Dream About Black Santa Muerte – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dream About Black Santa Muerte – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

In American culture, there is a popular tradition of paying tribute to a skeleton dressed preferably in white, black or other colors, called Santa Muerte , which has a high connection with American syncretism that came from indigenous times. Despite this, in the Vatican this cult is found as a demonic act, but for Mexicans, this is a respectable and admired ritual , since they ask for their wishes before this altar with the aim that they be fulfilled.

What does it mean to have dreamed of Black Santa Muerte?

If you have dreamed of this figure or others of great cultural importance, it may be due to the presence of this figure in your life in photos or memories that remain in the subconscious that appear when sleeping and if this is not the case, perhaps it is then that these characters want to say something that must be attended to.

According to the whatdreammeans.com website, the way to interpret them is by starting with the emotions they cause during and after waking up, for example, if you are in front of Santa Muerte, try to remember how you felt no matter what happens and when you open your eyes.

Now, as this dream developed, it primarily means something from another world. It will manifest as it does in real life, as an affirmation after prayer for requests. This character wants to deliver a message depending on the color that represents in your dreams and your beliefs so it can vary between positive or negative.

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Dream that you talk with the black Santa Muerte

The interpretation to be made about this dream is in relation to the message, but much more the feeling that that produces the fact of conversing with this figure. If when you wake up you remember a feeling of sadness, discomfort or fear, it means that things are happening around you that make you feel unsatisfied and unprotected , perhaps it is related to a negative feeling that you feel from others.

On the other hand, if when you wake up you feel calm and full of peace then the aforementioned does not happen in your life, you are protected by the figure. And if you are or plan to make her an altar soon, it is normal for her to appear in your subconscious to listen to your requests and ask about them.

Dream that you have a statue of the black Santa Muerte

If in the dream you find yourself before a black Santa Muerte , but it is dirty with dust, it means that you are free from the possible influences that you had around you and that occupied your life. Now, if you are in an uncomfortable circumstance with your partner when dreaming about this figure, this has another meaning related to a bad omen: the break between you is desired as a kind of unexpected witchcraft.

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Dreaming that you observe the Black Santa Muerte

In Mexican culture, black in Santa Muerte does not represent anything other than circumstantial. You are going to receive protection in the event of a near event. For this reason, it is important that you specify the circumstance that is causing you anguish at the moment and so you will know in what aspect this dream is going to affect. If you are in moments of asking for help, rest assured that help will come so that you can cope with what ails you.

Dream that you observe Santa Muerte dressed in a wedding dress

If you see that Santa Muerte is dressed in a wedding dress, this clearly indicates that you are thinking of committing or you will be asked to commit to someone who appreciates you. You should know that if this dream appears it is for something and it is not convenient that you reject the request, since there may be consequences that you will have to face.

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Dream that you are in a pantheon with the black Santa Muerte

That you have had this dream means that the time has come for you to reflect on all the good and bad that happens to you. Everything that happens around you and affects you has to do with the decisions you have made. It is possible that these days you have decided something in your family work environment and this decision is causing you discomfort. This dream alerts you and you must pay attention to it.

Dreaming that you observe Santa Muerte black and with gold details

This dream is commonly related to economic aspects, that is why those golden details appear in his outfit, which also represent material goods . But you can rest assured that it does not mean anything bad, on the contrary it is thanks for the benefits you have obtained , which means a quite important detail that also teaches you to be an image to be followed by the people around you.

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Dream that you observe the broken figure of the black Santa Muerte

If you have often dreamed of a statue of Santa Muerte, which is also very deteriorated and dirty, do not be scared because this has a positive connotation, it means that you have managed to leave your problems behind , however, it indicates that you have it in mind for serve you as an experience.

The altar ritual

Dreaming that you build an altar of the black Santa Muerte

Events that announce changes are about to happen in your life , since having made an altar in real life or in a dream is a sign that new things will happen . This is the intention to carry out this activity, in order that the requests are granted. Therefore, your subconscious is alerting you or preparing you for what lies ahead, but in a good way.

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Dreaming that the black Santa Muerte carries a candle in her hands

This is a sad dream and filled with a bad warning. Basically it is an alert that you are about to lose a close relative , despite the fact that she is and means protection for all living beings, this figure does not stop representing the underworld and therefore also represents death taking a to be loved.

However, this dream has a positive side. If you made an altar before, this has to do with the fact that you have asked for his help to intercede in something in your life and that which you are asking will be fulfilled because it is part of a spiritual world that listens to you.

Dreaming that you observe yourself lighting a candle for the altar

When Santa Muerte is lit with lights around him in the dream, it means that he is influencing you in some way . It is advised that in your real life, in the face of some pressing situation, you do not decide to light candles for Holy Death as this may bring you problems in the near future.

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Situations with the black Santa Muerte

Dream that you are escaping from Santa Muerte

Dreaming that you run away from this statue, is an indication that you have some certainty that something bad will happen that will affect the economy in a surprising way. To avoid this, economic savings are always recommended to avoid feeling that money is needed in any situation.

Dreaming that Santa Muerte is absorbing the breath

That you have dreamed something similar is to worry, since it has a negative meaning. The figure of Santa Muerte is looking for a way to feed on your energies of vitality, soon causing you a variety of anguishes. After dreaming of these images, you must protect yourself. This means that you try to take a few days to be calm and if possible away from the environment that is generating the conflict.

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Dream that the black Santa Muerte haunts and hurts you

Unpleasant things are happening in your life that don’t let you think clearly, what seems to be mixed feelings that haunt you. If what you remember in your dream is that the black Santa Muerte is behind you and does not let you go, it means that you must move away from the bad events of the past and move forward so that you free your consciousness.

Dreaming that you lose sight of the figure of the black Santa Muerte

If you are in the presence of the figure of the black Santa Muerte, but you notice that little by little it is disappearing, this indicates that your dream is a possible alert that must be followed for any type of situation. And if you have the same dream repeatedly, it is preferable that you be more careful so that nothing catches you off guard.

Dream that you are making fun of the black Santa Muerte

They may seem like some funny spiritual themes to us because of how little we believe in them. If in your dream you make fun of a statue of the black Santa Muerte then you reflect a skeptical attitude towards the subject. What you don’t know is that the spiritual should not be taken lightly.

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