If you have a passion for technology, you most likely get thrilled about new product releases and improvements. When it comes to selecting a high-quality smartwatch that runs Android, Samsung is consistently among the best options. Two years ago, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch Active to the market. A few months later, when the Active 2 was out, we were pampered even more than before. But between the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which one is the better option?

We now have a lot more to look into because the features have been upgraded and added. In light of this, the original model continues to be a great smartwatch that comes with a large number of features and functionalities. It is also more cost-effective for people who are already living paycheck to paycheck. Both of these smartwatches from Samsung actually have quite a bit to offer their users. It is up to you to decide which alternative is preferable in light of your articulated needs.

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What's the latest?

There is more in common between these two smartwatches than simply their names. Both of these watches are loaded with useful capabilities such as monitoring your heart rate, performing advanced fitness tracking, having an onboard GPS, receiving intelligent notifications, and making contactless payments with Samsung Pay.


You will be able to identify abnormal cardiac rhythms with the assistance of a real-time electrocardiogram feature. The newer models feature an LED-based heart rate monitor that is more accurate, an accelerometer with a higher level of sophistication, and improved GPS accuracy. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 now features blood pressure monitoring capabilities when paired with the most recent version of the Samsung Health Monitor app.


Due to a recent software update, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 now possesses some of the same characteristics as the Galaxy Watch 3. The Running Analysis function aims to inspire you to become a better runner by encouraging you to improve your running technique, hence reducing your risk of injury. Users are now able to compute their VO2 max, which refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that a person's body can consume during strenuous physical activity. You may determine your general fitness and performance capabilities with the help of this function, which will allow you to improve your capacity for endurance gradually.

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Functions for unexpected events

Users of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 now have access to the capability known as Fall Detection. When a prospective fall is detected, you will be given the option to send an SOS notification to four different contacts you have specified. On-wrist communication is another useful innovation for this watch.


When you get a message, rather than having to pull out your phone, you can now check the display on your wrist to view emojis and photographs.

In addition to displaying a single message, a smartwatch is capable of displaying a full discussion thread rather than just a single message. Through the use of the scroll capture function, you will be able to take a screenshot of your smartwatch and transfer it to your smartphone in the form of a photo.


The Galaxy Watch Active 2 now has a cellular LTE connection, which is the most noteworthy improvement of the new software update. The applications on your phone will continue to notify your wearable device as usual; however, the LTE variant provides enhanced interoperability with applications such as Twitter and Youtube. This eliminates the need for you to remove your phone from your pocket in order to see videos or interact with tweets. You won't need to bring your smartphone with you to the gym if you use this feature because it will allow you to make and receive calls as well as send and receive text messages.

Rotating bezel

You may recall that Samsung addressed the long-standing desire for a rotating bezel with the second iteration of the Galaxy Watch Active, which had been absent from the first iteration. Those customers whose requests were granted who cherished the first version of the product. A great number of consumers believe that the new device's responsive bezel is one of the most compelling selling points of the product.

You are able to navigate the Active 2 interface with the help of the redesigned digital rotating bezel, which also helps to keep the screen size as large as possible. Since everything is displayed directly on the AMOLED screen, there are no cumbersome moving parts to worry about. Turning the dial both clockwise and counterclockwise allows you to navigate across screens and select applications. On the other hand, this one-of-a-kind function is no longer exclusive to the second version.

Monitoring one's physical condition and fitness

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous shift in monitoring fitness and health. On the other hand, the improved Running Coach function now displays data in real time regarding the user's pace. You will receive a rundown of what to anticipate from your workout in its entirety before you start it. Audio reminders can be played through the speaker on the watch or over Bluetooth headphones while you are running, jogging, or walking.

With this update, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active receives a lot more than simply a responsive bezel. The original Watch Active has been updated with a new function called "My Style," which enables users to tailor watch faces to match their attire. Users will be able to utilize Bixby Voice to launch fitness programs and access all of the features that the app has to offer once the software update is downloaded and installed. A significant number of the characteristics that made the Watch Active 2 stand out from its predecessor are now included in the watch's base model.

Last but not least, the activity tracking that this new replacement offers is unaltered for the most part. It is still capable of tracking over 39 different exercises, keeping tabs on your sleeping patterns, and offers guided meditation to assist with stress management. You will notice that the Galaxy Watch Active continues to be a unique wearable and a formidable competitor. On the other hand, the upgraded version does offer some customers access to previously unavailable capabilities.

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The Final Verdict

What are the key differences between the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Aluminum 44mm?

  • 0.4% less thickness (10.5mm versus 10.9mm)
  • a density of pixels that is higher by 27.2%
  • 5g lighter (25g versus 30g)
  • 4.5mm narrower (39.5mm versus 44mm)
  • 22.37 percent smaller

What aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Aluminium 44mm set it above and above its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?

  • a battery life that is extended by 0.5 days (2.5 days versus two days)
  • It can be used to take and make phone calls.
  • power from the battery increased by 47.83 percent
  • synchronizes itself on its own.
  • 0.8 newer Bluetooth version (5 versus 4.2)
  • 27.27 percent greater screen size (1.4 inches versus 1.1 inches)
  • Tracker for the route
  • Warnings regarding an irregular heart rate

If you have been waiting for an LTE-enabled fitness wristband and if you are already comfortable with the Galaxy ecosystem, upgrading is something that you should definitely consider doing.

If you are interested in all of the new features and improvements, you might think about upgrading to the new version. You can also choose between two more sizes, which are 40mm and 44mm, respectively. The larger size is perfect for folks with larger wrists, and the display on the 1.4-inch screen is gorgeous. Aluminum that is lightweight and comes with a leather strap and excellent solid stainless steel that comes with a leather strap are both options. Another feature that will appeal to you about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is its removable and interchangeable bands.

Should you get the latest version?

When you compare these two, you might find that you prefer the Galaxy Watch Active 2, but only after doing so. You're going to really appreciate all of the new features and the meticulous attention paid to the key details. If you purchased the first Galaxy Watch Active and were unhappy with it, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the newer model. Those who are content with the initial release and do not require either ECG or LTE might decide against updating.

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In most cases, it does not make sense to pay such a significant amount more for the Watch Active 1 than for the Watch Active 2 unless those bells and whistles are important to you. After all, you continue to have access to all of the tracking and smartwatch functionalities that came standard with the first watch purchase.

The price of the brand-new smartwatch ranges widely depending on the model. The 40mm aluminum Bluetooth-only variant is the one that comes in at the lowest price point of the group. If you select the larger 44mm model or add an LTE connection, there will be an additional cost associated with those options. In any case, either one of these watches is a fantastic selection for someone who is interested in fitness. After a considerable amount of time spent on the market, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 may soon be getting a follow-up model called the Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is possible that certain customers would benefit more from holding out until the next model is introduced.


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