DESIGN 8.5/10

EASE OF USE 7.5/10




  • completely contactless
  • tiny and light
  • Detailed data on sleep
  • helpful analysis and direction


  • When tracking sleep, a smartphone is necessary Manual start/stop

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With SleepScore Max, a completely non-contact, individualized sleep enhancement device, SleepScore Labs hopes to provide you with information into the quality of your sleep.

The product, developed by SleepScore Labs, was released toward the end of last year. This is a partnership between Dr. Mehmet Oz, a well-known surgeon and television host, Pegasys Capital, the leading connected health company in the world, and Resmed (also known as Dr. Oz).

When it comes to sleep tracking, Resmed is a well-known brand. Its equipment and software aid in the treatment of a number of illnesses including sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and more. It has 6,000 employees and more than 4 million cloud-connected devices for remote patient monitoring.

SleepScore Max uses a biomotion sensor in addition to breathing, light, and temperature sensors to track the duration and quality of each stage of sleep. The well-known Resmed Sleepscore S+ device uses the same peer-reviewed technology. The gadget claims to be able to collect data without coming in contact with you or your bed, compare your sleep statistics to those of millions of other people, and offer personalized insights.

This appears to be a simple way to ensure that you get adequate shut-eye. According to the business, more than half of users got an extra 48 minutes of sleep per night on average for the next three nights after using the product for three days.

We published a review of SleepScore S+ a few weeks ago. I've been putting SleepScore Max through its paces ever since. Here is my interpretation of it.

Review of SleepScore Max: Design

A rectangular, gray box-shaped SleepScore Max has a straightforward, minimalistic design. The sleep monitor is more attractive than SleepScore S+ and is considerably more portable, measuring only 150mm by 100mm by 55mm (H x W x D).

A series of LED lights may be found on the device's front. To signify different modes, such as sleep monitoring, connected and ready to use, not connected, firmware update in progress, etc., they can be either green, yellow, or red. To ensure you have an uninterrupted night of sleep while your sleep is being tracked, the lights will completely go out.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you get some rest

The SleepScore Max concept is straightforward. It uses a brief radio wave pulse at a frequency of 10.5 GHz to quietly monitor your respiration and movement while it is placed on your nightstand. Then it keeps listening for the pulse's echo. This resembles the high frequency mechanism that bats use to fly and hunt for insects at night. In order to create a sound map of their surroundings, bats may occasionally call out while flying and listen for the echoes that come back.

It practically sounds too good to be true. No need for electrodes, a mattress strip, or a wristband. It will measure your sleep as long as you are within its range of 1.3 feet to 3.9 feet and the device is properly positioned. SleepScore Max continues to function even when you are asleep. And it is completely secure. There is no need to worry about hazardous radiation because the radio frequency it transmits is less than one-tenth that of Bluetooth.

The gadget is equipped with a number of environmental sensors, such as a light, temperature, and noise sensor. Since your smartphone does not have a built-in speaker, the alarm feature of the SleepScore Max app will turn it on.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

The device is powered by an electrical outlet. It is acceptable to plug it in and simply leave it on. An important term. The sleep monitoring device uses a standard USB cable, however it should only be powered by the supplied power supply.

Review of SleepScore Max: Features

After testing a good number of products, you are familiar with the procedure. Take the gadget out of the packaging, connect it to a power source, download the app, and create an account by providing some basic information. The same is true for SleepScore Max. It's time to pair the device when you've completed this and created your profile. The app will walk you through the process, and you only need to do this the first time you use it. Any Bluetooth pairing after that ought to be automatic. All things considered, the procedure is simple and quick.

Make sure SleepScore Max is properly positioned before beginning to track your sleep for the first time. It should be placed on your nightstand, facing your chest, at a distance of approximately an arm's length. The device's bottom ought to be higher than the mattress' height. This guarantees that your breathing data is accurately recorded. Make sure there are no obstructions between you and the sleep tracker, which should be obvious.

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Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you get some rest

The app's ability to display real-time bio-motion sensor readings facilitates location. You'll notice how sensitive the sensors are at this point. The readings will increase even with the smallest movement or twitch. A wavy line that mimics your breathing rhythm can be seen while lying on your back while breathing.

