Which should you choose between the Garmin Fenix 6 and the Suunto 9?

To begin, you'll need GPS, a heart rate monitor, an altimeter, and data gathering on a smartwatch for outdoor outings. This can be used to gradually increase your performance. It can be tough to choose a watch that is both comfortable and attractive. particularly in the crowded smartwatch industry. Although the Apple Watch is fantastic, there are instances when a specialist sports watch is required. So, here's how the Garmin Fenix 6 stacks up against the Suunto 9 series. We believe these two watches are excellent choices for outdoor enthusiasts.

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How Do The Features Of The Garmin Fenix 6 And Suunto 9 Compare?

The Garmin Fenix 6 is a very different gadget than the Suunto 9 and Suunto 9 Peak. These sports watches are equivalent to all Garmin Forerunners in that they share some common features such as multiple sports modes and basic functions.

However, we believe the Suunto 9 has really improved in terms of features and is now on par with Garmin smart and sports watches. The software on the 9 Peak, for example, may now be updated without having to connect the watch to a computer. It also has a blood oxygen saturation sensor that monitors your oxygen levels while you sleep.

It's not always about having a feature, but about how effectively it was executed and how valuable it is. It also takes time and upgrades to get a feature to work as well as possible.

Each smartwatch has its own set of features that might help you out.

Most Garmin smartwatch models now have safety features that can assist with workouts, safety, and GPS tracking. The Garmin Fenix 6, like the forerunners, uses Garmin Connect to track exercise data such as lengths and locations, as well as Garmin's proprietary Incident Detection.

Incident detection via Garmin

When the impact detection registers a sudden fall or blow, or if you've abruptly stopped your workout and stats, Garmin's incident detection can notify emergency contacts. You can always use their "Assistance" option instead, because it can be extremely touchy. You can instantly notify certain contacts of your location if necessary.

Suunto's 9 Peak and 9 Baro both have built-in GPS and may be used with Suunto's own app. This app isn't quite as focused on safety as Garmin's. By connecting to the Suunto app, you can connect to other workout applications, see your workout and sleep trends, and stay connected to your phone's messages, calls, and notifications.

Suunto has two distinct phone apps, although the new Suunto app is preferred over the previous Movescount app. The app is attractive, but it lacks the data you'd like to see; for example, the watch can tell you a lot more about your sleeping habits than the app. Connecting the watch to the phone is also complicated, and it can take a lot of tinkering to get it connected when you want to use it.

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Fenix 6 by Garmin

The Garmin app compensates for its lack of appearance with information. It isn't as attractive as the Apple Watch app, but it allows you to view a wide range of data from your phone at any time. The watch and phone are simple to connect, and they sync quickly, so you can track your progress in real time. You can even connect the app to other third-party apps to make it easier to share your data all at once.

Suunto vs. Garmin: Design, Look, and Feel

The Design and Appearance

The Suunto 9 has a wide, clear screen that is easy to read. In addition, the buttons are easy to use and will guide you through the watch's features.

The Suunto 9 Peak is noticeably thinner than the Suunto 9 Baro. despite the fact that the new watch's button layout and interface are nearly identical to the previous model. The 9 Peak has a stainless steel bezel and a smaller case and screen.

The Fenix 6 is a fraction of the size of the Baro 9. The screen is easy to see, and all the vital information is always visible. The buttons aren't as intuitive as those on the Suunto. However, this could be a matter of personal preference.

The Suunto 9 Peak has a sleek appearance and a button and touchscreen mix that we enjoy. That is for people who prefer the convenience of a touchscreen. The Garmin Fenix 6 does not have a touchscreen, but it does have five buttons that can be used to control it.

The LCD panels on both the Suunto 9 and the Garmin Fenix 6 claim to be good in the outdoors. The screen of the Fenix 6 is, however, significantly superior. With a good view, that is aided by the backlighting feature. The screen resolution is excellent, and you'll be able to use it no matter where you are.

The Suunto 9 Baro features a touch screen, but it's not easy to use, and the screen's poor response makes it really aggravating! When used outside, the screen can be difficult to read and use if it becomes wet.

The touchscreen on the Suunto 9 Peak, on the other hand, is more accurate and responsive than the Baro and provides a superior user experience.

The 9 Baro has a resolution of 320 by 300 pixels, whereas the 9 Peak has a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. Both watches have LED screens, but the 9 Peak can adjust the brightness automatically.

The Garmin Fenix 6 display has expanded by 17% from the previous version's 1.2-inch display. The Fenix 6 has a 1.3-inch display with 260 x 260px resolution, which is comparable to the Suunto. The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro has a 1.4-inch screen with a resolution of 280x280 pixels.

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Suunto 9 vs. Garmin Fenix 6 comparison:

On your wrist, how do the Fenix 6 and Suunto 9 models feel?

Any big watch has a comfort issue, and the Suunto 9 Baro is no exception; it's massive and prone to getting hooked on things. Although the strap is comfortable, you will need to place it higher on your arm than usual to use the heart rate monitor, which means it will continually catch on sleeves. It may appear attractive, but it is not a comfortable garment to wear.

Suunto's flagship watch, the Suunto 9 Peak, is the brand's smallest, thinnest, and strongest watch to date. The Suunto 9 Peak is over 40% lighter than the Suunto 9 Baro (62g and 81g respectively).

The Fenix 6 has a standard size, which aids in the watch's comfortable fit on your wrist. Because the watch is snug, you can see your heart rate without having to move it. The strap also incorporates a hinge, allowing it to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes.

