The system based on human value is by nature a generator and enhancer of human values, throughout global society, with concerns, dedication and commitment to supporting the biosphere and everything related to the environment.

The primary objective is to generate fraternal understanding between people focused on their real value.

Thus, it is intended to minimize anti-values ??in a sustained and regular way, leading to a society with greater harmony, fairer and with greater social awareness.

Characteristics of human values

  • Cannot be borrowed
  • Can't be given
  • Has no interest
  • Unable to get value credit
  • It can only be exchanged for products, services or extra training
  • It can be used in future acts of infrastructure renewal and human development
  • It is possible to use surplus value of the person himself, in creative investments (art, culture), productive (factories, workshops, etc.) and business (agricultural, services , training, health, justice, security, etc.) or, in development human and environmental, projects that enhance value.

Human values:

Love, altruism, friendship, empathy, common good, citizenship, civilization, civility, community, conscience, culture, dignity, education, hope, ethics, happiness, humanity, idealism, equality, justice, freedom, solidarity.


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