A GPS tracker is a must-have for your dog if it frequently disappears like mine does, especially if you go hunting with it.

This article will show you the top 7 GPS trackers for dogs and hunting dogs in 2022.

Dogs aren't considered pets. Almost everyone who has a dog would agree with me.

They become more than simply pets; they become devoted best friends. As a result, the strategy usually keeps them safe, especially since our four-legged best friends tend to wander off more than usual.

Dogs are devoted to their owners, but they are also easily distracted. Keeping them on a leash, for that matter, becomes an absolute necessity to ensure their safety.

Astro dog tracker by Garmin

Dog collars, like technology, have progressed. GPS dog collars have altered the game when it comes to keeping your dog safe. You won't have to be concerned about how far they travel since these GPS collars always will track their exact whereabouts. We've all misplaced our dogs at some point. We lose them not because of our carelessness but because it is in a dog's nature to walk away.

As a result, technology enables us to address these issues as well. If you go hunting frequently, this need becomes much more pressing. So, today, we'll look at some of the greatest dog collars. We've used and tested many of them, and we've compiled a list of the top ones out there.

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The Top 7 GPS Trackers for Hunting Dogs. The Top 7 GPS Trackers for Hunting Dogs

1) Dog Tracking Bundle for Garmin Astro 430/T:

Garmin, unsurprisingly, has made significant progress in the field of dog tracking technologies.

The Garmin Astro 430/T, in our opinion, is the best dog tracker on the market. This is carried out for a variety of reasons. It uses both GPS and GLONASS to keep track of your dog.

This allows you to keep track of more difficult terrains, and if one satellite goes down, you may still be able to get signals from the other. This is a more advanced feature offered by Garmin, and it has been well received by customers so far!

Another feature that sets the Astro 430/T ahead of the competition is the number of dogs you can track with it.

It has a 9-mile coverage and can monitor up to 20 dogs at once. That is truly absurd; you can keep track of your dog's activities over such a wide area and have a refresh feature.

The refresh feature allows you to track every 2.5 seconds, fast enough to keep up with a running dog.

In addition to all of these functions, Garmin allows you to track the distance your dog has run and whether it is on track, stationary, or not. It also allows you to track their movements.

A preloaded topographical map is also included with the Astro 430/T, and it's free for the first year! It's a very handy tool to see all of your dog's travels.

Finally, it includes a powerful and rechargeable battery. The tracker lasts 20 hours on a full charge and can be powered by AA batteries or the Garmin rechargeable battery.

For all of these reasons, the Astro 430/T is a model that you cannot afford to overlook! Dog Tracking Bundle for Garmin Astro 430/T:

2) Pet Tracker Findster Duo +:

The Findster Duo + is a fantastic gadget. It is at the top of the list only because of the set of features it provides.

It's a GPS tracker and an activity tracker rolled into one! As a result, you'll constantly know wherever your dog is and can track its fitness at the same time.

It does not require any monthly membership is another great advantage. Because the tracker does not require cell phone coverage, you can use it even if you are not connected to the internet.

It works worldwide, and the only drawback is that it can be traced within a 3-and-a-half-mile radius.

Along with all of this, it also has a battery life of 16-30 hours. Interestingly, that is uncommon, but it does vary depending on usage and temperature.

The Findster Duo+ is also waterproof up to 3 feet and shockproof. It also includes a unique history feature that allows you to go back in time and evaluate prior walks. It's also a nice tool because it's so simple to use.

Simply connect it to your dog's collar, and this will keep you up to speed on his location in real-time.

Due to the fitness feature also maintains track of the amount of steps being taken, the distance traveled, the time spent active, and the hours of sleep your dog gets.

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3) Health Location Tracker/Whistle GO:

It's a very light tracker that's also quite small, so your dog won't notice or be bothered by it.

It also uses GPS to determine the location and delivers a signal via 3G cellular service to your smartphone.

This is a fantastic feature. This device will record all of your dog's activity over the last 24 hours, and its battery can last up to a week, giving you peace of mind about your dog. You may also track your dog's fitness and create activity objectives for him.

You can also receive proactive notifications if your dog leaves a safe area or enters a restricted area. Because you can be notified instantaneously, you'll know before he gets too far away.   Health Location Tracker/Whistle GO:


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4) Garmin Alpha 100:

The Garmin Alpha 100 is a GPS device that allows you to

The Alpha 100, like the Astro 430, can track up to 20 dogs simultaneously.

This is perfect for sporting and hunting needs, and it also keeps track of your dogs using GLONASS and GPS satellites, which is a really handy feature. On the other hand, this equipment is superior because it can train and control your hunting dog.

This is true in terms of stimulation levels, determined by both tone and vibration. You may talk with each dog independently to protect its safety and prevent it from wandering away after an undesired game.

Finally, it boasts an incredible battery life of up to 40 hours! It includes LED beacon lights, which are quite handy, and a rescue mode in the event of a disaster. This is more concerned about safety.

Garmin Alpha 100:

Weenect Dogs 2 :

This is one of the most underappreciated trackers that has ever existed. It also happens to be the tiny dog tracker on the list.

As a result, it may be attached to any size dog. It is inexpensive, but it is also highly lightweight, has a wide range of features, and is arguably the most cost-effective option.

It provides real-time tracking as well as a limitless range regardless of the terrain. This is something that none of the other products have to offer.

It's also suitable with Android and iOS, and it may be shared among multiple people for the same dog or a group of pets! The battery life, which may last up to 4 days, is also outstanding, especially given it only takes two hours to charge.

Weenect Dogs 2

6) Garmin Delta Sport XC:

The Garmin Delta Sport XC is a GPS device that allows you to

This is a simple-to-use Garmin product that includes the majority of the functionality seen in their premium models.

It also includes a built-in BarkLimiter that distinguishes between desired and unwanted barking and vibration from scratches or scraping from other dogs, ensuring ultimate security.

It's also built so that you only need one hand to control the three front action buttons for stimulation, tone, and/or vibration and are used for training and tracking your dog.

The tracking range of your dog is up to 4 miles, which is rather impressive. The battery can last up to 2-3 days, depending on usage.

Garmin Delta Sport XC

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7) Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

The Tagg tracker is an industry veteran who has received numerous accolades.

The Tagg comes with several fantastic free apps that send you text messages and emails when it detects that your dog has gone outside.

It also works as an activity tracker and can be linked to almost any dog collar, so all you should do is put it on your dog's collar and go.

The Tagg is not suggested for dogs under the weight of ten pounds.


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