The Apple Watch is one of the greatest smartwatches, and you can use it to track your fitness progress. Workout sessions might be tedious at times, but some exercise and fitness games can make them more fascinating and provide you with the inspiration you require.

In this article, I'll offer the Best Apple Watch Exercise & Fitness Games that will motivate you to work out. Let's get this party started.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is one of the best Apple Watch fitness games. It's essentially an audio adventure game that immerses you in the experience while you're running.

Naomi Alderman, an award-winning novelist, devised the game to ensure that you have the most engaging running experience ever. Run to enjoy Zombies! All you really need are some headphones. Put them on, and you're ready for the immersive Run.

It includes over 500 fascinating story missions as well as an interval training mode, ensuring that you have enough stories for your Run. If you want to spice up your jogging routine, I recommend Zombies, Run!


Wokamon is another intriguing fitness game for the Apple Watch that focuses on step counts.

In this game, you will be assisting Wokamons who are running low on resources, and you will be required to assist them.

You can achieve it by walking, and the more you travel, the more resources Wokamons gain.

The game also features a wonderful advancement in which you will explore the Woka-worlds such as the freezing realm, the mystical woodland, and others. Overall, Wokamon is a pretty intriguing game, and if you want to walk more, getting Wokamon will undoubtedly assist you in meeting your step goal.

Walking 10,000 steps each day can help you lose up to one pound of fat every week.

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 Fitness RPG

Fitness RPG is likely one of the most comprehensive Apple Watch exercise games. The incredibly fascinating plot is what I enjoy the most about Fitness RPG.

Fitness RPG tells the story of "Fitland," which has been occupied by Dark Force for over 12 years, and you must now lead a squad of heroes to liberate it.

You will obtain heroes in the game, and you will be able to upgrade them by utilizing energy, which you will obtain by walking a certain amount of steps. The game is compatible with the Apple Watch, and it syncs the number of steps from separate Apple Watches (if any) before converting the step count to energy.

Fitness RPG also includes various unique equipment and Skins to help you strengthen your heroes. Furthermore, it includes the Arena, where you will compete with other players for the top rank.

To summarise, everything in Fitness RPG is tied to your activity, and it will push you to do more exercise to advance in the game. The game Fitness RPG is free to play but in-app purchases.

Elevate Mental health is just as crucial as physical health, and you must keep working on it. Elevate is a great brain training game that can help you improve your focus, speaking skills, processing speed, and other abilities.

The game includes around 35 games that will help you enhance your various brain skills. Elevate will also recommend your daily workouts, which can help you develop your talents.

Overall, Elevate is a fun game that you should try to enhance your skills.

 Fitness RPG

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go cannot be synced to the Apple Watch; however, it can be synced with the Apple Health app.


Can games be played on the Apple Watch?

Yes, games can be played on the Apple Watch. Hundreds of dedicated games are available in the App Store for you to enjoy on your Apple Watch. I've also included some of the finest Apple Watch fitness games you can play on your device.

Which Apple Watch is the best for exercise?

When it comes to fitness, the Apple Watch is unrivaled, and you can't go wrong with any model. If you want the most up-to-date technology, try the Apple Watch Series 6, which provides very accurate workout monitoring. If you prefer a low-cost choice, try the Apple Watch SE, which has a low price tag at the expense of advanced functionality.

What exactly is Fitness Gaming on the Apple Watch?

Fitness Gaming is an exercise mode primarily intended for VR games such as Beat Saber. The main goal of this workout mode, like other workouts, is to keep track of your heart rate, calories burned, and other parameters. So, if you enjoy playing VR games and want to keep track of your workouts, you can use Fitness Gaming.

What is the most calorie-burning activity?

Running is unquestionably the highest calorie-burning activity. For example, if you weigh 15 pounds and run for 30 minutes at five mph, you will burn around 355 calories. Other workouts, such as HIIT and swimming, burn many calories as well.

Can the Apple Watch detect push-ups?

Can the Apple Watch detect push-ups?

Because the Apple Watch lacks a specialized workout mode for tracking push-ups, you can utilize the "Other workout" mode to track your push-ups. You can use third-party apps to precisely measure your push-ups, but those programs frequently count the reps.


That's all for now, guys. In this article, I've provided the finest Apple Watch exercise and fitness games for you to play on your Apple Watch. I also have a game that will assist you in improving your cognitive abilities. Let me know which fitness game appears more appealing to you. Please leave your responses in the comments.


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