Android stands for customization. It is one of its differential factors , one of the biggest positive points that Google's operating system has. We can modify hundreds of variables at our whim, make our smartphone unique.

The aesthetics of our desks is one of the easiest aspects to customize, but we don't always do it as we should. Icons are a fundamental part, so in addition to offering you a guide of tricks and tips on customization on Android , we have decided to make a collection of the best icon packs that you can download .

Icon packs for Android: The 21 best you can download

Pix UI Icon Pack 2

It is one of the best applications, is constantly updated and new icons are added every few weeks. In total, more than 6900 rounded and very colorful icons . If you like the aesthetics of Google Pixel this is your application, since you can find the same icons as in the smartphones of the great G.

In addition, many others are added, as well as alternative icons with colors different from the original ones . It also has a selection of wallpapers of very attractive aerial landscapes. It is compatible with any launcher you can imagine.

Minimal O Icon Pack

More than 5800 icons in a colorful pack and flat shapes, but that does not stop having a minimalist essence. Its colors are not as saturated as we can see in other applications, we have pastel tones that give it a differential touch .

It is an application that is updated every so often, adding new icons. In addition, you can find more than 70 very different wallpapers and for all tastes . Right now we can find Minimal O in Play Store for 0.99 euros.

Moonshine Icon Pack

With Moonshine Icon Pack you will have at your disposal a large number of very different icons. If you don't do normalization, if you like changing icons, you can find hundreds of different ways to customize your desks.

That's not all, since it has about 30 different wallpapers. You can also find a paid version, Moonshine Pro , where you will have more than 500 additional icons and more than 100 HD wallpapers .

Delta Icon Pack

You can see some very original design lines, with very simple shapes and pastel colors. Delta Icon Pack shows a variety not negligible, since it presents more than 1400 icons so you can find the one that fits any application you can imagine.

Its simple lines, flat shapes and colors give it a minimalist aesthetic that is its hallmark . In addition, it is compatible with more than 20 different launchers.

H2O Free Icon Pack

Again we have a large selection of standardized icons, in this case in the form of a square with rounded edges s. The variety is really big, you can find more than 4060 flat and very colorful icons.

In addition, this application is compatible with a large number of different launchers , from the classic Nova and Apex to Evie and V Launcher, through ADW or Go Launcher.

Lines Dark Free

If you are looking for an extremely simple, minimalist aesthetic to the fullest , you cannot miss this icon pack. Lines Dark Free, now translated as "Dark Lines Free", has more than 2,500 different icons , based on flat and black lines. They are the maximum expression of simplicity and are also very elegant.

This is the free version, but if you are looking for you can find a paid version, in which for 1.29 euros you will have at your disposal more than 3200 icons. Both versions also have a wide variety of wallpapers and widgets , all with a very minimalist air.


linear and colorful icon pack with more than 1,700 images, which will undoubtedly be perfect with any configuration, especially if you use a dark wallpaper. The pack itself incorporates several dozens of selected wallpapers to combine with the icons.


A classic among icon packs for Android. CandyCons combines its own style with Google's Material Design lines, to bring us thousands of icons with a minimalist and colorful aesthetic .


For lovers of Material Design and dark aesthetics , Viral combines the best of both worlds and offers thousands of icons along with more than 200 wallpapers. In addition, there is the possibility of choosing the shape of the icons of the home screen, something not very common in a free pack.

Mashed potatoes

The aesthetics of Pure reminds us of Delta's: flat, colorful and circular-shaped icons to adapt to the design lines introduced from Android 8.0 Oreo.


The icon pack for retro lovers . Its shapes and shadows follow the Material Design style, but the color palette is reduced to sepia tones that give the icons a vintage look.

Afterglow Icons Free

The more than 600 icons that AfterGlow includes have a careful aesthetic, with pastel tones and a unique effect of “glow” in the background , which makes the icons combine perfectly with any wallpaper, both light and dark.


The perfect icon pack for those who miss the aesthetics of Android 5.0 and 6.0. The icons seem extracted directly from the Android versions where the Material Design design lines debuted, with a colorful aesthetic and where the shadows are protagonists.

Lotus Icon Pack

Another icon pack with unique style that is worth trying is Lotus. With its neon colors and the original shapes of each icon , it is certainly one of the best that can be installed.


From the creator of RETRORIKA, another icon pack that any personalization lover should have on their mobile is MATERIALISTIK . As the name suggests, it is based on the Material Design appearance , and takes it even further with the colors of the official palette and more original shapes.

Kiwi UI Icon Pack

With more than 10,000 facilities - not bad for a paid package - Kiwi UI is one of the most popular icon packs , and it is not for less. It has an appearance similar to the Material Design design lines, with rounded shapes in its more than 5,200 icons.


Flat, simple and colorful . Those are the three adjectives that best define DARKMATTER . It has more than 3,100 icons, all of them with a unique style that will combine perfectly with any wallpaper.

Supreme Icon Pack

Another of the best packages that can currently be installed from Google Play selected is Supreme, an icon pack based on Material Design, which combines its colorful style with dark touches .

Black magic icon pack

Black Magic shares appearance with Supreme, although this time the dark tones are combined with violet, blue, pink and green color blends . The wallpapers are not missing either.

Mermaid Icon Pack

From the same creator of the previous packages, Mermaid brings thousands of icons with a mixture between violet, green and blue tones with pink tones , and according to the designer himself, effects of reflections inspired by sand and water.

Halo - Free Icon Pack

Not everything was going to be minimalism. This free icon pack includes hundreds of different icons for many applications, with a crisp design based on pastel colors and bright effects.

Minty Icons

More than 1,200 different icons, all of them included in a free pack, with a colorful material style and three-dimensional effects thanks to the effects of textures and shadows.


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