Is it true that you are searching for smartwatches with earbuds support? An earbud is presumably the best add-on a smartwatch can get. A smartwatch with an earbud is extraordinary for comfort since you don't have to continuously rely upon your cell phone to answer calls by pulling it out from your pocket. It additionally enables you to pay attention to music during exercises.

May you be stressed over the sound quality? Indeed, smartwatches have become so advanced that they come furnished with a dedicated smart audio chipset to give you the best audio experience. Likewise, they don't think twice about fitness and well-being features.

A large portion of the gadgets you find in the market are a trick. All the smartwatches that accompany wireless Bluetooth earbuds don't match the nature of our necessities. A few clients have revealed gadgets that don't match the item depiction. You could buy a gadget that won't keep going for a long time.

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Remembering all the above focuses, I have made this rundown of great smartwatches equipped with genuinely wireless Bluetooth earbuds out of the box. I would instead not mistake you for many items, so here is the rundown of seven Astounding Smartwatches with Earbuds that you can think about buying. Each has its upsides and downsides, so cautiously go through the post to see the best one.

Smartwatches with Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Advantages of Having Smartwatch with Wireless Earbuds

You can receive incoming calls.

There might be circumstances in which you generally can't utilize your cell phone. Like this, you want something more helpful. The essential advantage of having earbuds in a smartwatch is getting calls without removing your phone from your pocket. You can finish tasks at home without continuously holding the phone in apprehension about missing out on a call.

Advantages of Having Smartwatch with Wireless Earbuds

A large number of the earbuds utilize the smartwatch as their holder, so when there is an incoming call, pull out the earbuds from the case to get it automatically connected with the call. It's just straightforward!

You can listen to music on the go.

One more advantage of having earbuds in a smartwatch is being able to listen to music in a hurry. It turns out to be not difficult to listen to music from phones through remote earbuds as you don't need to carry various gadgets with you. While working out, connect the earbuds to your phone and smartwatch with the goal that you have some control over and listen to the music simultaneously.

So, it becomes convenient to utilize wireless earbuds due to their convenient nature.

You can listen to music on the go

Touch sensitivity

The vast majority of smartwatches with earbuds are sensitive to touch. These smartwatches feature optical sensors to recognize the feeling of touch to do different errands. A few such tasks include switching between the next and previous songs, getting and dismissing calls, changing the music volume, and activating the phone's assistant (SIRI or Google Assistant). Meaning you have some control over the music playback with few taps.

Accordingly, it is very advantageous because there is no compelling reason to connect with your smartwatch or phone to do these sorts of stuff.

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Cord-free experience

Cord-free experience

Envision having an earphone jack to connect your wired headphones. It would have been a wreck to convey those headphones and smartwatches. More often than not, you will invest energy untangling those messy wires. Additionally, in some cases, you might need to position your hands awkwardly, remembering the length of the wires. In this manner, remote earbuds are a friend in need regarding comfort.

7 Astonishing Smartwatches with Earbuds (TOP PICKS)

1. AirPower Smartwatch: Top Recommendation

Earbuds Type - TWS HiFi Earbuds

Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0

The AirPower earbud is a stylish fitness band that accompanies top-notch earbuds that look sort of like Samsung earbuds. The look and feel of this watch are premium. Furthermore, the earbuds don't feel cheap by any means. It is equipped to deliver premium sound quality. Furthermore, it cancels the noise behind the scenes with effective noise isolation technology.

Besides, the organization has not compromised with the sound quality. It is outfitted with a high-level Qualcomm brilliant sound chipset, giving a smooth sound streaming performance. Its graphene augmented drivers give an outstanding sound with no slack. Likewise, I adored that both the earbud and fitness tracker have IP67 Waterproofing, which implies it is wearable while swimming.

AirPower Smartwatch: Top Recommendation

This Airpower earbud can track pulse, calories, floors climbed, step count, distance, and sleep if we discuss the features. It keeps you updated with the constant information from the application.

By and large, a top-notch gadget with earbuds support. Almost certainly, it can give you outstanding sound quality. In any case, I probably won't consider it because of its cost. So on the off chance that you are searching for a pleasant option under 100 bucks, look at the Finow smartwatch. Once more, it is a great watch that satisfies its motivation and is strongly suggested.

Aside from this, the earbuds are sensitive to touch. You can do the accompanying:

  •  Answer Calls with a touch.
  • Reject calls with one touch.
  • Change Volume
  • Control Music Playback
  • (iPhone Clients) Activate SIRI

AirPower Smartwatch: Top Recommendation


  • Stylish and Lightweight design.
  • Clear and bright display.
  • High-quality audio output.
  • Touch control works without a hitch.
  • Earbuds are tiny and comfortable.


  • Poor battery duration (One-day maximum)
  • No Gps function at this price.

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2. Finow Smartwatch (G36): Cheap Alternative to Airpower

Earbuds Type - TWS (Airpods Clone)

Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0

The Finow Multifunction Smartwatch accompanies a pair of earbuds that look sort of like the Apple Earpods. The smartwatch itself is the holder of both earbuds, so don't bother carrying it separately. Open Settings > Bluetooth > Earbuds and set it up with your smartwatch to set this up. You can utilize their official application to set up everything. The display size is adequate, and you will get sufficient room to interact with your fingertips. In addition, the brightness is adequate, making it visible clearly in sunlight.