Fenix 6 vs. Suunto 9: Battery comparison

The battery life of the Suunto 9 Peak and Baro

The Suunto's battery life is excellent, with a maximum battery life of roughly 30 hours while using all of the capabilities. Suunto claims that without the GPS feature turned on, the watch may last up to 120 hours.

The battery life of the 9 Baro and 9 Peak watches is the same, which is impressive considering the Peak 9 is significantly smaller and lighter than the 9 Baro. The 9 Peak and 9 Baro last roughly 7 days on a full charge and about 25 hours in GPS mode. However, in 'Tour' mode, the GPS battery lasts 170 hours. Most sensors, however, are turned off or lowered in order to collect data every hour or so. As a result, this feature is only appropriate for extreme athletes.

The battery life of the Garmin Fenix 6

The lengthy battery life of the Garmin Fenix 6 series is well-known. The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar, on the other hand, includes built-in solar power as a new feature in the Fenix 6, which will extend the watch's battery life. This feature is available on all Garmin solar watches. The technology is housed in the screen, which Garmin refers to as "Power Glass." With GPS turned on, the Fenix 6 battery lasts about 30 hours. If you choose the Fenix 6 Solar, the already lengthy battery life is extended to as long as you're in direct sunlight.

You may always go with the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro model, which has an increased battery life of 60 hours with GPS and 6 hours with the solar form.

This means you can enjoy a weekend trip to the outdoors without worrying about running out of battery, as long as you remember to turn off the GPS when not in use!

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How Does the GPS Smartwatch Work?

The 9 Baro has some navigation features that the 9 Peak does not, including bearing navigation. There are also new GPS chipset suppliers and more GPS tracking modes (Sony). In comparison to the 9 Baro, we discovered that the 9 Peak GPS accuracy was much higher and more comprehensive.

Similarly, the Fenix 6's GPS connectivity is substantially better than the 5. The Fenix 6 identifies GPS quite quickly after clicking the start activity tracking button, and a GPS-connected message appears after a few seconds. Speaking of precision, you'll notice that it's on par with the previous Fenix lineup.

User Interfaces: Fenix 6 vs. Suunto 9

When it comes to the interface of their watch, the Suunto 9 doesn't have much to offer. When it comes to customizing the watch face and menu, your options are limited.

With a variety of watch faces to pick from, the Fenix 6 is completely customisable. You can also select the widgets that are most appropriate for the way you intend to use the watch. The menu is simple to navigate, and because it is controlled by buttons, it is far superior to the Suunto 9 Baro's slow touchscreen.

Garmin Fenix has six different watch faces and widgets to choose from.

Alternatives to Garmin

Are you looking for a different Garmin watch? These are some of the smartwatch brand's other popular models.

Garmin Forerunner 55

This new Garmin model is terrific value for money. This watch, which is now on sale for around $200, is an economical alternative with quality features. With a battery life of over 20 hours, built-in GPS, activity monitors, and suggested routines, this watch is already a hit.

In addition, if you're a runner, this watch is ideal for any daily running routine. The Forerunner 55 has virtual run modes that can be used on a treadmill, as well as sports modes that use GPS to determine accurate distance and pace. This watch is ideal for those who are active on a daily basis.

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Lily Garmin

Garmin's Lily watch is another popular model, especially because it is compact and built for ladies. This watch rivals some of the best on the market, with a variety of activity trackers, complex stats, and female health tracking. This is the watch for any woman in your life who enjoys being fit and active.

The Garmin Lily smartwatch is available in two styles: "Classic" and "Sport," allowing you to customize it to your preferences. It also comes in a variety of hues, allowing you to create a unique timepiece. Apps, messages, and Garmin Pay are among the typical smartwatch functions.

Alternatives to Suunto

If the Suunto 9 has piqued your interest, check out these other Suunto products.

Core Suunto

This popular brand's solution mixes traditional outdoor sports watch looks with advanced smartwatch functions. This is a must-have timepiece for everyone who appreciates Scandinavian style and enjoys outdoor activities. For all outdoor adventure sports, the Suunto Core has an altimeter, barometer, compass, and storm alarm.

To complement any sport, this watch also includes health and fitness trackers. Swimming, running, going to the gym, hiking, cycling, and other activities are all supported by this watch. The Suunto Core is the ideal companion for every active user, whether they're getting in shape at the gym or participating in team sports.

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Suunto 7

Try the Suunto 7 if you like the look of the Suunto 9 but don't want to spend as much money on a watch. This is an older model, but it still works well as a smartwatch and has a reduced price now that new Suunto devices are available. These watches are built to last, so this wristwatch will remain fashionable for years to come.

This stunning watch is compatible with both Android and iOS, making it ideal for pairing with your smartphone. It also has over 70 sports modes, a built-in GPS, and heart rate sensors, allowing you to track your health while exercising. This watch is great for anyone who enjoys being on the road because it is both comfortable and robust.

The Fenix 6 is without a doubt our favorite. It's simple to use; the user interface and software are reliable; it has a lot of helpful features; it's compatible with a lot of apps; and it's comfortable to wear on your wrist. It may not have the same robust appearance as the Suunto 9 Baro, but it makes up for it in functionality. In either case, if you're serious about sports, they both outperform the Apple Watch.

The Suunto 9 Baro is a stylish watch with a lot of potential, but its low-quality display and buggy software mean it won't monitor what you need when you need it. The Suunto 9 Peak, on the other hand, is a significant advance over the Fenix in this area, and in certain ways, it even outperforms it.


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