For all mobile phone users one of the biggest concerns is battery life. However, the good news is that there are some very good fast battery charging apps out there.

These types of apps are great for turning a slow charge into a fast one so your phone spends less time connected and more time distracting you or communicating with others.

It is important that we know the general way in which these applications work, which we will explain below. In addition to that, it is vital that you know that none of these applications can replace the act of charging your phone in the correct way, what it does is help the charging process to be faster than it normally is.

How do fast battery charging apps work?

In general, what these types of applications do is manage and manage the other applications and software that you have installed on your device.

The idea behind this is to disconnect those that are not considered vital so that they do not consume the battery while it is charging.

In this way the device can take all the necessary charge much faster because there will be fewer apps using the battery to function.

In addition, many of these applications can give the user information about battery usage. This helps us understand which apps are using the most, which in turn allows us to manage the use of those apps when we experience battery problems or charging difficulties.

10 Best Apps to Charge Your Battery Fast

1. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the best fast battery charging apps for Android, fully deserving of its 4.5 rating on Google Play Store, and its 8 million voters. This app identifies which features consume the most battery power.

It has a 3-stage battery charging system and allows you to modify the brightness and program energy saving modes. Also turn off Bluetooth and WiFi. You can expect a good user interface as this app is presented in more than 14 languages. Additionally, it shows the exact remaining charging time.

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2. Coconut Battery

Each upgraded version of iOS has increased the level of difficulty for apps to get the technical and detailed data about the iPhone battery. However, Coconut Battery helps you make it easier.

This is a free to use app that provides its users with statistics including the current battery charge status, charge cycle count, and battery temperature of the iPhone when it is connected to the Mac.

Also, the premium version of the app will allow its users to get all the battery related information stats over Wi-Fi.

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3. Fast Charger

This app enjoys a rating of 4 on the Google Play store, which makes it one of the best fast battery charging apps for Android phones. Fast Charger is ad-free and cost-free .

You just have to launch the app and it will delete the background data . Also check if your phone is charging. Fast Charger offers premium features without paying and is one of the simplest apps to use if you want to shorten your charging time.

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4. Battery Turbo

Another great fast battery charging app that you can download is Battery Turbo . Among its most important features that this application has is the option to turn on energy saving directly from the app , which will help reduce energy consumption.

Battery Turbo has three charging options that you can activate depending on what you need. In extreme mode, the loading time is optimized and other open applications are managed in order to speed up the loading time to the maximum.

In addition, it has fast charging in which other applications are activated in hibernation mode and slow charging mode that, although it may not seem like it, also helps speed up charging but in a different way, but by controlling the phone's settings.

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5. Super Fast Charger 5x

As its name suggests, Super Fast Charger 5x can maximize charging speed and battery life at five times the usual speed . You are looking at an app with an impressive 4.4 rating on the Google Play store.

In addition to improving charging speed, this app improves phone battery life , while removing all background data such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and apps, and thus deserves its reputation as one of the best apps around. to charge battery fast for android.

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6. BatteryHD+

Another easy-to-use battery monitoring iPhone app is Battery HD+ . Also useful for iPads. One can quickly know the remaining time for talking time, listening to music, surfing the Internet, watching videos, etc. with this app.

The app also helps you keep track of the battery charge level . In addition, the app also notifies you once your iPhone is fully charged. This avoids problems created due to overloading of devices. Battery HD+ supports multiple languages including Afrikaans, English, Bulgarian, Arabic, Croatian, Catalan, Danish, Czech, Estonian, Dutch, Finnish, Filipino, etc.

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7. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is one of the most popular and recommended fast battery charging apps that confidently enjoys a 4.5 rating on the Google Play store. You are probably wondering how an app has gained such a significant number. The reason is that DU Battery Saver does not disable apps for maximum charging efficiency .

The app has a smart optimization method that easily identifies the cause of battery consumption and eliminates the problem. You will experience a 50 percent increase in battery life maximization and charging speed with this app.

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8. Battery Life

Having a record of battery consumption is too important to know which apps are consuming battery on your iPhone. And Battery Life is perfect for this task.

The app gives you the total runtimes of your iPhone , for example, you can track LTE and Wi-Fi browsing, talk time, audio time, video time, etc. The app also provides detailed battery information to make sure you know its status in a timely manner.

The user-friendly interface that supports multiple languages, such as Albanian, English, Catalan, Arabic, Dutch, Czech, German, French, Hebrew, Greek, Indonesian, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Macedonian, Korean, etc.

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9. One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver is another amazing option among fast battery charging apps for Android. Not only can it increase battery charging speed, but it can also save battery life by optimizing battery usage according to your preferences.

Once you feel that your device's battery is insufficient to get you through the day, you can click the power save button on your device for the app to recognize and optimize its usage. It has various features such as battery saving, power, mode, time, settings, etc. Use your battery efficiently with this fast charging app.

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10. Super Charger

Another fast battery charging app is Super Charger . This fast charging app also features a RAM cleaner so your battery can be charged quickly and used optimally. This feature makes it one of the unique fast charging apps and one that you must have on your device for you to have optimal use of your battery.

With a single click, you can optimize your phone's battery usage and also moderate the usage of certain apps. When you plug in your charger, it automatically stops background apps so that our phone charges in a short period of time. And once the battery is charged, you can exit the app, which then automatically launches all the necessary background apps like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

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Although some of these applications do not directly help to increase the charging speed but rather help us manage the use of the battery, they are all an excellent resource that we must take into account when managing the useful life of our device.

Knowing which applications consume the most battery and what we can do to stop this excessive consumption is an excellent tool to protect the life of our device.

In this list you may have seen some fast battery charging apps and others that help you check battery usage. Generally only Android supports these types of charging optimization apps and iPhone only supports apps to track power usage. Whatever your device, these apps will help you improve your battery life whether it's charging faster or managing settings and other apps.

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