Customer service numbers are all a headache. On many occasions, when we have an issue, we turn to the contact numbers that appear on the websites, and it is not uncommon to take an unpleasant surprise at the end of the month with the phone bill. Numbers 800, 900, 901, 902 ... What does each of them mean? What is the price of calling each of these numbers? It is a question that many ask us, and today we are going to leave it. Before making any type of call to a customer service number, you should be aware that this number may be paid . It is the way that companies have to “amortize” that service. That is not always the case, since some of them have free numbers . Anyway, as of today you will not have any more problems. We start

How much does it cost to call numbers 900 and 800

If you need attention and the number you have to call starts at 900 or 800, call quiet. Both numbers are free for the caller.

How much does it cost to call a 901 number

Usually, when we call a number 901 we will be paying a part of the call , the price of which amounts to the cost of a local call (which varies according to your operator). You pay a part, and the person who receives the call pays the rest. This is common in public administration, as reported in the OCU , and it is best to avoid calling from a mobile phone . If you want to have the real cost, it is best to call your company and ask for your particular case.

How much does it cost to call a 902 number

When you call 902, you are assuming the total cost of the call . This number is common in customer services, and it is best to call from a landline, since its cost is the equivalent of an interprovincial call. If you call from a mobile phone the cost goes off, so avoid doing it as much as possible . And by the way, remember that gas and electricity companies must have, by law, a free customer service phone number - even if the web goes out 902–.

How much does it cost to call numbers 803, 806, 807 and 905

In short: an eye of the face. These four numbers are the ones with the highest pricing , and the reason is simple: you are paying the entire call in duplicate, since you pay both the telephone company and the company that provides the service. Each of these lines offers a different type of service:

  • 803 : services for adults (aka "Hot Lines").
  • 806 : entertainment (tarot calls, TV contests, raffles ...)
  • 807 : professional services (doctors, advice ...).
  • 905 : televoting (the amount of the call is fixed).

However, what is really dangerous, as reported by the Organization of Consumers and Users, is the fourth digit. The higher the fourth number, the more expensive the call will be . In fact, if the fourth digit is greater than 6, you will have to personally authorize with your operator that these types of calls can be made. If the number of the tarot you are calling starts at 806 and then it is followed by a 9, prepare the wallet because that month a bulky bill will come to you. Now you know what the price of these types of numbers is. The next time you have to call, remember to use this article and arm yourself with patience, because the payment numbers are very slow . In fact, on a personal level, I recommend that you send a tweet instead of calling. Companies fear that more because of the digital crisis that can be generated.


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