Comparing the Garmin Fenix 7 and the Fenix 6 reveals some small but significant variations between Garmin's older multisport GPS smartwatch and their most recent iteration of such a device. The variations may not be something you immediately notice when you put on the watch for the first time, but they may affect how it feels and appears when worn.

The Fenix 7 is the latest iteration of Garmin's Fenix multisport watch line. You can think of the Fenix 7 as the Fenix 6's younger, more streamlined, and perhaps more fashionable cousin. It packs all of its predecessor's fantastic fitness, health, and design elements, the Fenix 6, into a smaller and more portable body. The new 7 series may have a more compact design, but the incorporation of touch screen controls makes everything on the watch a little bit simpler and more expedient to operate. Even when comparing the 51mm X models from each series, the Fenix 7X still has a slimmer bezel, a lighter weight, and a band that appears to have a smoother surface.

Both models of the Garmin Fenix offer the exact sizing and upgrade options, which are as follows: 42mm, 47mm, and 55mm, with the option to upgrade to either Solar or Solar Sapphire. These sizes come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, and white. They also offer the same storage capacity in these exact sizes, with 32 GB of memory and the ability to store up to 2000 songs on your wrist.

Garmin Connect IQ, intelligent notifications, and Garmin Pay are all available features on both the Fenix 6 and 7. The connection functions remain the same as well; however, the Fenix 7 series did not receive any LTE capabilities during its development. In spite of this, Garmin's Forerunner 945 is an excellent LTE watch that you can purchase.

The Fenix series as a whole has established a name for itself in the market as a premium multisport watch. Garmin accomplished this by offering consumers dependable GPS and tracking capabilities, design options on par with those Apple and Samsung offered and manufacturing sturdy sports watches. There are, of course, price differences between the Fenix 6 and the Fenix 7, and you should plan on spending between $200 to $300 more on the Fenix 7.

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Comparison of the Fenix 6 and Fenix 7 Smartwatch Features

Protective Measures

Garmin's suite of Safety and Assistance functions is included in both of these smartwatches. Garmin provides the following for your protection and well-being:

  • Livetrack Group 
  • Livetrack Live Event Sharing 
  • Incident Detection During Selected Activities

Functions for Monitoring Patients' Health

The Fenix series from Garmin only received one change in this regard during the development process. You now have the ability to obtain your own Health Snapshot on the Fenix 7. This nifty little monitoring device is also available on the Forerunner 945 LTE, Venu 2, and Venu 2 Plus that Garmin produces as part of their Epix (Gen 2) range. By participating in a two-minute session, the Health Snapshots are designed to provide you with a concise analysis of your cardiovascular health. Your Fenix 7 Snapshot takes readings of your heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), Pulse Ox, respiration, and stress over the course of two minutes.

Functions of Physical Effort and Exercise

Garmin made improvements to their Workout Profiles, and now they include high-intensity interval training. In addition to that, they included brand new Running profiles such as Ultra Running, Track Running, and Virtual Running. And under the category of Outdoor Recreation, Garmin included Snowshoeing in addition to Hunting, Tactical, Kiteboarding, and Windsurfing.

Both smartwatches have the same capabilities for cycling and swimming and the same activity profiles to go along with those sports. Those interested in improving their fitness and are willing to try a variety of sports will most likely find all of the additional activity profiles and routines appealing. The Fenix 7 has the ability to link to a number of other intelligent trainers, allowing you to keep your data fully synchronized across more than just your phone. However, if you are unable to pay the price tag for the Fenix 7, the exercise profiles that come with the Fenix 6 should be sufficient.

One advantage of having a more significant number of activity profiles is that it enables you to employ your Garmin's Safety and Assistance Features throughout a greater variety of activities. LiveTrack and Incident Detection are two examples of features that are only useful while actions are being tracked.

GPS Functionality

If you examine the Fenix 7 in great detail, you will notice that Garmin also made some modest advancements in the GPS department. The GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO connectivity that are included in each of these smartwatches make them excellent examples of the GPS device category. On the other hand, the Fenix 7 is equipped with MULTI-FREQUENCY POSITIONING. This supplementary positioning is designed to be activated in situations in which it is likely to be more challenging to identify you through satellite, such as during severe weather or when large buildings or mountains surround you.

How Much of an Improvement Is There in the Battery Life of the Fenix 7?

The solar charging capabilities of the Solar editions of both of these models will result in much longer battery life and more energy storage for the user. Your Fenix 7 will have an extended battery life of several extra days in smartwatch mode or GPS mode. The battery life of the Fenix 7, on the other hand, was significantly improved overall.

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Fenix 7 vs Fenix 6 Design

Count as well as the very new Touch Screens

There is no distinction between the two smartwatches in terms of size or screen size. On the other hand, the Fenix 7 adds support for touchscreens, whilst the Fenix 6 does not. The touch interface is responsive and functions effectively, especially on the 7X, which has a giant screen. You have the option to disable the touch controls if you find that you are more comfortable using the button controls. The Fenix 6 and 7 are available in the following sizes, each of which has the exact resolution regardless of which model you choose:

  • 42mm - Resolution: 240×240 pixels
  • The screen size is 1.2 inches and 47 millimeters, and the resolution is 260 by 260 pixels.
  • The screen size is 1.3 inches 51 millimeters, and the resolution is 280 by 280 pixels.
  • Screen size: 1.4"

The Fenix 6 and the Fenix 7 have weight ranges that are relatively comparable to one another. Although they are not a perfect match, their weight ranges are 58g-93g and 58g-98g, respectively. Another improvement to the Fenix 7 series' already impressive endurance comes in the form of an optional Power Sapphire lens on the most recent iteration of the Fenix 7.

And if you want the Garmin Fenix to have the most conceivable design features, you can pay for the Fenix 7X, which has an LED flashlight!

Fenix 7 vs Fenix 6 Conclusion

The consensus among most people is that the 7 is a significant step up from the 6. The 6 is a fantastic watch that is well worth the investment of each and every dollar. However, if you can upgrade to the Garmin 7 GPS smartwatch, it is well worth spending the additional cash. There are a number of ways in which the Fenix 6 Series and the Fenix 7 Series are comparable to one another. This is notably true in terms of the general appearance, feel, and design of the Fenix smartwatches.

However, Garmin is constantly working to advance the capabilities of its fitness watches and other health monitoring products. Garmin was able to accomplish this with the Fenix 7 by making it easier to use, increasing the number of ways to monitor your fitness and stay safe, extending the amount of time that your watch's battery will last, and making their Fenix more accurate by adding another layer of satellite positioning.

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If you are someone who already keeps track of their exercises, monitors their health numbers, and enjoys spending time outside, then the Fenix 7 will make an excellent watch for any activity that you prefer. If you are less experienced with wearable technology, then the Fenix 6 is the multisport smartwatch that we advise you to purchase because it is superior and more affordable.


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