I did long research to track down the best wellness tracker for boxing, MMA, and kickboxing, and keeping in mind that for boxing, I figured out how to observe four gadgets which one of them regarded as the Fitbit of boxing following - PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker. In contrast, in kickboxing, MMA and jiu-jitsu, the capacities are restricted.

PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker

Mechanical progression has given us answers for everything, and boxing is the same. Anybody who has at any point entered the ring for taking an interest in a three-minute round can perceive you that fighters should be fit to prevail at what they are doing. Subsequently, it doesn't shock know that container fit exercises and cardio boxing with all their motivating wellness drills are quickly acquiring prevalence. Whether you choose to work the cushions or have decided to crush the chimes out of a heavy sack to become more streamlined, there is a comprehensive exhibit of punch trackers that can end up being massively valuable.

There are incredible and precise gadgets that can follow your boxing meetings accessible available, and I will equip you with a rundown of the leading four later in the article.

My main pick

I won't leave you in tension, for my top decision, my pondering was between the Hykso(now called Fightcamp) and the PIQ Everlast.

In the long run, I should pick the PIQ Everlast as the best punch tracker in the market today because of more exact information.

Here is a boxing coach that figures equivalent to I do

Focus that the connection that I added above to the PIQ everlast sensors page on Amazon is for one sensor, and it costs 99$

You can purchase a heap of 2 sensors(recommended for following two hands) on the Everlast site for 179.99 dollars.

However, which wellness tracker can precisely follow Kicks or MMA preparing?

I did extensive research to observe wellness trackers that can give this kind of following, and the news is not ideal.

Fitness tracker for MMA

Regarding MMA, where many battling exercises are involved, no wellness tracker can characterize the various kinds of hand-to-hand fighting. You should think twice about one of the wellness trackers in this article for your boxing meetings, or you can pick one of the famous wellness groups from Garmin or Fitbit(Fitbit Charge3, Alta HR, or Garmin Vivosmart4, for instance), these are light, agreeable, and will give you general data in regards to your pulse, Calories, and so on in each instructional course.

These are additionally extraordinary for jiu-jitsu.

Fitness tracker for kickboxing

Unfortunately, concerning now(April 2020), the innovation hasn't grown enough with regards to kicks following, a portion of the wellness trackers for boxing referenced beneath can follow kicks while applied on the legs, be that as it may, the following isn't so exact and the show in the combined application is restricted.

A gadget that worked for that is the UFC Force Tracker - a sensor that you connect to the heavy sack and quantify the power and speed of your punches and kicks.

While it is very modest and the thought is extraordinary, it isn't the case precise, but it very well may be enough for your kickboxing meetings.

It brings tones of tomfoolery.

Best application for boxing and kickboxing

One more method for following your boxing preparation is liberated from charge(for the free, restricted variant).

Punchlab is a free telephone application - append your telephone to the heavy pack, and it will gather information like power force and give you valuable exercises.


You can take a look at additional about it on punchlab.net

Wellness tracker for boxing - What would it be advisable for me to search for?

Moov Now Fitness Tracker - boxing trainer on your wrist

Wellness trackers are generally the fury nowadays, as individuals become more well-being cognizant increasingly; fortunately, you can likewise track down boxing explicit wellness trackers.

What reason do they serve? These wellness trackers are intended to monitor everything connected with boxing, going from punch power and speed to how lengthy you can go on without getting drained.

A portion of these wellness trackers is equipped towards general cardio boxing through different trackers that are very not kidding and imaginative devices intended to take special care of individuals who have more aggressive desires about being in the ring.


Before you choose to put resources into a tracker, you should consider the measurements they assist track, whether they offer instructed meetings, ongoing criticism, and video instructional exercises.

It would help if you also sorted out what outsider sensors, similar to pulse screens, can be combined with the wellness trackers to configure requests to improve preparing bits of knowledge.

Another significant thought is how the trackers are worn. Various sensors are kept set up using legitimate boxing wraps, implying an expectation to absorb information is involved, or they may likewise be accessible with Velcro lashes for easy use and comfort.

The size and weight of the wellness tracker for boxing is additionally urgent because it influences how agreeable it is to the point you wear them on the wrist.

Battery duration is something you want to remember. In light of all that, here are probably the best wellness trackers for enclosing that you can contribute, assuming you don't, as a rule, joke around about it:

  1. Nexersys N3 Elite

The Nexersys N3 Elite isn't a wellness tracker or a punching tracker yet, to a greater extent, an individual preparation framework.

This machine is a mind-boggling gadget for boxing preparation; nonetheless, you should isolate for around 2290 bucks to appreciate it.

  1. Corner Boxing Tracker

  • Weight: 10g per sensor
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery Duration: 7 hours
  • Wraps or Straps: Both

One of the most minimized and lightest trackers, the Corner boxing tracker, is at home similarly in a boxing wellness class and a legitimate boxing rec center.

It flaunts two sensors, and you can wear them in two ways. They will sit serenely in the ties provided with the tracker or additionally under boxing wraps, whichever you like.

Something imperative to be aware of the sensors in the Corner boxing tracker is that they track an extensive and fantastic scope of measurements, including punch type, punch rate, power, speed, and complete work-rate, mixes, and punches.

Each of the information amassed by the tracker is terminated continuously to an accomplice application, which is staggeringly simple to utilize on account of its shading-coded illustrations.

They make it very easy to monitor your presentation as you work out in the ring.

