There are different time regions across the world, so on the off chance that you are a successive explorer, your Apple watch should change the time region consequently, yet would it be able to make it happen? Provided that this is true, how might you change the Time Zone on the Apple Watch without an iPhone? Is it conceivable? We should figure it out.

How do I change my pace on my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch ordinarily utilizes the iPhone to decide the adjustment of time region, and it likewise requires the iPhone to apply the changes. Along these lines, changing the Time Zone on your Apple Watch without an iPhone is unrealistic, yet there are some workarounds that you can utilize. We should investigate how you can get it done.

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How To Change Time Zone In Apple Watch Without An iPhone

How to Change TimeZone on Apple Watch with iPhone?

Apple Watch accompanies every one of the sensors and specs it expects to identify the Time zone change, yet for the time being, the watch can't change the time region without the matched iPhone. In this way, assuming you are considering changing the time region without the combined iPhone, then, at that point, it's impractical, and you can't make it happen.

Notwithstanding, there are some workarounds that you can utilize. The first workaround is to utilize the World Clock on your Apple watch. On World Clock, you can add the city you need to add, and the watch will show you the time on your Apple watch. To add the Cities to the World Clock, you should do it from your iPhone. This is the way you can make it happen.

  • Open your iPhone
  • Find the iPhone Clock application and tap it.
  • Presently tap the "World Clock" in the base left corner.
  • Tap the "+" symbol on the upper right corner
  • Utilize the hunt bar to observe the urban communities you need to add.

Presently the city is added; the subsequent stage shows it on your Apple watch. This is the way you can get it done.

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  • Wrist Detection on Apple Watch
  • Tap on the presentation of your Apple watch to turn it on
  • Presently press and hold the presentation, the watch face will zoom out, and you should see the "Tweak" button underneath it.
  • Tap the "Alter" button
  • Presently utilize the crown to look down and continue to do it until a dim diagram shows up around the World Clock Widget and tap the gadget to choose it.
  • Utilize the Digital Crown to make the opportunity you need to show on your Apple watch face.
  • When you find it, press the crown once to get back to the redo view and press it again to leave the customizer.

That is it.

how to change time zone in watch without phone

The second workaround is a lot less complicated, and you can utilize it to know the time in your time region. This is the way you can utilize it. If you pick along these lines, you will want to refresh the time on your Apple Watch; however, it won't change the entire season of the Apple Watch, and you will get notices as indicated by the natural caution.

  • Open the settings of your Apple watch.
  • Presently see the "Clock" segment and tap it.
  • You should see the +0 min; tap it.
  • Utilize the computerized crown to add the additional minutes and tap "Set."

How to Change Time on Apple Watch while venturing to an alternate Time Zone?

Assuming you are going to another Time Zone and you need to guarantee that your Apple watch gets the new time region, then, at that point, you should guarantee the accompanying things.

The main thing is to guarantee that your Apple Watch is matched with an iPhone

Additionally, ensure that your iPhone has the legitimate web association

iPhone approaches area administrations.

When your gadgets satisfy the above conditions, your iPhone will consequently identify the progressions in the time region, showing you the brief. Tap on Restart; the iPhone will restart and apply the new time region settings. Assuming your Apple Watch is associated with the iPhone, the Apple Watch will likewise get the time region update, and along these lines, the time will be refreshed on the two gadgets.

Assuming you have as of now entered another time region. Yet, the iPhone hasn't recognized any time region changes; then, at that point, you can physically check for the time region refreshes. This is the way you can get it done.

how to change time zone in watch

  • The initial step is to ensure that your iPhone satisfies the over three circumstances.
  • Presently go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Tap "General" and afterward tap "Date and Time."
  • Presently, if your time region has transformed, you will see the time region update there, and you can utilize it to apply the changes.
  • On the off chance that you are in the new time region, yet there's no indication of a Time zone update on your iPhone, then, at that point, you ought to restart your iPhone. Generally speaking, restarting the iPhone tackles the issue. This is the way you can restart your iPhone.
  • Press and hold the volume down button or side button of your iPhone.
  • The menu will show up in plain view.
  • Drag the Power Slider to switch your iPhone off
  • Presently press the side button and hold it until the Apple logo appears in plain view.
  • When the iPhone gets restarted, check again for the time region update, and the update will be there.

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For what reason is my Apple watch an hour behind?

On the off chance that your Apple Watch is showing the wrong time or it's an hour behind, then, at that point, it very well may be because of time-region change. The ideal way to tackle this issue is to associate the Apple watch with your iPhone, and it will naturally address its time as indicated by time on your iPhone.


You can't change the time region on Apple Watch without an iPhone. However, there are far which you can use to show the hour of your ideal city on your Apple watch, and I have clarified those routes exhaustively.


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