Dreaming is a common thing that happens when someone is fast asleep. Dreams are very diverse and sometimes really strange that common sense cannot digest. Often we only think of dreams as passing wind, but not infrequently what makes us curious.

One that is quite interesting and strange is the dream of having a daughter, but not yet married. Of course, this makes some people curious about its meaning. The following is a collection of dream meanings about having a daughter and a son that might be able to answer your curiosity.

1. The biblical meaning of dreams of having a daughter in general

According to dream analyst and writer Lauri Quinn, the meaning of dreams of having a beautiful baby girl is a symbol of achieving a personal goal. It can also mean a new beginning in your life, either career or personal matters.

Dreaming about babies is also more associated with positive things, for example, you are happy with your current job and are satisfied with what you have.

2. The spiritual meaning of dreams of having a sick daughter or son 

However, it could be that your dream is to give birth or be blessed with a sick child. Dreams like that can be your subconscious way of telling that the things you are living right now are not as expected or experiencing problems. It could be that you are stuck in a project that doesn't show results.

3. Dreams about babies or children who keep crying according to the bible

If your dream relates to a baby or child who keeps crying, it could be an indication that there are things in your life that need attention or care. For example, your new job, your new business, or maybe your relationship with your partner and family. This is your subconscious mind's way of reminding you that you need to reorder your priorities.

4. Spiritual meaning of dream about childbirth in the hospital 

Dreams of having a daughter and son in a hospital can be an indication that you need time to treat or recover from something in your life. For example, your last love affair that left scars and so on.

5. Biblical meaning of dreaming of picking up an abandoned child 

It could be that the dream of having a child is as strange as the scene of picking up an abandoned child or baby in a place, it could be in front of the house, the street, or something else. It means that you are currently thinking about things that you have been ignoring in your life. For example, a business idea that you have neglected for two years, then now you are starting to revive it.

6. Spiritual meaning of dreaming of having children even though you are not married and don't plan on it 

This is your way of asking yourself about the path you have chosen. You may regret your decision to take a job, move to a foreign country or city, or even question your partner's choice that was far from expectations. Usually this kind of dream makes us wake up feeling relieved because it turns out that the baby we give birth to is a mere sleeping flower. However, on the bright side, it encourages you to reflect on the life choices you are living.

The relationship between dreams of having children with unmarried people as a metaphor for change or a new start in one's life. For those of you who are single and dream of having a daughter, you can draw a common thread from what plans you are preparing for the future.

7. Biblical meaning of dream of having a baby even though you already have an adult child

Brothers and husbands can also dream of having a baby girl or boy even though the child has grown up. This is a sign that often treats them as children. This kind of thing can happen without realizing it because the instincts of parents are still strong.

8. Spiritual meaning of dream of having a daughter and breastfeeding her even though she is not your baby

This kind of picture is a form of your awareness or even your annoyance doing a task that is not actually your responsibility. It could be because you are helping or you are being used by other people around you. Try asking, are you doing it sincerely? If the answer is no, it's okay to try to express or disclaim it subtly.

9. Biblical meaning of dream of having a daughter while pregnant 

Are you expecting a child and suddenly dreams of having a daughter? This is more often associated with anxiety before childbirth, both physically and psychologically. Launching a study from the Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences in 2008, pregnant women have a tendency to dream about pregnancy. Could give birth or experience something that harms the fetus. During pregnancy, many pregnant women experience excessive anxiety. Not only related to the safety of the unborn baby, but can also be related to changes in body shape to reduced independence.

10. Spiritual meaning of dreaming of meeting a naughty baby 

A naughty baby can be a symbol that you are anxious or worried about what will happen in the future. For example, you get an offer to move cities and work, so this makes you worry about many things. You may have just been proposed and will be getting married in the near future so you feel anxious. It can be related to the reception to post-wedding life, for example.

11. Just watched a show or movie about babies 

The simplest and most superficial meaning of the dream of having a daughter is related to what you have just witnessed or experienced. It could be that you have just visited or interacted with the baby or watched a television show or movie about parenting . It is normal to be carried away into dreamland. Just like you dream of meeting a ghost after watching a horror movie or maybe a dream of being chased by a serial killer after watching a thriller genre series. 

12. Spiritual meaning of dream of having a daughter according to Islam

So far, various sources state that dreaming of having children is a symbol of happiness and sustenance. Of course, Islam does not teach us to believe in predictions that have no clear basis. Dreams in Islam are divided into three, good, bad, and those that come from our own minds. If dreaming of having children is a good thing, make positive suggestions to be optimistic and enthusiastic about going through the day. If it turns out not to be and causes anxiety, make it a medium for self-reflection in accordance with several meanings described by several experts and psychologists above.

The collection of meanings of dreams of having a daughter and a son earlier might be able to answer your curiosity. Of course not everything is accurate, considering dreams are something that is still a puzzle. The most logical explanation relates to the psychological condition of each individual. It is mostly considered as our subconscious way of expressing our deepest feelings.

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