Along with the sleep tracker, it's a good idea to put your smart gadget into a power outlet. You run the danger of losing the data from your entire night if you don't. I tried leaving my iPhone 7 unplugged overnight. You'll probably be fine even if you don't leave your phone plugged in as it lost roughly 20% of its power when SleepScore Max was working.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

In order to maintain a Bluetooth connection, AD SleepLabs advises keeping your tablet or smartphone in the same space. Even without this, the device will track your sleep, but transferring the data to your smartphone in the morning requires re-connection.

Unsurprisingly, only one individual can be tracked at a time using SleepScore Max. However, it is intelligent enough to recognise when two people are sharing a bed. Consider your options carefully before buying another device for the other person. Performance will be hampered if two units are used simultaneously in the same space.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

All done. You can now start tracking your sleep. Start a session by clicking the big Plus icon after opening the smartphone app. Despite being extremely intelligent, SleepScore Max is unable to launch on its own. Maybe the product's next iteration will have an automatic bedtime detection feature. It would be better even if the device had a start button so you wouldn't have to open the app when you get into bed.

You can now, if you'd like, set up a smart alarm. This will wake you up when you are only getting light sleep, allowing you to feel more rested.

Hold the "Wake Up" button down to halt monitoring and sync data to the app in the morning. I once forgot to do this until about an hour after getting out of bed. Looking over the data, I discovered that the tracker was capable of determining the precise moment I got out of bed and that it did so by showing a hypnogram gap to let me know.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

The smartphone app's sleep statistics are very thorough. SleepScore Max gives you a personalized score between 0 and 100 to make things easier. Six parameters are used to compute this: total sleep time, light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, nighttime awakenings, and time to fall asleep.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

Your nightly statistics are compared to age and gender-specific sleep averages. You can establish objectives and track your progress over time, and you receive a distinct daily Mind and Body score to show how refreshed you feel.

Try to maintain a score of at least 75. A score of 50 to 60 denotes ordinary sleep, and anything below that, poor sleep. You can see a pie chart that details your missed opportunities and a full hypnogram of your sleep stages by tapping on the number. My average throughout the two weeks I tested it was little around 70.

The sleep score is an excellent tool, but if you take a nap in the afternoon, it will count as a second sleep session for the day and receive a separate score. The value that is shown as the daily score will be the higher of the two, however you can examine both. I'm not really sure why the business chose to do this. If both scores were combined into a single daily value, that seems more sensible to me.

The SleepScore S+ app has been much outperformed by this one in terms of design quality. You can simply track your progress over time by using the historical tab, which is richer and now averages your data for weeks and months.

A website dashboard is also available. This gives much more specific statistical information and makes better use of information about surrounding noise, temperature, and light.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

Most likely, you're pondering the accuracy of a contactless sleep tracker. According to Sleepscore Labs, the device has been examined using polysomnography (PSG), the industry's benchmark for sleep laboratories. Additionally, it has been published in more than ten scholarly papers and proven in clinical study. It definitely accomplishes the job incredibly well, in my opinion.

But the insights offered by the sleep app are truly exceptional. This is based on a combination of information from your bedroom environment, everyday activities, and sleep. Feedback may include tips like "eating cherries in the evening will help you sleep better" or "particular advice that are personalized to the individual." No worries if you forget or are too busy to read an insight. You can browse through the Sleep Guide on a different tab in the app.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

Finally, SleepScore Max will create a report that may be downloaded for your doctor if you discover that you have sleep problems. This report is also accessible via the website dashboard.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

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Review of SleepScore Max: Summary

A thorough system for sleep enhancement is called SleepScore Max. Although it is one of many products on the market, its distinctive selling point is that it operates entirely without any physical contact. No need for electrodes, a mattress strip, or a wristband. It practically sounds too good to be true.

The device does this by generating radio waves to track your breathing and movement, much to the echolocation method used by bats. To provide you a thorough sleep report, this information is paired with data on the room's temperature, light, and noise levels.

SleepScore Max ranks right up there with the best of them, despite its flaws. Its sleep tracking is precise, the statistics are thorough, and it provides insightful information. In a perfect world, the tracker would have known when I got in and out of bed automatically, but perhaps that feature will be added in the next version of the product.

Review of SleepScore Max, a non-contact sleep monitor that can help you achieve better sleep.

You can't go wrong with SleepScore Max if you want an easy way to monitor your sleep and are dissatisfied with the information your fitness tracker provides. It is a genuine, effective remedy for sleep improvement.

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