The watch faces offered by Fitbit are an excellent customization and personalization tool that can be applied to the Fitbit watch. Customizing the watch screen on your Fitbit watch enables it to perform more functions. This is due to the fact that each of Fitbit's clock faces comes with its own set of features that make it feasible to get as much out of your Fitbit wristwatch.

In addition to complementing your own sense of style, the watch face displays information that is both informative and easy to take in at a look. Keeping these considerations in mind, the following list will provide you with the top 15 clock faces and watch faces that are available for your Fitbit device.

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1. Racer 

The Racer watch design has an interesting and unique idea behind it. It includes a lane of five different racing tracks, each of which consists of a fitness objective such as the number of calories burnt, the number of active minutes, the distance travelled, the number of steps walked, or the number of floors climbed. You may verify, at a glance, which of your fitness objectives you are getting close to achieving.

When you have reached your objective, the watch face will reward you by displaying a miniature award as a way to keep you encouraged. Your way of life will become more pleasant and healthy as a result of this.

2. Kraft VIII 

You may use Kraft VIII to give your clock a more expensive appearance if that is what you are going for. It does not overwhelm the user with a large number of data metrics but rather displays the most essential activity data, such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, and amount of time spent being active. The amount of battery life that is still left and your current heart rate measurements are shown on the top of the device.

This clock face's use of black appears appealing and understated at the same time. In addition to that, they have integrated the background colour customization feature, allowing you to personalise the theme with the colour of your choice.

3. Black Hole 

It's possible that many of you are already familiar with the Black Hole motif that Fitbit offers. If you aren't already, you should consider trying out this theme since it not only displays data metrics such as steps, calories burnt, length, steps on stairs, and battery percentage, but it also helps advise your health by displaying information about your heart rate and blood pressure. In addition to that, information on the weather may be seen at a glance.

4. Modern Analog 

There are going to be a good number of you who are becoming tired of using the digital watch face. You might use the Modern Analog face for this purpose. This analogue face has a counter for the date in the middle and a sensor for the wearer's heart rate in one of the corners. You have the option of customising the colour of the symbol that represents the time, date, and heart rate monitor.

5. Depth 

Lignite provides the Depth digital clock for its customers. This watch face does really have some dimension to it, as the name indicates. It comes with stunning animations, a selection of different themes, and a plethora of statistics.

You may personalise this watch face to suit your preferences by adjusting the settings to include information such as the weather, battery life, hourly movements, pulse rate, and daily steps.

In addition, you may choose between colour schemes by tapping the screen in various places. This watch face displays a breathtaking animation that is really gorgeous whenever the wearer lifts their wrist. At the Fitbit Store, you may purchase access to this service for one dollar and twenty-five cents.

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6. Soccer/football 

This colourful watch face doubles as a game, with football serving as the inspiration. You have to move your wrist around in order to move the ball on the screen, and the ball will return to its previous location as soon as it is touched on the screen. You are able to mark the ball with the colours of the flags of other countries by picking the country that is most dear to your heart.

7. My Dog Timmy 

This watch design is unique among those offered by Fitbit and cannot be found on any of their other watch faces. If you have a lot of affection for the animals that live in and around your home, then you absolutely need to utilise this watch face. In Fitbit Labs Pets you may pick between 4 pets.

At a minimum of ten per cent of your step count, each of your pets requires eight separate treatments each and every day. Using this algorithm, it keeps track of everything that you do and contributes to the overall health of your animal companion.

8. days till the event 

If you have a history of trying to recall the date of an approaching occasion but ultimately failing to do so, the watch face "Day Until" might be of great assistance to you.

It does this by displaying a label on the top that counts down the number of days before the next event, which helps you remember what's coming up. In addition to this, it displays data parameters such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, and the number of floors climbed.

9. Counter for Steps 

Running is a very vital activity to keep up with if you want to live a long and healthy life. It is effective in keeping your running data safe when you use the Step Counter watch face. You will be able to monitor your current heart rate as well as keep track of the number of steps you have completed thanks to this. In addition to the date and the current time, the watch face displays a heart rate monitor and a step counter. It comes in a total of 42 distinct colours, so you can pick whichever one you like most.

10. Summit 

The realm of gaming may pique the curiosity of many people. The Summit watch face encourages you to attain your daily goals in a competitive yet enjoyable manner with the use of gaming.

This watch face was developed in such a manner that you begin your journey from the base of the mountain that is featured in the game and must figure out how to make it all the way to the top. In addition to gaming, you will receive information on many aspects of your everyday life, such as the date, the time, the number of steps you take, and your heart rate.

