with the name Fossil. This company began as a wholesaler and now owns a number of well-known brands around the world. Watches are one of their key areas of expertise, and you can be confident that their timepieces will last. Since 1984, Fossil has been producing affordable and fashionable timepieces, and they've only gotten better.

Casio G-Shock 

has a big brother, and we mean big brother. G-Shock watches, like other Garmin watches, are known for their large cases.

The G-Shock line was introduced 30 years ago with the promise of a ten-year battery life, 100 meters of water resistance, and the capacity to survive a 10 meter fall.It's still difficult to find a more rugged brand now. Time Zones, multiple alarms, and automatic calendars are all available nowadays. Yacht timings and moon phases are examples of unique problems.


Xiaomi is a Chinese company that was created in 2021 with the stated goal of "making high-quality technology available to everyone." As a result, they are one of the most cost-effective watch brands. Surprisingly, they are the second-largest smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung. They've only been making wearables since 2019, but because of their outstanding features and affordable price, they've been highly popular.


Huawei is a Chinese company that was established in 1987. They are well-known for producing smartphones, and in 2015, they debuted their first smartwatch. Huawei products range in price from $60 to $200. However, for modern wearables, this is still a fantastic value. They plan to release its first blood pressure monitoring device this month (November 2021).


Amazfit is a relatively new wearable technology business, having been established in 2015. They specialize in low-cost wearables including fitness trackers and smartwatches, with little However, just because they're inexpensive doesn't imply they're deficient. Their smartwatches still have great style and all of the capabilities you'll need to manage your day and track your workouts.


So there you have it: over 40 affordable watch brands you probably didn't know you could buy! It doesn't have to be cheap Chinese plastic. For less than the cost of one luxury watch, you may get your hands on a reputable brand and even assemble a collection of high-quality, accurate, trustworthy, and even robust timepieces. All you have to do is know where to look.


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