Finow Smartwatch (G36): Cheap Alternative to Airpower

On its features, the Finow Smartwatch features pulse and sleep tracking that takes care of its business precisely. The actual tracking of steps, calories consumed, distance is likewise conceivable. The creators have incorporated various sports tracking, remembering the fitness freaks. I should see the value in that they have not compromised with the fitness-related features.

It accompanies a pair of earbuds that will assist with listening to music, answering, and dismissing calls. A sensor chip on the earbuds naturally distinguishes when the earbuds are taken off from the ears, preventing the music from playing. The mentioned feature saves the battery and keeps it active for quite a while.

Aside from this, the earbuds are sensitive to touch. You can do the accompanying:

  • Answer Calls with a touch.
  • Reject calls with one touch.
  • Control the music playback (Knock on the curvy edge to change songs)
  • (iPhone Clients) Activate SIRI.

Finow Smartwatch Plus TWS Earbuds


  • Extraordinary design, the smartwatch itself is the earbuds holder.
  • Advantageous to answer and reject calls at the time of workouts.
  • You get free Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Gesture controlling the earbuds.
  • Great battery duration.


  • Not reasonable for utilizing it in water.
  • This tracker is prone to screen scratches.

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Earbuds Type - TWS

Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0

The FIVII fitness tracker is one more wearable gadget accompanying TWS earbuds integrated with its display. There isn't much to discuss the plan as it is similar to a regular fitness tracker. Disintegrating the earbuds is simple. You want to press the button present beneath the watch face to take it out. You will observe a tiny opening on the base. This mouthpiece lets you communicate through earbuds without often thinking about your phone.

I truly cherished this fitness tracker because its earbuds support noise cancellation, which helps decrease the background noise while on an important call. Likewise, you can listen to music while going for a stroll in the morning. The nature of the sound output is incredible, and you won't feel as though you're utilizing cheap-quality earbuds.


Accessible features on the FIVII fitness tracker incorporate sleep tracking, pulse tracking, monitoring blood pressure, steps counting, distance, calories consumed; from there, the sky's the limit. Also, it has six different sports modes, including running, riding, planking, strolling, climbing, and hiking.

Generally, this is a great gadget for those searching for a fitness tracker with earbuds support. I genuinely like how it offers constant pulse tracking alongside blood pressure tracking. The band size is the main frustration I found in the watch; It isn't reasonable for ladies with small wrist sizes.

Aside from this, the earbuds are sensitive to touch. You can do the accompanying:

  •  Answer Calls with a touch.
  • Reject calls with one touch.
  • (iPhone Clients) Activate SIRI by double-tapping the top of the earbuds.


  • Push to release earbuds.
  • Earbud quality doesn't feel cheap. The sound output is entirely satisfactory.
  • It has microphone support.
  • Fair battery duration.
  • Comfortable to wear.

Smartwatches with earbuds FITVII


  • Not appropriate for small wrists.
  • O2 Saturation readings are not precise.

4. Cocobeir: Recommended

Earbuds Type - TWS

Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0

The Coober is another cool-looking fitness tracker that supports earbuds. Its design is like Mi bands, yet the right side has two chambers to fit the earbuds that you won't find in any MI bands.

It accompanies all the total fitness tracking elements: heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, step counting, Blood pressure tracking, and just the beginning. Aside from this, it accompanies more practical pre-installed applications to control music, take photographs, deal with your stationary lifestyle, look at the current climate, and some more.

Cocobeir: Recommended

On its earbuds, it gives you a lag-free and stable connection. You can expect better sound quality from the earbuds. It utilizes a high-level music chip to offer a better sound experience. The earbuds are not waterproof, so you must be cautious while utilizing them close to water.

This smart wristband is also suggested, assuming your search for a feature-packed smartwatch with earbuds on a careful spending plan. The main drawback is that earbuds are not waterproof. If you figure you won't utilize it close to water, consider it worth adding to your cart.

Aside from this, the earbuds are sensitive to touch. You can do the accompanying:

  •  Answer Calls with a touch.
  • Reject calls with one touch.
  • Control the music playback
  • (iPhone Clients) Activate SIRI.Cocobeir: Recommended


  • It has an incredible design and quality.
  • Nice set of earbuds in the financial plan.
  • It accompanies weather reports.
  • Stable and lag-free connection.


  • Earbuds are not waterproof.

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5. Belesh Smartwatch

Earbuds Type - TWS

Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0

Is it true that you are searching for a smartwatch with a round display supporting earbuds? The Belesh Smartwatch is a fantastic gadget that accompanies a 1.3 inch round LCD, which will give a delicate look to your wrist. It has customizable watch faces to take a try to match your style. You can switch between digital and analog watch faces whenever you wish as per your mood.

The most significant aspect of this smartwatch is its earbuds. Like Cocobeir, the Belesh Smartwatch additionally has two chambers on the option to fit in the earbuds. These headsets can answer calls and listen to music in a hurry. Its calling experience is helpful as it is convenient and supports noise-canceling technology to eliminate background noise while on a call. Without a doubt, the earbuds are excellent and have better sound results.

