How to download all your Facebook Photos

How to download all your Facebook Photos

If you use or have used Facebook regularly during any stage of your life, surely the popular social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg has become for you an online photo album , something like a repository where some of the images have been saved most memorable of your life, and let’s face it, we all upload to Facebook what we want others to see.

If you have hundreds of photos on Facebook and have you ever wondered how to download them to your computer to add them to your collection do not worry, because here we bring you a short and simple tutorial that will help you with the task, so you can effortlessly get the Files of your photos directly from any social network.

In addition, we know that many of the images that interest you will be in the profiles of your friends , so this tutorial will also serve to download photos of those profiles provided that their users have them configured as public.

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Your browser extensions are your friends

These mini-applications that have been appearing in the most popular Internet browsers in recent times allow us to easily perform some of the most requested tasks when surfing the web, and all without having to leave the browser itself. We obviously talk about extensions , which can be found in the app stores of the most popular browsers and that will be your best friends for tasks like this .

If you like Google Chrome it will be very easy to go to the Chrome Web Store to search for DownAlbum and install it, and this extension will not only allow you to easily download photos and video from Facebook , but also your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, albums and Weibo Album .

In the case that you use Firefox and you have not run to install Chrome we also have your extension, and that is that for the Mozilla browser we find FacePaste Reloaded , an add-on that you can install in Firefox - although unfortunately it is not compatible with the new Firefox Quantum- and with which it is also easy to get your Facebook albums .

How to take us with our Facebook photos

We recommend that you use Google Chrome for the task for its ease, although as you will see from Firefox there are not too many complications to complete the process. The first thing is to install the plug-in in your Internet browser, and once that is done you should simply go to Facebook and enter with your profile , once there the steps differ:


If we are in Chrome, with DownAlbum installed and the Facebook profile open , you will see in the upper right corner how an extension button has been activated. You must press it and that will open a context menu with the options available for download , then click on “Normal” and automatically start the process, which we will see a progress bar and at the end shows a gallery of all images unloaded

The process is identical for all social networks compatible with DownAlbum , and also analogous to obtain photos of public profiles, since it will be enough to open them in the browser and again use the extension.

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In the case of Firefox we must also go to the Facebook profile from the browser , although in this case there will be no button to open the facePaste extension that we installed previously. Instead you must do click with the right mouse button on the album you would want to download , and from the context menu select the “Download Facebook Album” option you will see.

That will open a mini-application with the download options , the destination path and the start button that will execute the task automatically and leave us the files in the chosen folder.

Undoubtedly a simple process and that should not scare you if you had ever thought about how the hell to easily download the huge amount of photos that you have uploaded to your favorite social networks.

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