If Arms are Not Moving, Does the Fitbit Count Steps?

Fitbit accompanies a ton of sensors, and one of them is the three-axis Accelerometer, which essentially assists the Fitbit with tracking your steps. Yet, the present inquiry is: Does Fitbit Count Steps if arms aren’t moving? How about we find out.

Fitbit Fitness gadgets

Fitbit Fitness gadgets accompany huge loads of sensors, and one of them is a three-axis Accelerometer. This sensor can let the watch know that you are moving, and afterward, it feeds that data to the algorithm, which ascertains your step count. The wrist-based Accelerometer can track your step count precisely only when your arm is moving. If your arm isn’t moving, Fitbit will track your steps. However, the count will not be exact.


Does Fitbit Count Steps on the off chance that Arms Aren’t Moving?

The doctors suggest the 10,000 daily steps since it offers long-haul medical advantages, which is why many of us utilize the Fitbit and different trackers to track our steps and other fitness exercises.

Fitbit accompanies many sensors, such as a Heart-rate tracker, GPS (in a few trackers), Accelerometer, and some more. It can essentially track your movement toward any path. The one sensor which assists the Fitbit with distinguishing your movement and step counts are the Accelerometer.

When we begin moving, we likewise begin moving our arms to balance our body, and Accelerometer utilizes the steps to identify whether we are strolling or running. Whenever we go out on the town to shop or go in a vehicle, we, as a rule, don’t move our arms, which makes it hard for Accelerometer to identify whether we are strolling, running, or sitting.


It will want to recognize a portion of our movements, and it might track a few steps also. However, the step count will not be precise.

Along these lines, the solution to this question is extremely straightforward. Fitbit might have the option to track your step count when your arms aren’t moving. However, the step count will not be precise.

Does Fitbit Count Steps Precisely?

Back in the day, Fitbit and other tracking devices weren’t exceptionally precise; however, we have seen a ton of progress in following throughout the long term. Fitbit trackers accompany the 3-axis Accelerometer, which can track your arm movement toward any path, which permits the tracker to follow your step counts with extraordinary precision.


Fitbit trackers likewise utilize high-level algorithms, which assist the gadget with distinguishing false steps and eliminating them, yet, there are a few situations where it doesn’t function admirably. For instance, assuming you are pushing a buggy or shopping basket and your arms aren’t moving, for this situation, Fitbit might track a few steps; however, it will not be precise because your arms aren’t moving.

Does Fitbit work on the off chance that you are pushing a stroller?

Indeed, there is a possibility that Fitbit might track your step count when you are pushing a stroller. However, the progression count will not be precise. Along these lines, how you might work on its precision. There are two helpful ways that you can use to work on the precision of Fitbit when you are pushing a stroller.

However, recollect - Fitbit was intended to be worn on the wrist. If worn in any other placement, the result will be less exact.


  • The primary way is to place the tracker in your pocket, it will change the reference point for Accelerometer, and it will be able to track your step counts(less accurate than on the wrist).
  • The second way is to place the tracker on your ankle. You can also place it in the pocket close to your knee. This technique works alright, and it will permit the tracker to track your step counts. This strategy is additionally more precise than the first.

Will I be able to wear a Fitbit on my ankle?

Indeed, you can wear your Fitbit on your ankle if you wish to. It will improve pedometer precision, particularly when pushing a stroller or shopping cart. Be that as it may, assuming you put the Fitbit on the ankle, the gadget will not have the option to track your pulse.


Recollect that Fitbit’s proper rules are to wear it on the wrist; Notwithstanding, there are unique ankle bands, these bands are not Fitbit’s official bands, and the outcomes may thus vary.

How to Work on the Accuracy of Step counts on my Fitbit?

The Fitbit algorithm utilizes this data alongside extra data from sensors to decide the step counts. On the off chance that you imagine that your Fitbit isn’t precisely following your step counts, then, at that point, you can complete two things. The principal thing is to guarantee that you have entered the proper height and other details.

The step count on my Fitbit

Besides, it would be best to guarantee that you are wearing the Fitbit accurately. For instance, on the off chance that you wear your tracker on your wrist, it is an optimal position, and the tracker can precisely follow your step counts. Nonetheless, if you put it in your pocket, the tracker will not have the option to follow your step count precisely.


Fitbit trackers in 2022 are more exact than any time in recent memory, and we can anticipate that the trackers should be more precise later on. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, kindly let me know in the comment section below. Likewise, go ahead and peruse the sites for more helpful aides.

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