Long answer short-indeed, a child can have a standard FitBit account assuming they are over 13 years. Assuming your child is younger than that, you might need to consider the FitBit Ace, enabling you to make a child account for children between 8 and 13 years of age.

Is FitBit Suitable for Children?

Kids and their practically selective screen-based exercises will generally be the achilles heel for most parents. In any case, you want to acknowledge that technology will stay a significant part of your kids' growing age in this digital era. The key is to guarantee that they utilize these gadgets to determine the best result.

FitBit Account for Children

FitBit Account for Children

Take fitness trackers, for instance. Permitting your youngster to utilize a FitBit to track their body measurements urges them to build a healthy habit of exercising. This habit helps practicing daily and to be aware of their physical activity, even as they grow into their teenage and grown-up years.

What is the Age Limit for a FitBit Account?

There is an age limit that implies that your child should be no less than 13 years of age to have the option to have their very own FitBit account. Nonetheless, in certain nations in Europe, the base age limit has been raised to 16 years of age. Specific individuals don't know about this, yet it is feasible for you to set up an account on the FitBit application for your children.

How to Set Up the FitBit Account for a child?

How to Set Up the FitBit Account for a child

To set up your kid's FitBit account, you want to download the FitBit application on your mobile or other devices and sign in with your own FitBit account.

  • On top of the screen, you will want to find the account card.
  • Tap on it and afterward go to the 'My Family' option.
  • Here, tap on the + sign and pick the choice that says 'create child account.'
  • Adhere to the given instructions on the screen.
  • You will be asked to enter your password and agree to the terms and conditions.

At last, you will arrive at a window requesting that you enter the details and information about your kid, including their name, username, age, gender, and weight.

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FitBit Account for a child

Next, you have to pair your child's FitBit device to the application and hand it over to them to complete the setup process. You could incorporate your child's input by permitting them to pick their own fun profile symbol/avatar.

The advantage of setting up your child under a kid account at Fitbit is that you can envision their progress and work on improving or keeping up with their fitness together. You can save the information and even send it to their doctor for speedy analysis.

Also, you can set alerts for them, send them friendly reminders, and plan different goals and targets for them to accomplish.

What to Do If My Child is Younger Than 13 Years of Age?

What to Do If My Child is Younger Than 13 Years of Age?

Assuming that your kid is younger than 13 years of age, nevertheless needs to utilize a fitness tracking gadget-like FitBit; the arrangement you might need to follow is the FitBit Ace. This Fitbit model is explicitly designed for kids, equipped with every one of the features of a typical FitBit that a grown-up may utilize yet made more children-friendly.

It can precisely measure the pulse, count steps, keep a count of calorie consumption, and analyze sleep patterns.

You can set up your kid's FitBit Ace account the same way as discussed previously. Your child should be somewhere around eight years of age to have the option to utilize this gadget and make their kid account. Thus, there is, in any case, a base age limit for the FitBit Ace also.

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How Might I View My Child's FitBit Data?

How Might I View My Child's FitBit Data?

Fitbit comprehends that information security is vital when concerning kids. In that reference, one can access the application in two views.

  • The protected kid view
  • The parent view

The protected kid view shows restricted information, for example, stats, badges, and clock choices. Then again, the parent view gives you admittance to more details and settings, including the capacity to manage the family account, make more accounts, and approve friend requests and invites.


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