NFC is a widely used technology that can be used for a variety of purposes, including cashless purchases, concert admission, and more. However, I'll show you how to use it as a hotspot today. I'll also walk you through the entire process of setting up a Hotspot on your smartphone. Let's get this party started.

Can you use NFC as a hotspot?

You can use your smartphone as a hotspot, but you won't be able to do so with your smartphone. Instead, you'll need an NFC Tag, which you can write on and then use to turn on your smartphone's hotspot.

Here's how to turn on your smartphone's hotspot using the NFC tag. Before I go into detail about the process, it's worth noting that you can turn on the hotspot on your smartphone even if you don't have an NFC tag. On the other hand, NFC Tags have the advantage of being programmable to perform a variety of activities, like turning on your smartphone's hotspot. Let's get started with the procedure.

Step 1: The first step is to obtain NFC Tags, which you can obtain from Amazon or your local grocery.

Step 2: After you've obtained the NFC Tags, you'll need to download and install the "NFC Smart Q" App, which you'll use to program the NFC Tag.

3rd Step: After downloading the app and purchasing the NFC tags, turn on NFC on your phone and launch the app.

4th Step: Go to the Write Tag part of the program, and you'll see a list of activities you may assign to your NFC Tag. Find "Wi-Fi Hotspot Toggle," tap it, then confirm your decision to enable the hotspot. Other operations you may perform with the NFC Tag include setting the alarm, making a phone call, enabling silence mode, turning on Bluetooth, and more.

Step 5: You're now ready to use NFC Tag to turn on your smartphone's hotspot. Place the NFC Tag behind your smartphone to enable a hotspot. Similarly, place the NFC Tag behind the phone if you want to disable it.

That's how you can use NFC Tag to turn your smartphone into a hotspot. Suppose the above technique fails for whatever reason. In that case, you can try Trigger App, which is an excellent alternative for rooted users. Here's how to utilize the Trigger app to turn your smartphone into a hotspot.

Step 1: Make sure your smartphone has NFC enabled and that your NFC Tag is operational.

Step 2: Click the green + icon in the lower right corner of the Trigger App to open it. Now touch Next after selecting the NFC section. You can set constraints in the following area, such as which days it should work, how long it should last, and so on. Tap "Done" when you're finished with your choices.

Step 3: After you've finished creating the trigger, it's time to turn it on. After that, press the "Next" button and choose the action you wish to take. For example, to enable a hotspot, go to "Wireless & Networks" and tick "Wi-Fi Hotspot." You'll be prompted to input your Wi-Fi password and then tap "Add Task" in the next step.

Step 4: To write the NFC Tag, place it near your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions. That is all there is to it.

Is there a difference between NFC and a hotspot?

No, NFC and Wi-Fi are two different technologies. NFC technology allows you to do various activities, such as making payments and turning on your system's hotspot. On the other hand, Hotspot technology allows your smartphone to create an internet access point that other devices may connect to.

Is it possible to use NFC without being connected to the internet?

Yes, NFC isn't reliant on Wi-Fi and can function without it. However, suppose you want to use NFC for online payment methods like Google Pay or Apple Pay. In that case, you'll need a stable internet connection.

Is it possible to set up a hotspot on my smartphone?

Yes, your smartphone can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. To turn on the hotspot, first, make sure you have a stable Internet connection, then slide down from the top of the screen and tap the icon. It's also conceivable that the password has been enabled on the hotspot, in which case you can locate the password in the Hotspot settings.

Is it safe to use NFC tags?

NFC tags are absolutely safe to use and solely transport data. If you write a tag to enable hotspot on your smartphone, for example, it will only do that, and you will have to redo it if you want to use it for something else.

Is it possible for me to rewrite NFC tags?

Yes, NFC Tags can be rewritten indefinitely. Now, the number of rewrites relies primarily on the IC. However, you can rewrite an NFC Tag up to 100,000 times in familiar situations.

Is using your phone as a hotspot harmful to your device?

A hotspot is a valuable function that lets you turn your phone into an internet access point. You can then use it to connect your tablet or laptop to the internet. So, in terms of usefulness and usage, using your phone as a hotspot is entirely safe, and you should do so whenever you need to.

How long will a 30 GB hotspot keep you connected?

The length of the 30 GB Hotspot is primarily determined by how you use it. If you're watching movies on Netflix, for example, you'll be able to see them in HD for 10 hours.

Similarly, if you're browsing on it, it'll easily last more than 30 hours. You may also use data-saver apps to limit how much data you use.

Is it true that using a hotspot drains the battery of your phone?

Yes, the hotspot is one of the battery-draining functions. So, when you're not using it, make sure you switch it off because if you don't, your smartphone's battery will be drained.

Is it true that leaving the hotspot on consumes data?

Yes, if your smartphone's hotspot is turned on, it will utilize your data. As a result, make sure it's turned off when you're not using it.

Which carriers offer limitless hotspot access?

There aren't many options when it comes to unlimited bandwidth, and most of them provide capped data packages with restrictions. Suppose you don't mind a capped data plan. In that case, you can purchase one from Verizon or AT&T, which provides more excellent value for money and faster internet. However, one Network Service provider, Visible, offers Unlimited bandwidth for $40 per month; however, you will have internet connectivity troubles.

Do I need a password for my smartphone's hotspot?

Hotspots turn a smartphone into an internet access point, allowing anyone who has access to your hotspot to browse the web. As a result, you must use a strong password to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your data.


That's all there is to it, guys. In this guide, you learned how to utilize NFC tags to enable hotspots on your smartphone. I also addressed some often asked questions about this subject.


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