Instagram is one of the most successful social networks worldwide today. If you are a user of the platform, you can give good faith that it can become addictive by not being able to stop uploading stories or wanting to constantly know what content other users add.

Why not say it, Instagram is a good tool for gossiping, to know what other people's lives are like and to be able to discuss it with your friends. If you don't want to be gossiped at you, you can always block someone on Instagram Stories , but what happens when you want to spy without being seen? Below, you can learn 6 ways to view Instagram stories anonymously.

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How to watch Instagram stories without them knowing


Instagram informs users about the accounts that have seen their stories, whether they have a public profile or if it is private. To skip this platform barrier, there are websites like WeInstag that help you see Stories anonymously. In order to take advantage of this tool , a requirement must be met: that the account you want to gossip to be public .

Once this detail has been secured, you will only have to enter the username in the web search bar, without entering the arroba. Press enter and you will access all the stories that user has uploaded, both photographs and videos.

As you can see, WeInstag allows you to watch those stories online and download them to your device . Even so, if this tool does not convince you to get the images, you should know that there are other methods to download Instagram photos .


Like the previous option, StoriesIg is another website that gives you the opportunity to see the Stories of users with public accounts without Instagram informing them of it. Perhaps this tool goes a little further, since it also shows you the user's outstanding stories regardless of the time that has passed since they were uploaded.

To use this website, you just have to enter the username in the search bar. When you search, you will see the account and the featured stories. Select the first option if you want to see the content that the person has uploaded during the last 24 hours and the second if you want to see only the featured posts.

In case you want to download the images and videos, you can also do so by selecting the “Download” button that appears below each post . Do not worry if this function does not convince you, since you can use other tools to download Instagram videos from your mobile and computer .


This app offers various functions for Instagram users, although we highlight the one that allows you to see Instagram stories from others without being able to see them in the app. You will have to log in with your account to be able to see Stories anonymously, in addition to being able to download the content or see who has recently stopped following you, among other data.

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IG Stories for Instagram

The Google Chrome browser also has its own extension to view Instagram stories anonymously. It is called “IG Stories for Instagram” and you just have to install it in your browser to be able to gossip with tranquility in the social network.

After installation, every time you enter Instagram and see stories from other users, they will not be notified . In addition, you can also easily download the publications that they have uploaded to the platform. In case you want to use the normal web version of the social network again, you just have to uninstall the extension.

Airplane mode

This trick, unknown to many Instagram users, is very useful when viewing stories anonymously. The process to achieve this is simple: open the app and let the Stories load in the top bar of the main screen.

When you are sure that the information you want to see is already loaded, activate the airplane mode of your mobile to block any Internet access. Take the opportunity to see the Instagram stories you want to gossip before disabling airplane mode and using the app again as you usually do.

Plan B

You really want to see stories from other Instagram accounts when you resort to this option, Plan B. Desperately, make a secondary account to be able to spy on other profiles without users really knowing who is hiding behind that name so I miss seeing all your posts.

With this method, you can gossip to all the public accounts you want, although you will have to get private profiles to trust your secondary account and accept your follow-up requests. If you think this Plan B is too much for your espionage cravings, you can always limit yourself to the previous options to see Instagram stories without others knowing .


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