Controlling a cell phone while you are wearing boxing gloves might be troublesome; however, this tracker accompanies a few bright highlights like tap gloves, and auto round identification makes things extensively simpler to make due.

Corner Boxing Tracker for kickboxing - Can it identify Kicks?

The response for that is no, and Corner can't recognize kicks, knees, or elbows right now; however, I realize that the makers are dealing with it.

  1. Moov Now Tracker

  • Weight: 6g per sensor
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery Duration: 90 days
  • Wraps or Straps: Straps

This unique wearable wellness mentor effectively screens your exercise and continuously offers guidance to benefit from it.

The cool thing with the Moov currently is that it fills in as an individual mentor - you can get sound and video coaching(using the application) for running, cycling, boxing, and a 7-minute bodyweight meeting.

Best fitness tracker for boxing

Very much like various wellness trackers out there, Moov Now monitors your resting cycle and everyday action, except as opposed to doing such through the number of steps, it estimates your development inside the 3D space.

In any occasion, when you factor in the way that you need to purchase two sensors, for example, one for every wrist, the tracker appears to be a seriously valued device that you want to have, assuming you are into boxing.

Moov Now is intended for cardio boxing barbecues, and it is incredibly lightweight, not exceptionally not the same as a capsule.

Rather than Velcro lashes that commonly accompany various sensors, it accompanies its delicate silicone ties, and they are very agreeable to wear.

With Moov, you can monitor your quickest punches and hardest hits, and it likewise gives tips on how you can work on your structure.

You can follow video guides and constantly trained meetings to figure out how to toss punches correctly.

Moov Now can likewise be matched with pulse screens in this manner, furnishing you with useful extra wellness bits of knowledge, for example, more exact numbers for calories consumed.

When contrasted with the other fitness trackers for boxing, you can likewise involve Moov Now for following running, swimming, cycling, and different exercises, making it a splendid and adaptable choice.

The battery duration of the wellness tracker additionally makes it one of the best choices when you need the best wellness tracker for boxing.

Moov Now Tracker for Kickboxing - Can it remember kicks?

The Moov Now can essentially work extraordinary on your lower leg. I have an article suggesting it as the best wellness tracker for the lower leg.

So indeed, it tends to be worn on your lower leg and will furnish you with highly fundamental data regarding your leg developments like the number of kicks taken and your leg positions. At the same time, boxing is essentially it.

  1. Hykso Tracker

  • Weight: 5.75g
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery duration: 10 hours
  • Wraps or Straps: Wraps

Rather than lashes, the Hykso Tracker is worn under boxing wraps. The excellence of these sensors is that although they are longer than different sensors, they are inconceivably light.

You can wear them on the wrist rather serenely. They can catch such a degree of detail that it makes them an absolute necessity and helpful asset for generally genuine and hopeful fighters out there.

A portion of the insights you can monitor when wearing Hykso Tracker incorporates punch count, punch type, and speed for each hand.

An accomplice cell phone application is accessible, and you can contrast these insights and different fighters.

Aside from these subtleties, the Hykso Tracker likewise furnishes you with a power score that will show you the adjustment of your work rate in each round.

Additionally, you can likewise monitor the drills you do consistently and afterward look at your exhibitions in these drills throughout a particular time frame.

This is an excellent approach to deciding whether you have made any enhancements or you really want to work more to bring an opportunity.

Another champion element of the Hykso Tracker is its fantastic battery duration. A solitary accuse can give you 10 hours of battery duration, which implies many boxing adjusts.

Hysko Tracker For Kickboxing - Can it identify Kicks?

Concerning now, the Hysko tracker can't precisely follow your kicks. In any case, the producer has pronounced that they are chipping away at it to make it ready to follow kicks precisely.

The Company additionally referenced that the update they are dealing with is in the product and that they will most likely utilize the very sensors that are in the gadget.

That implies that you can purchase the current adaptation. When the update is out, it will want to follow kicks and show the details in the application - no compelling reason to purchase a refreshed variant.

  1. Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker

  • Weight: 9.8g per sensor
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery Duration: 8 hours
  • Wraps or Straps: Both

Everlast and PIQ is a wellness tracker that has been created for use in informal sparring, light fighting, glove work, and weighty sack work.

A nano-PC is the main thrust of the framework, which contains a lot of inherent sensors. The innovation behind this wellness tracker was created after observing the movements of thousands of fighters.

Everlast and PIQ can give plenty of measurements because the spinner, accelerometer, and altimeter inside it gather above 190,000 places of information each moment.

The data that you can get from this tracker incorporates the power of your punches at sway, your punches' speed, and your hand's withdrawal time.

A novel worth is additionally relegated to the client known as PIQSCORE, as per the measurements referenced previously.

Different measurements that you can get from this tracker are the all-outnumber of calories, punches characterized by type, the absolute number of punches, the movement that appeared through outlines, records, boxing time, calories, and bounty more.

Other than the following outcomes, the accomplice application with Everlast and PIQ also gives the client necessary data on the best way to work in regions where they might need it.

It also helps recognize 'Winning Factors,' which are the critical angles where a client is very impressive. The beneficial thing about this sensor is that it can likewise be utilized for following different games, like golf and tennis.

Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker for Kickboxing - Can it identify Kicks?

The response to that is no!


Whenever you are searching for the best wellness tracker for boxing, MMA, and kickboxing, you can consider the choices laid out above.

These are entirely prepared to deal with all degrees of confining, from the-ring boxing meetings to exercise center fit sack exercises.

You can get the most suitable value for your money and observe something truly agreeable, ultimately included, and has point-by-point sensors.


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