There are not a few who decide to venture into the world of fashion and haute couture, in which trained clothing designers will always be needed. Nowadays you are no longer tied to a sketchpad, but can also use your computer and some specialized applications.

We are talking about the software to design clothes that are on the market and that come with all the drawing and illustration tools so that you can create great proposals for your clients.

The 6 Best Free and Paid Fashion Design Software To Design Clothes and Garments

Even if you just want to practice, learn to create your own looks to get ready, as well as work independently, you will need the right help and adapted functions, such as those offered by the most recommended fashion design software.

We want you to know which ones are used by great designers, but also those that are easier to start with the basics. Without further ado, we invite you to discover them below.

1. Fashion Sketcher for Windows, Linux and Mac

Developed by Wondershare and Edraw, Fashion Sketcher is a simple but very complete proposal that will help you become a fairly well-known clothing designer, although it doesn't matter if you're an amateur or an expert, they all have a place in this application.

Its main attraction is due to the catalog of templates, which are nothing more than different mannequins in the form of women, men, boys, girls and according to other categories to start with your drawings.

There you will find various tools, including the tracing tool with which you will have to add contour points to create a shape, be it for the upper area, lower area, shoes, socks, accessories or any other garment that comes to mind.

You have the opportunity to add colors and textures, incorporate shadow effects, transparency, glitter, ribbons and many other cool assets. In addition, its interface is similar to that of Office , but adapted to the field of fashion.

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2. Valentine

A veteran in the industry is Valentina, which is currently used in conjunction with a sister software called Seamly2D and is used to make garments and clothing through graphic patterns.

For this you have a large canvas where you can define different preferences, such as the size, the model, the material you are going to use and other specifications. From there you must use a tool to create strokes and outlines, which will serve to make your designs.

In that sense, Valentina has a database of templates that go beyond current fashion. And it is that, you can also select garment patterns from other times , in case you need them for theme parties, costumes, costumes for movies or plays, among other things.

It is available for Windows and Linux and its interface contains all the tools you will need. Although it is a bit more complicated and not so well known nowadays, it can be one of the free clothing design apps on PC.

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3. Blender

Perhaps the best known is Blender , as it is one of the most widely used CAD software on the market for making clothes. In specified, this app usually works through 3D graphics , so you have a universe of fully customizable models and resources.

The advantage of this is that each garment is better adjusted to the dimensions of the subject , which are usually accurate to the actual sizes of the users. That is why you can generate various measures from a single design.

Of course, Blender is not at all easy to understand and you need to watch many tutorials or take an advanced course before learning how to use it, since it contains many settings that can be overwhelming.

However, it is one of the most recommended 3D clothing design software because you can define realistic textures, create animations from your designs, modify every detail according to true parameters and many other incredible preferences, so it is worth it.

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4. Browzwear

Blender is fine, but Browzwear caters exclusively to the fashion world, so its designs are even more realistic than the previous app. You can start by drawing up a 2D concept, but then you can turn it into 3D with a few simple adjustments.

All garments take into account characteristics such as fabric, size, texture, and fashion and haute couture trends , as well as the threads, needles, and other details that will be used to create the actual garment.

For this reason, Browzwear can make an embedded format with sizes, dimensions and color, in such a way that you can only use materials appropriate to those requirements, which reduces the manipulation of the original design to a minimum.

You can work together with other designers to receive feedback in real time and your tutors will be able to add changes in a matter of seconds, using a software for fashion design for Mac and Windows.

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5. Pattern Design Software

Pattern Design Software is a delight for any fashion designer, because there is nothing you can't create here. You start by making 2D patterns with all the measurements and considerations you need, and you can also make changes using the built-in tools.

But the best thing is that it will automatically generate a 3D view with a hyper-realistic model, including textures, shadows, and colors. In fact, there are many types of digital fabrics to try and use.

Likewise, Pattern Design Software allows you to manipulate any design in 3D and the changes will automatically affect the pattern in 2D, allowing both to be connected and the results to be as expected.

In addition, it also lets you work as a team and creates reports with all the details of the garments and their type of clothing. Likewise, you can import designs created in other CAD applications or export them in a very useful catalog version.

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6. Adobe Illustrator

Although it does not specialize in fashion, but rather is a graphic design and illustration application, Adobe Illustrator is preferred by many when it comes to making sketches for garments of all kinds.

It mainly works through vector elements , because regardless of your design, you can modify the size and dimensions in a way that does not affect the original drawing. In addition, it allows you to add changes, apply effects and textures, as well as export in various formats.

Adobe Illustrator is a somewhat complex clothing design software to use, since you require advanced knowledge to learn how to use all of its tools. The interface is well organized and works through layers, which makes it easy to work and create your clothes.

You can even make accessories and a host of other great options to build a professional catalogue. It's not free, but it's available for MacOS and Windows 10, among other systems.

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Design garments in 2D and 3D, create high-quality patterns and sketches, work with professional designers with software to Design Clothes. It is important that you download this type of tool if you want to venture into the world of fashion and haute couture.

A computer is enough to put your creativity and talent to the test, in addition to providing you with all the automated tools so that your projects are ready only to make them.

Big fashion houses like Nike or Puma often take advantage of these applications to carry out their designs. Almost all of them are paid , which would mean a long-term investment if you want to dedicate yourself to this market.

In addition, you can take advantage of those software that work with CAD systems, which apart from being highly recognized and precise, also provide us with incredible functions to generate realistic versions, ready to create your own clothing catalog.

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