We explain what the description is and what its main characteristics are. Also, the description types and more.

What is a description?

The description is a type of text, such as narrative or argumentative, which consists of a detailed explanation about something, in a way that allows recreating a clear idea of what is being described.

It can be a written or oral description in which the intention of the issuer is to expose the characteristics and essence, for example, of a character or a place so that the receiver can recreate it in his mind as plausible as possible.

Description Features

Description Features

The description is characterized by:

  • Put into words through language the ideas that a sender has in mind.
  • An issuer knows about what is being described so that the representation is as accurate as possible.
  • List the most important features of something, without having to describe it in its entirety.
  • Be objective, subjective, or reflective of impressions and emotions.
  • Be part of another text or be a piece in itself.
  • Being a discursive tool that is included in essays, biographies, newspaper articles, among others.

Description types

Description types

Among the main types of description are:

  • Objective description. A detailed explanation of something from the rigor of the information and independently of what the issuer may think about it.
  • Subjective description. A detailed explanation of something from the emotions and valuations that it provokes in the issuer.
  • Prosopography. A detailed explanation of the appearance and external features of a living being.
  • Utopia Detailed explanation of the way of being, psychological traits, and actions of a person.
  • Literary portrait. A detailed explanation of both the physical appearance of a person, as well as the psychological traits, feelings, and morals of an individual. It can also be a self-portrait or a cartoon.
  • Chronography Detailed explanation of time, that is, of the time in which the events that are narrated take place.
  • Topographical description. A detailed explanation of a space or place, which allows recreating the characteristics perceptible through the senses and the idea of the environment or climate.

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