Belesh Smartwatch

On account of optical sensor work, the music is prevented from being played when headphones are not connected.

For battery, the Belesh smartwatch is outfitted with a 300 mAH battery, all that anyone could need to make this gadget keep going for longer with earbuds utilization.

This smartwatch is extraordinary for fitness and sports lovers if we discuss features. It has various sports modes, including climbing, cycling, running, climbing alongside tracking health information like steps taken, distance covered, calories consumed, and sleep. Besides, you get other smart features like checking the climate, notifications, body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure tracking. The sky's the limit from there.

Consequently, if you have a financial plan of 100 bucks and are searching for a more feature-oriented smart wearable gadget, check it out.

Belesh Smartwatch

Aside from this, the earbuds are sensitive to touch. You can do the accompanying:

  •  Answer Calls with a touch.
  • Reject calls with one touch.
  • Control the music playback
  • (iPhone Clients) Activate SIRI.


  • Excellent looking round display.
  • Comfortable
  • HiFi Earbuds accompany them, along with excellent sound quality.
  • Precise data reading.
  • This watch has many brilliant features.


  • No GPS is available at this price.

 6. M1 AI Smartwatch

Earbuds Type - TWS (Elextor)

Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0

M1 AI Smartwatch

The M1 AI is an excellent smartwatch for under 50 dollars, having earbuds integrated with it. This smart wristband looks up-to-date and lightweight, giving you a 0.96-inch TFT touch display alongside a 110mAh battery that gives it a good standby time.

Its wireless earbuds give a superior quality sound result. You can appreciate playing music or communicating during calls. Utilizing it persistently with earbuds can empty the battery rapidly. So you shouldn't expect much from the battery duration as it will make due for under 24 hours.

If the battery matters to you the most, you should consider looking at the previous FITVII fitness tracker.

It accompanies many exciting features that are out of the box. It incorporates fitness features, such as tracking pulse, sleep, steps, distance covered, calories consumed, blood pressure, etc. Alongside, a few innovative features, for example, reminders, morning alarms, notices, alerts, and then some.

Answering incoming calls turns out to be simple with this smartwatch. So when there is a call, you can pull out the earbuds from the case, and it will connect with your call. As simple as that.

M1 AI Smartwatch

As I would like to think, this will be an excellent choice if you search for a stylish budget plan smartwatch with earbuds to gift your friends and family, particularly young people.

It would help if you remembered that it doesn't have a decent battery backup. It is enthusiastically prescribed not to involve it close to the water as it lacks waterproof certification.


  • Stylish design.
  • Earbuds fit well.
  • The charging speed is excellent.


  • Battery duration isn't significant.
  • Not waterproof.

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7. Interepro Smartwatch

Earbuds Type - TWS

Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0

Interepro Smartwatch

The Interpro smartwatch is a multifunction smartwatch whose case incorporates a pair of earbuds inside it. The earbuds are minuscule and fit entirely on the ears. You should open the case to take out the earbuds. And afterward, just turn it on by squeezing the buttons on the headsets for two seconds.

Whenever you look at a definite synopsis of your well-being and fitness measurements on this gadget itself, you can. The gadget accompanies health features, including heart rate tracking, blood pressure tracking, SPO2, sleep tracking. You get the tracking steps, distance covered, and calories consumed for fitness features.

Like some other smartwatches, they can pair your cell phone and permit you to see notifications on the watch. Likewise, it reminds you of pretty much all incoming calls and messages.

Generally, the Interpro Smartwatch would be an exquisite gift for friends and family. I could have done without the valuing of the smartwatch as there are other less expensive choices accessible on the lookout. Adding it to this rundown is its power-saving capability, quicker touch sensitivity of earbuds, and design. Its design could provide you with a vibe of the apple watch. If it is your prerequisite, most certainly bet on it. In any case, Finow G36 is an incredible option at the cost.

Interepro Smartwatch

The earbuds are sensitive to touch. You can do the accompanying:

  •  Increase/decrease volume.
  • Answer calls with a touch.
  • Reject Calls with a touch.
  • Wake up SIRI
  • Control Music Playback (next, previous, play, and pause)


  • This watch provides you with a vibe of the apple watch.
  • Earbud's sensitivity to touch is impressive.
  • Auto-power saving capability.
  • Earbuds support noise decrease.
  • Constant health tracking works impeccably.


  • The cost is excessively high.

Last Considerations

smartwatches with earbuds

The writing is on the wall, my top picks of smartwatches with wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and I trust it helped sort out the proper smartwatch for a reason. I have illustrated smartwatches in each cost range, whether you are on a tight spending plan or have enough to spend.

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Some smartwatches do not need many features, yet toward the day's end, you need to pick the one because of your necessity. As I see it, the Airpower smartwatch will be the best smartwatch that gives you excellent sound quality earbuds. Once more, it might affect your pocket, assuming you are on a careful spending plan.

Subsequently, a straightforward arrangement is to look at your necessities before choosing a smartwatch from this rundown.


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