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11. Bitmoji

Bitmoji and Fitbit have collaborated to provide you with a watch face that will make staying healthy and exercising more enjoyable and engaging. This is the very first clock face ever made that displays live updates of events occurring throughout the day.

During the process of putting this up, it will give you the appearance of a comic character that is based on you. It's almost like having a fictional version of yourself to cheer you on, push you, and keep you inspired while you're on the move.

What will be shown on the display for you? It will show the date, the time, the number of steps, and a Bitmoji representation of your comic self.

12. The Smarty Weather Forecast 

Do you want to know what the weather is going to be like before you go out? Displaying the weather forecast in a clear and concise manner is the primary objective of the Smarty weather clock face. Because there are no pointless metrics that have been thrown in for no reason, it is very simple to understand.

The Open Weather Map data is queried in order to display on the watch face the weather conditions that are applicable to the present location. For this information to be retrieved, you will need to allow the application permission to access your location and have an internet connection.

13. Starry 

A watch face that depicts stars would appeal to you if you live in a world that is rich in artistic creations. This watch face has a completely distinct design in terms of its concept. A watch face with a nighttime motif that is encircled by star-shaped cutouts that create lines to produce a pattern that shows the time.

On the upper right-hand corner, there is a moon icon that represents the amount of remaining battery life. A globe that indicates how near you are to achieving your activity goal may be seen in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

14. ntprNte 

Are you looking for a contemporary watch face that is compatible with AOD? The ntprNte watch design is one that is supported by always-on displays and has huge fonts that are both bold and elegant in the centre. These texts are used to show the time. On the very top, it has an indication for the battery, an indicator for Bluetooth, a bell symbol, and the date. The data for your heart rate and steps are displayed at the bottom.

An alarm feature may be accessed using the bell symbol that can be seen on top. A light press on the icon is all that's required to establish this, but bear in mind that the alarms can only be set to the 24-hour time format while using this feature.

15. A watch face for nurses (Light) 

Because it takes a second arm to accurately monitor the heart rate and pulse, it's possible that nurses will struggle with these two aspects of patient care. The Light watch face offered by Fitbit is the one you should put on your Fitbit if you are a nurse seeking a clock face that has a simple appearance and a second hand.

What does it demonstrate? Only the date, the time, and your heart rate will be displayed. There is nothing else.

The second hand is not often included on analogue watch faces; however, the Light clock face has an analogue type display and includes a second hand, which is beneficial for medical professionals like nurses. It is possible to change the colour of the second hand to one of five distinct hues, including red, purple, tan, grey, or slate.

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How can I alter the face of the clock on my Fitbit? 

Make sure that the authorized Fitbit app is connected to your Smartwatch before attempting to change the clock faces on your Fitbit. Once that is finished, proceed with the steps that are listed below:

  1. Launch the Fitbit application.
  2. Navigate to your account and then select the Fitbit device you are using.
  3. It will display a Fitbit menu; choose Clock Faces from the list that appears.
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the section labelled "My Clock faces." To change the face of the clock, tap the one you want to use.


Where Can I Find the Instructions to Change New Clock Faces on My Fitbit?

In order to add different clock faces to your Fitbit, you will first need to make sure that the official Fitbit app is connected to your Smartwatch. Once that is finished, proceed with the steps that are listed below:

  1. Launch the Fitbit application.
  2. Navigate to your account and then select the Fitbit device you are using.
  3. It will display a Fitbit menu; choose Clock Faces from the list that appears.
  4. Navigate to the very top of the screen and select the All-Time faces option. There you can discover both paid and unpaid clock faces to choose from. Install the one that appeals to you the most.


What are the steps involved in purchasing a paid digital clock or bundle on the Fitbit platform? 

Remember that the developer handles all of the payment processing for you. KiezelPay is the preferred method of money collection utilised by the vast majority of developers. To acquire a premium clock face for your Fitbit, go with the following steps:

  1. Launch the Fitbit application.
  2. Navigate to your account and then select the Fitbit device you are using.
  3. It will display a Fitbit menu; choose Clock Faces from the list that appears.
  4. From the menu at the top, select All Clock faces.
  5. Find the Clock face that you wish to install and click on it. When it is located, you should tap on it.
  6. After that, select the Install option.
  7. If that particular clock face requires payment, you will be notified of this fact by a notice that appears on the display of your watch. Tap on "Okay, I Got it". After that, a code will appear on the screen of your watch.
  8. Jot down the code in some locations. After that, direct your web browser to the address
  9. After entering the code, click the proceed button.
  10. You now have the option of purchasing a single digital clock or a set of them together in a bundle.
  11. Enter the email address, and then pay for it using one of the offered payment methods.



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