The Zepp app has been updated to include iOS widget capability. This allows you to see fitness information without having to open the app on your home screen.

Widgets were first introduced in iOS14. You can see them in the Today View in addition to the Home Screen. Swipe right from the Home Screen or Lock Screen to go to the latter.

Following a software update, you can now see information from the Zepp app on your home screen (but not in the Today View). Huami prefers to show information on PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) rather than steps by default.

This is reasonable. PAI is a better predictor of daily activity than any other metric in the Zepp app. We've written a lot about this measure in the past. It's a measure of activity based on heart rate.

Rather than focusing on the popular "10,000 steps" objective, you should try to keep your PAI score above 100. According to studies, doing this on a regular basis can help you live longer.

If you don't like PAI, you can change the display to steps or sleep instead. Here's how to get it all set up.

Zepp is an iOS widget.

The widget may be added to your home screen just like any other widget.

Begin by pressing down on the display for a long time. Wait for the apps to start jiggling. Then, in the top right corner, hit the large +. You'll be presented with a screen where you may select from a variety of widgets. One of the options will be Zepp.

The next step is to choose between the two perspectives. One displays a summary of data, while the other overlays a chart on top of it. The second one is my favorite because it enhances the aesthetic effect. You're done when you tap Done.

The Zepp app now has an iOS widget; here's how to use it

The Zepp app is accessed via a quick touch on the widget. You may access the widget settings by pressing and holding the button for a long time. This is where you can choose whether PAI, steps, or sleep should be displayed.

The Zepp app now has an iOS widget; here's how to use it.

Hopefully, you'll agree that the ultimate effect is quite nice. It allows you to see your current position at a glance.

The one on PAI can be found here.

The Zepp app now has an iOS widget; here's how to use it.

This is the option for steps.

The Zepp app now has an iOS widget; here's how to use it.

Simply delete the widget if you aren't a fan. This is done by holding down the long-press button on the display and selecting remove.

Unfortunately, Android does not yet have a functional equivalent. Let's hope this is only the beginning of the Zepp app's upgrades.


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