We explain what physical activity is and why it is so important for humans. Also, its general characteristics and benefits.

What is the physics activity?

Physical activity is the movement of the body that involves a certain expenditure of energy and that is beneficial for the body , such as walking, climbing stairs, dancing or gardening. It consists of physical exercise that is carried out with a moderate intensity, it is not the same as an intense training of a professional athlete.

The practice of physical activity requires hydration and rest intervals and is considered an exercise when it is maintained constantly, with the purpose of improving or maintaining an adequate physical condition.

It is a type of moderate exercise that helps reduce the risk of suffering from health problems and diseases, such as heart failure, stroke or diabetes , as well as strengthening the muscles and bones. It is an important and necessary activity in all stages of life, and exercises and intensity should be adapted according to age.

Characteristics of physical activity

Characteristics of physical activity

Physical activity is characterized by being:

  • Moderate and gradually increasing the requirement.
  • A practice that produces sweat and gasps when breathing.
  • Practiced frequently, two or three times a week at least.
  • A diverse exercise routine that is adapted according to the age of the person.
  • Beneficial for physical and mental health.

Benefits of physical activity

Benefits of physical activity

Physical activity offers various health benefits, from helping to maintain a healthy weight, strengthening the muscles to improve posture and being able to perform daily tasks better, to improving emotional and mental state , especially in older adults.

Adults who are physically active regularly and consistently have a lower risk of developing heart disease , cancer, diabetes, or depression. In addition, in the event that the activity is in a group, the socialization of the elderly is strengthened, which is important to maintain good cognitive performance.

Young people who are physically active are more likely to ensure healthier growth and development than a sedentary youth. It is important that exercise is pleasant for the person, otherwise it will become tedious and it will be very difficult to maintain consistency in the routine.

Physical activity is a fundamental aspect of childhood. Children who practice physical activities and incorporate playful and recreational exercises tend to have adequate individual and social development, as well as physical development.

Recommendations when doing physical activity

Recommendations when doing physical activity

The level of physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization according to age is:

  • For children and teenagers . It is recommended that they get 60 minutes or more of physical activity daily or at least four times a week. With varied aerobic exercises of moderate intensity, such as walking, cycling, running, jumping and playing outdoors.
  • For adults . It is recommended that they get 60 minutes of physical activity two or three times a week. When doing aerobic activity it is important that each exercise is maintained for at least 10 minutes in a row (depending on the type of exercise), then a few minutes of rest before continuing with the next exercise.
  • For adults 65 and older. It is recommended that they carry out any type of physical activity, in order to bring benefits to their health. For older adults who are sedentary, they should gradually increase activity into their routine. It is important that they take walks of 30 minutes or more, at least twice a week. In each case, consultation with a doctor is important to ensure what type of exercise is appropriate.

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