During our time at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, we were able to learn about a variety of fascinating wearables. Another one comes from the Dutch technology business Nowatch, which focuses on healthcare. Their wristwatch contains an EDA sensor that monitors the wearer's level of stress in real time and offers early warnings when necessary.

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The wearable was introduced to the public for the first time in December through an Indiegogo campaign. This resulted in slightly more than one hundred thousand dollars being raised to go toward the development of the device. The average contribution from each of the 235 backers was close to $600. The technical specifications are to blame for the extremely high price.

The Nowatch is a wearable device that takes the form of a conventional smartwatch but is missing a number of essential components, including a normal display and conventional smart functions. Think of it as a smartwatch-style fitness tracker that displays information on your wrist.

The device's most impressive feature is its capacity to make accurate predictions about the amounts of stress that are now being experienced by the body. This functionality is made possible by an electrodermal sensor (EDA), the same type of sensor integrated into the Fitbit Sense.

According to Fitbit's explanation, EDA sensors are able to pick up on minute electrical shifts in your skin that are referred to as electrodermal activity responses. However, in addition to monitoring the measure, Nowatch also has the capacity to forecast your fertile periods up to one hour in advance.

Therefore, if you feel yourself starting to get stressed out, you will have plenty of time to take some time for yourself to relax by doing something like stretching or maybe even meditating. Or maybe simply lounging around on the couch. According to the corporation, Philips was the party responsible for developing its algorithms for detecting stress.

Aside from that, Nowatch is able to monitor a variety of vital signs, including the user's heart rate, temperature, and the fluctuation of their heart rate. The comparison to regular wearables is broken down in the following graphic for your convenience.

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Nowatch is the original image source.

It is interesting to note that, unlike standard wearables, Nowatch does not record physical activity. Instead, the device computes the amount of energy expended by determining the number of metabolic calories essential to maintaining your basal metabolic rate (BMR). The technology is more concerned with monitoring an individual's overall health than their specific athletic performance.

The watch-like device has a battery life that can last for two weeks between charges despite its stunning appearance. It has a water resistance rating of 3 ATMs and comes in a variety of interchangeable disc options that are kept in place by a magnet. The water resistance rating is one of its selling points. Labradorite, amethyst, white agate, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, malachite, and falcon's eye disks are the options you can select. There is a gold version, a silver version, and a rose version of the case.

Backers on Indiegogo can anticipate receiving their Nowatch orders in March 2022 if the production process is successful. On February 1st, pre-orders will become available to the rest of us at a price of $599.


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