In our daily lives, USB Drives, also known as Pen Drives or PD, have become great allies for transporting files and carrying important information. For example, there we can upload our slides to make presentations at school or work.

We also usually use them as an alternative to install portable applications, but when they get damaged or stop working for various reasons, you will need the Softwares To Fix A USB Flash Drive.

List Of Top 6 Software and tools to Repair USB on PC

The repair of a USB will depend entirely on the real damage that the device has, since this can be physical, through a hardware problem; or through a software failure, which can be solved with some specialized applications.

Many times we don't even care so much about the equipment, but rather about all the content that we have stored, and that can also be recovered thanks to the repair Softwares for USB flash drives that we will present below.

1. Apacer USB Repair Tool

When the problem is caused by a problem with the memory clusters, Apacer USB Repair Tool will be your great ally to carry out an effective repair. And it is that, this app has the task of applying a deep and specific format to the device, to try to fix the bad sectors.

For this, different analyzes are carried out and it is about recovering those segments of the flash drive that stopped working, to bring it to life and give you a second chance.

In this sense, Apacer USB Repair Tool is functional when the flash drive has been affected by a virus, malware, worm or Trojan, since it is capable of recovering files and hidden information, but first getting rid of the malicious elements.

Other common problems that it can fix are error messages when you connect the drive to PC, failing to copy files due to lack of space even though you have enough, or the storage won't open on the computer.

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2. Kingston USB Repair Tool

If your flash drive is of the Kingston brand and you are having some problems in its operation, there are Softwares To Fix a USB Memory developed especially for that type of device, and you should try it before throwing it away.

This software is so simple that you won't even have to make any major configurations or adjustments, since it automatically detects the problem that the memory is having to try to solve it. The range of effectiveness goes from 70% to 90%.

The steps to use Kingston USB Repair Tool are very simple. First you have to download the app and install it on your computer, which does not take up even 1 MB of your storage. You will then need to launch it and select your flash drive from the list of connected devices.

Finally, wait for the exam to be carried out and the equipment to be repaired through a deep format. But keep in mind that this action could delete all the files you have stored there.

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3. Panasonic USB Repair Tool

It is the turn of those memories of the Panasonic brand, one of the most affected by operating errors. Panasonic USB Repair Tool even works with other pen drive models, including those from Kingston and Transcend, among other options.

The advantage here is that you won't have to install the program as it comes in a portable package and will work quickly just by running the file (.exe) and selecting the connected flash drive from the list of options.

In that sense, Panasonic USB Repair Tool will ask you to choose the type of formatting that you want to be applied, either the deep format , for more complete repairs and a restructuring of the memory segments; or the simple one, for a quick and short-term job.

The program is very effective in most cases, and can solve problems such as connection errors , in cases where the unit does not appear in the storage, among other things.

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4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This tool is mostly recommended when you have lost the files that you had stored on your USB, and it can work for you after using the previous Softwares To Fix A USB Flash Drive and get your important files back.

When you install it, you will see a simple interface that shows you a list of all the devices connected to the computer, and that at the same time are detectable by the software. In fact, if you can see the unit on the screen, it means that it is still working and has a solution.

From there, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has the task of analyzing the memory and trying to recover deleted or lost items, being able to filter the results by photos, videos, music files, among other types of formats.

You also have the option to choose whether you want the scans to be deep or easy , although with the former you'll have a much better chance of getting things that have been removed for a long time, something that you will surely want to see again.

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5. Easy Disk Drive Repair

Although less frequently, outdated drivers can also be the main cause of your memory or USB device stopping working. Easy Disk Drive Repair is more of a tool used to repair your portable hard drive.

However, it works on other types of storage units, such as an SD card or pen drives of different models, as well as other connection equipment such as mice, Bluetooth USB, etc...

As if that weren't enough, Easy Disk Drive Repair works for you, so you won't have to configure anything or select customization preferences. The app automatically detects the damaged drive for you, and then runs a deep scan to determine errors.

If there are outdated drivers , they will be installed and the error will probably be fixed. But the show also focuses on storage, bad clusters, among other common issues.

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6. USB Disk Security

And to put an end to the viruses that damage our flash drives, or at least vaccinate them to prevent them from spreading, USB Disk Security will be your great ally from now on. We are talking about a portable app that is not even installed, but rather runs on the computer.

Sure, it's important that you open the program before plugging in the flash drive, and after plugging it into the USB panel, it will do an analysis of the storage space to try and detect any errors and problems.

USB Disk Security will erase any superficial threats , and then add a kind of vaccine that will remain constant in memory. This will allow the flash drive to stay healthy and virus-free every time you insert it into an unknown PC, but it will also help prevent the spread of any viruses or malicious files.

Of course, it is not an antivirus as such, but it is one of the best Softwares To Fix a USB Memory that we have found so far.

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Fix your flash drive, recover lost files, solve connection errors and more with the best Softwares to Fix a USB Memory on the market. Most of these softwares are free, but, above all, light.

If what you are looking for is a tool that serves to fix the common problems that affect USB drives , these proposals are the most recommended and adapted to different needs, especially if you want to keep your drive completely protected.

Of course, the first thing you'll need to assess is whether the memory corruption is physical or software. If it is the first one, you will be able to determine it by connecting it to the PC and noticing that it does not emit any sound , nor any sign.

You can also test using the above Softwares and see if the drive appears in the list of connections. If it is negative, it is possible that your device cannot be fixed and you should replace it with a new one in the market.

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