Pandora is a popular music streaming service that lets you listen to music from your favorite artists on your smartphone or tablet. Although the platform has specialized apps for various devices, does it support smartwatches? If that's the case, which smartwatches are compatible with Pandora? Let's see what we can find out!

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5 Smartwatches that work with Pandora

Pandora is clearly a popular music streaming service. But the platform does not offer apps for many smartwatches, and it only works properly with a limited number of them.

We've compiled a list of the 5 Best Smartwatches that work with Pandora based on our comprehensive research.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the finest smartwatches of the company, and it comes with several useful functions.

Because Pandora offers an Apple Watch app, you can quickly install it and listen to your favorite music on your wrist.

When it comes to features, the Apple Watch Series 6 has a plethora of them. The ECG app, which allows you to perform an ECG using your Apple Watch, is the Series 6's key selling point.

Furthermore, the watch constantly monitors your heart rate and alerts you if it detects any irregularities.

Other improved features in the Apple Watch Series 6 include Fall Detection, SOS, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Electrical Heart Sensor, and Optical Heart Sensor. Overall, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a perfect wearable ideal for iPhone Pandora users.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch Series 6 has many excellent features, but it also has a high price tag. If you don't need advanced functions like an ECG or a blood oxygen sensor, the Apple Watch SE is a good option.

The Apple Watch SE looks quite similar to the Series 6, but it has a chipset from a prior generation. Yet it's a decent wristwatch. Heart-rate monitoring, Emergency SOS, Fall Detection, GPS, irregular heart rhythm alarm, and optical heart sensor are all included on Apple Watch SE.

The wonderful thing about the Apple Watch SE is its pricing, significantly lower than the Series 6, making it an excellent choice for people looking for a low-cost smartwatch that can connect to Pandora.

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is one of the top smartwatches of 2020, and it pairs well with Pandora. Fitbit Sense makes it simple to utilize the Pandora app and listen to hundreds of your favorite music.

Fitbit Sense has a lot of wonderful features in addition to Pandora compatibility. First, you'll receive efficient health sensors that can be used for ECG and blood oxygen saturation monitoring. Furthermore, the Fitbit Sense comes with an innovative sensor that can be used to track your skin temperature.

 It's a complex sensor, and you will have to learn how to use it. Fitbit sense is a good option if you want a smartwatch that connects with Pandora and has advanced health functions.

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Fitbit Versa 3

Another popular smartwatch that works nicely with Pandora is the Fitbit Versa 3. Fitbit Versa 3 includes a dedicated Pandora App, similar to Fitbit Sense, that you can use to play music on your wristwatch.

Versa 3 is not as advanced as Fitbit Sense in terms of functions. It lacks functionalities like ECG and Skin Temperature Monitoring. Other standard features include Oxygen Saturation Tracking, Fitbit Pay, Heart-rate monitoring, and Menstrual Health Tracking.

Versa 3 also comes at a reasonable price, a bonus. So, if you're looking for a Fitbit Smartwatch that works with Pandora and is reasonably priced, the Fitbit Versa 3 is a perfect choice.

Skagen Falster 3

The Skagen Falster 3 is one of the popular Wear OS smartwatches. It's also one of the few that can play Pandora directly from the watch.

Falster 3's design is its key selling point, as it is incredibly basic. It is excellent for those who like simple smartwatches because it has no rough edges or bolts. The smartwatch has a built-in GPS, heart-rate monitor, Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, and other standard features.

Because the Falster 3 lacks advanced sensors, we would only recommend it to those interested in wearing a smartwatch. Otherwise, Fitbit or Apple Watches are the most recent smartwatches on the market, and they have more excellent specs.

How can you play Pandora on your Smartwatch?

The first thing you should do is see if your smartwatch is Pandora-compatible. Pandora now supports Apple Watches, Fitbits, and WearOS smartwatches at the time of creating this post. If your smartwatch is compatible with Pandora, download the Pandora app, log in with your credentials, and you're ready to go.

Is Garmin compatible with Pandora?

Pandora does not have a particular app for Garmin watches. Thus you won't be able to listen to Pandora music using the app. You may, however, use Pandora to stream music from your smartphone to your smartwatch over Bluetooth.

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Does Pandora work with Galaxy Watches?

No, the Pandora app for Galaxy Watches (Tizen OS) isn't available, and you can't listen to music on your Galaxy Watch. You may, however, connect it to your Galaxy Watch through Bluetooth from your smartphone.

Is Pandora no longer available for free?

Pandora lets you use the service for free, but it does come with advertisements, which can be unpleasant at times, but it is free to use.


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