Mr Ibe, a Casio engineer, set a goal for himself to design pressure and liquid-resistant watches. He studied it for a long time and created a lot of samples. This eventually resulted in the G-Shock.

G-Shock quickly became the most well-known brand of robust and long-lasting Smartwatches. They are extremely resistant to moisture, shocks, tremor, cold winters, collisions, and even gravitation and motion.

Advanced technologies and materials are used to safeguard the mechanisms and circuits inside the Smartwatches.

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The appearance of the G-Shock 

Another element that contributes to G-Shock’s popularity is the variety of designs available. You may choose from square, round, or hexagonal designs. You have the option of using analogue, digital, or both. In any case, the look is still current.

G-Shock watches were created with the army and hardcore nature lovers in mind. They serve the job.


Given its functions and characteristics, do you believe a G-Shock would be expensive? You'd be mistaken. G-Shock is the lottery of watches. Basic variants of their classic Smartwatches are available for under $50.

Renewable energy and Bluetooth are available on higher-end versions, but they seek to make their Smartwatches worth every cent.

Casio has succeeded to combine hardness, durability, and low-cost technology in their watches.

About the Baby-G Watches 

The G-Shock Baby-G is the female counterpart of the G-Shock. They have a lot of similarities. The initial version was released in the 1990s as a forceful statement.

In terms of resistance, it functions similarly to a G-Shock. Alert, a timer clock, a stopwatch, and an hourly sound are all included.

Baby-Gs are also noted for their durability and ability to keep their value. 

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Difference in Size 

The size discrepancy is the most evident. The G-Shock is for males, whereas the Baby-G is for ladies who have smaller wrists.

The straps are different sizes, as are the faces. The G-Shock has a bigger casing than other watches.

For anyone who thinks these tags are a touch discriminatory, there are gender-neutral equivalents.

Colour Options

G-Shock watches are available in a wide range of colours, although the most common are platinum, blue, white charcoal, black and perhaps red. The remainder of the rainbow, though, can be found.

Baby-G watches have a wider range of colours, so if you're looking for something bright, you'll probably be able to locate it.

Resistance to Water 

Whenever it pertains to today's G-Shocks, water resistance is quite typical, with a rating of 200m being the most common.

Baby-G, on the other hand, only provides 100m as standard. So don't plan to go scuba swimming in a Baby-G. Stick to swimming.


  • The e-backlight across both enhances the image in moderate lighting situations.
  • They're both temperature-resistant in cold weather.
  • Both have excellent battery life. This fluctuates, but Casio Smartwatches are made to last.
  • As a result, they both include a built-in calendar.
  • They both include stopwatches.

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Profiling a Baby-G 

It features a 100-metre waterproofing and impact resistance.

It's a multifunctional watch with a lot of features that makes it ideal for travellers. It can tell you the time in 29 different locations, covering 48 metropolitan areas. It contains a one-hundredth-of-a-second accurate stopwatch, a countdown timer, 12 and 24 hour time formats, and an automated calendar till 2099. You might also utilise the alerts to your advantage. You could still view it in dim light thanks to the LED lighting.

The watch is equipped with a changeable plastic strap. Although it has been stated that Baby-G watches are designed for ladies and are hence thinner than G-Shock Smartwatches, this does not imply that they really are small in particular. The case measures 43mm in diameter.

Major Pros and Cons

  • The colour contrasts are strikingly bold
  • Waterproof to a passable extent
  • Usable right after removing it from the box
  • It keeps time very accurately

However, the backlight can be too dim to read at times. The watch can also be uncomfortable to wear in its first few months, it needs to be broken in.

Profiling a Full G-Shock 

This watch is also a show-stopper. With accents, the smooth finish is stunning.

It's stress and water - repellent once more, but this time you'll get 200 metres out of it.

It also has electromagnetic permeability, making it somewhat more sturdy and lasting.

The set of operations is identical to the one before, with the exception that it knows one additional time zone and includes a pace metre. There's also an afterglow from the LED lighting.

It also includes a polymer band that is extremely resistant to scratches and tear. Even when you're sweating, it stays put.

It measures 55mm by 16.9mm and is rather large.

Major Pros and Cons

  • Great combatant to extremes of the weather
  • Robust and durable enough for armies and navies
  • Trendy and sportsperson friendly designing
  • Keeps accurate time

However, the G-Shock is a bulky watch and has a slightly dim backlight as well.

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Users don't have to make such a choice, in fact. All it takes is determining one’s criteria and selecting the one that better matches these requirements. 


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