Although Apple is working on a tough version of its watch, a few businesses have already released their own versions. Huami, or Zepp Health as it is known globally, is one of these.

Its Amazfit T-Rex is a tough watch for outdoor enthusiasts. The first version of the game was released a few years ago. It crams a lot into a design that can withstand a lot of abuse. After that, the company released a Pro version roughly a year ago. Today, we learned about the Amazfit T-Rex 2, which includes some useful updates.

What's the difference between the three models of this timepiece? Continue reading to find out.

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Amazfit T-Rex 2 vs. T-Rex Pro: Hardware and Design

You can look for distinctions in appearance across the three generations, but it won't be easy. They're all roughly the same size and shape, and they're all designed in the same way. A high-strength polymer is used to protect the device against drops, shocks, and the environment. Despite this, the watch is relatively light, weighing approximately 60 grams without the strap.

Meteorite Black, Desert Gray, and Steel Blue are just a handful of the color possibilities available for T-Rex Pro. Rock Black, Army Green, Gun Gray, Came Green, and Khaki are available in the non-pro version. The Pro's outer bezel features a metal-spray finish, giving it a more premium appearance. The strap is also a little more opulent.

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 mashes up the colors a little more this time. Astro Black, Astro Gold, Wild Green, Desert Khaki, and Classic Black are the available colors.

Here's a comparison of the three watches. Are you able to identify the differences? It's difficult to tell them apart

T-Rex comparison awe-inspiring

The display size is one significant distinction that may not be apparent from the image above. The T-Rex 2 has a 1.39-inch HD AMOLED display with a 454 x 454 pixel resolution. The other two have a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a 360 360 resolution. As a result, this is a significant update because it makes it easier to keep track of your data when on the go. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the display in all situations, and there's also an anti-fingerprint coating.

These Smartwatches are made to last. The quantity of US Military Grade Certifications best exemplifies this. Twelve were passed on by the first generation, and fifteen by the second and third generations. We have no idea what the three more ones are, but does it really matter? When it comes to durability and toughness, the Smartwatches will not let you down.

They can, for example, tolerate temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. Whether you're in a heat wave, a damp rainforest, or on a polar ice cap, your watch should be fine.

The T-Rex 2 and Pro have a 10 ATM water-resistance certification, which indicates they can endure depths of up to 100 meters, which is an upgrade over the original. That's double the first generation's 5 ATM water resistance.

What's under the hood?

There are a few additional differences under the hood.

The Huami BioTracker is shared by the two. The most recent generation, of course, has the most recent version. This device has six photodiodes and can monitor anything from heart rate to blood oxygen levels and stress levels. Some of these are missed by the first generation, but more on that later.

A geomagnetic sensor, barometer, and compass are also included. Most things you'd expect from an outdoor sports watch are possible with this combination of sensors.

For an outdoor watch, satellite communication is also essential. GPS and GLONASS are available for the first generation. On the second, the system was upgraded to four global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo). The third is equipped with dual-band five satellite location, which allows for faster search speeds and more precise positioning.

Despite having a lot of technology behind the hood, the T-Rex series does not require much charging. The first two generations last roughly 20 days before needing to be recharged. T-Rex 2 can keep going for another four days.

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T-Rex 2 vs. T-Rex Pro: What's the Difference?

The Amazfit T-Rex is a fantastic outdoor watch, especially when you consider its pricing. It provides a lot of value for the money. For those who do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a Garmin, the watch is an excellent option.

You get all the essentials in terms of fitness and activity tracking, including the option to track several sports. All of this is made possible by Huami's own operating system, which is simple to use and runs smoothly.

The Pro edition builds on the original by adding extra features. For instance, instead of the initial 14, users can now track over 100 sports. A variety of popular outdoor sports modes are among them. ExerSense is also a brand-new concept. It recognises and monitors eight sports modes automatically in case you forget to turn them on.

T-Rex Pro by Amazfit

Surprisingly, first-beat measurements were included in Pro. This covers information on VO2Max, training load, and recovery. We love these kinds of metrics and hope to see more of them on Amazfit watches in the future.

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 expands on this with over 150 sports supported. Hikers, climbers, trail runners, and adventurers can use the new device's route trajectory navigation, real-time navigation, and journey tracking features to explore new terrain.

Direct-return navigation is also used to provide the shortest straight line back to the start of a journey. Users may now import pre-selected routes and follow them with the watch thanks to the new route import mechanism.

T-Rex 2 by Amazfit

With each next generation, satellite placement should improve. This is especially true of the third, which is capable of dual-band five satellite locations. It should be able to track positioning in more difficult conditions and in out-of-the-way locations as a result of this.

The BioTracker PPG biological tracking optical sensor from Huami is the last difference between the generations. Because the original only contains the first version, it lacks blood oxygen monitoring and stress monitoring. T-Rex Pro and T-Rex 2 both have all of this. In as little as 45 seconds, the latter has one-tap measuring, which spits out four separate health indicators (heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress level, and breathing rate).

The T-Rex is a fantastic military-style timepiece. You'll be hard pressed to find another device that gives so much for so little. A wonderful alternative to the more expensive Garmin. It's a wristwatch worth considering if you're into a lot of outdoor activities and rough settings.

It might be time to upgrade if you're still using the original generation. However, if you have the Pro, this is unlikely.

The T-Rex 2 has a larger 1.39-inch display, longer battery life, dual-band five satellite navigation, and the same super-tough build as the original while remaining lightweight. It supports over 150 different sports and has some Firstbeat analytics thrown in for good measure.

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T-Rex 2 compared to T-Rex Pro from Amazfit

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If you're in the market for a new watch, we always recommend getting the most recent model (Amazon link). This model is more likely to benefit from future software updates as well as have the most up-to-date sensors.

However, the T-Rex Pro (Amazon link) will most certainly drop in price soon, making it a bargain. That one is also very worth looking into.


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