Coulax SmartWatch Review: What highlights and usefulness do you anticipate from a smartwatch under 30 dollars? All things believed, if I were in your shoes, I would have expected IP67 waterproofing, different games mode, Fitness following elements, and a couple of other helpful usefulness. Nonetheless, the Coulax SN82 is above and beyond.

What's exceptional about this smartwatch? The Coulax Smartwatch accompanies all notable highlights that nobody will at any point hope to get under a financial plan of 30 dollars. This smartwatch offers energizing highlights, for example, in-assembled GPS, IP68 waterproofing, weather conditions conjecture (never expected), blood oxygen screen, music control, and the sky is the limit from there.

Peruse our Coulax SmartWatch Review to know what more it offers.

What's inside the Box?

  • Coulax Smartwatch Device itself
  • Client Manual
  • Attractive Charger
  • Picture

What's inside the Box?

Speedy Overview

  • Rating
  • Best Price
  • Various Sports Modes
  • Blood Oxygen and HR Monitoring
  • Music Controlling
  • Fitness following
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Appropriate for Men and Women

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Coulax SmartWatch Review - Model SN82

Plan and Display

This particular model (SN82) of Coulax has around show regarding the plan. The showcase size of 1.3-inch is adequately large, making it agreeable to peruse text on the screen. It is encircled by a light bezel, which isn't recognizable when seen from the top.

The majority of the watchmaking organizations are duplicating the Apple watch's plan. However, Coulax made this model resemble a customary watch with a roundabout plan and added a simple watch face to it. On the off chance you could do without it, and you have four different watch appearances to browse.

The form nature of this smartwatch is excellent as it feels solid and durable. It utilizes a 20mm watch tie for lash, which is delicate and agreeable to wear. To supplant it, pull the tiny fragment spring-stacked nail to the lash and supplant it quickly.

Fitness, Health, and Activity Tracking

For Fitness, the smartwatch has got ten games modes, including strolling, running, swimming, badminton, riding, tennis, jumping rope, and ping-pong. With programmed action following, the smartwatch naturally records steps, distance, calories consumed, and distance.

Pulse observing and get circulatory strain and blood oxygen level checking that keeps you stay sound. Moreover, the SN82 has constant pulse checking, which is really exact. It is fundamental to have these elements in a smartwatch on the grounds that it makes it advantageous to remain refreshed on well-being.

Coulax SN82 Features and Functionality


The model SN82 is IP68 Waterproof. It implies the gadget can be worn when swimming. Likewise, it can oppose water sprinkles and water drops. You might, in fact, wash up while wearing this smartwatch. It is prescribed not to wear this smartwatch in water sports, for example, jumping or scuba plunging.

Far off Camera

Coulax SN82 Features and Functionality

You get a remote stimulus on the watch to control your cell phone's camera. This empowers you to catch and record minutes from a distance from your wrist.

Music Control

Picture a scenario in which you have some control over music from your wrist. The Coulax SN82 permits you to control music playback straightforwardly from your wrist. You can do exercises like respite, continue, change the tune. In spite of the fact that you don't get an inner speaker, so you can't tune in from the watch.

In-Built GPS

Would you be able to envision a smartwatch for under 30 dollars with GPS? This Coulax GPS Smartwatch has in-assembled GPS following. With this, you can have a guide direction that gives total guide subtleties that can be situated on the help application when synchronized.

Track down My Device

Assuming you at any point lose your cell phone in the room and unfit to track down it. Then, at that point, with the observe my telephone highlight, you can undoubtedly find the gadget. It will ring regardless of whether in quiet mode.

Other Key Features

Weather conditions Forecast: Get current weather conditions subtleties.

Warnings: Call and text notices. Likewise, put forth objective warnings.

Update: Sedentary Reminder and Drinking Reminder.

Rest Monitoring: Record wake-rest, light rest, and profound rest.

Coulax Smartwatch utilizes the YFit application to match your cell phone. Matching makes it simple to beware of different bits of knowledge on well-being and Fitness. It is available on both Android and iOS environments.

By utilizing this application, you can:

  • Get real-time exercise information.
  • Comprehend your own rest in real-time. It records profound rest, shallow rest, and light rest subtleties.
  • Empower update, morning timer, and so forth
  • Initiate Raise to wake highlight.
  • Enact Automatic pulse identifier.
  • Put forth up objective notices.
  • PlayStoreAppStore
  • Battery Duration

The Coulax SN82 model purposes an attractive charger for charging and requires around 2.5 hours to charge. I will concur charging time might have been less. In spite of the fact that it gives a battery reinforcement of 10 days with typical use. Also, 30 days in reserve mode.

There are no destructive things to say about the battery duration since it serves all that anyone could need. Nonetheless, the charging time might have been moved along.

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How to Pair Coulax Smartwatch with Smartphone?

To interface your coulax smartwatch with Android or iPhone, follow these straightforward advances:

  • Turn on the watch and long-press the side button for 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Turn on your telephone Bluetooth and ensure your smartwatch isn't associated with other gadgets.
  • Send off the YFit application. Then, at that point, go to Device
  • Click on 'Add Device'
  • Search for the watch name 'SN82' and match it. Enjoy!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How does Coulax Smartwatch cautions about approaching calls and Messages?

The Coulax Smartwatch has a solid vibration that cautions about approaching calls and warnings. Also, the vibration is sufficiently able to get you up promptly toward the beginning of the day.

  1. Would I be able to see current weather conditions' subtleties?

Indeed. The smartwatch is fit for showing current weather conditions gauge.

  1. Does this smartwatch works with iPhone?

The Coulax SN82 smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

  1. What application is utilized to match Coulax Smartwatch?

Accessible in both PlayStore and AppStore.

  1. What number of watch faces does this Coulax smartwatch have?

It accompanies four watch appearances to modify your watch screen. They look very significant.


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