For those who are music-driven, here is a list of 6 sites where you can download songs of various styles for free. And all cool!

Most of these pages also serve as a platform for independent musicians to publicize their work.

1. YouTube Audio Library

There are thousands of songs that can be filtered by genre, mood, instrument, duration and attribution.The first indication had to be YouTube. And we are not talking about using external tools to download published videos, but the large audio library that the site itself makes available for free and legal download.

Some tracks ask for musician credits, but they are still free. The YouTube Audio Library also has hundreds of sound effects options organized by categories.

All of this makes the platform a great tool for those looking for song suggestions for a playlist of a specific style. Or a soundtrack to accompany a video.

2. SoundCloud

By entering the page, you can already view the free songs that are available in the SoundCloud community. In addition, the user can create an account (for free) on the site and, on their profile, save tracks, follow artists and create playlists .The SoundCloud is one of the most famous songs of the market sharing platforms. Therefore, it has a large library, with songs of the most varied musical styles. Content can be either streamed or downloaded.

Musicians can get even more out of the tool. The site provides the dissemination of works, as it is possible to upload songs, podcasts and other audios on the page.

3. Amazon Music

Like other platforms, Amazon Music organizes them into categories such as musical style and band or musician name. Browsing the site, you can meet new artists and enjoy songs from some of your favorite bands. Try it!The wide range of products Amazon sells we already know, but did you know that the site also sells music? Even better: did you know that the page also offers tracks to download for free?

4. Jamendo

Like other platforms, it works as a space for various artists to share their music. The site categorizes your songs into Latest , Trends, and Genres . It also features a selection of video trail suggestions.In addition to Jamendo Licensing, which makes music available for commercial use, the Jamendo platform features Jamendo Music , a page where you can stream or download a vast music library. All free.

The platform also has radio stations, also divided by music genres, as well as communities, playlists and other selections. To take advantage of all features of the site, the user can create their own account, all for free.

5. Free Music Archive (FMA)

The page was created by the American radio station WFMU, which has the proposal to expand access to culture through music.Launched in 2009, Free Music Archive is an interactive music library that offers free content download.

Songs are organized into categories such as genres, most played of the week, month or all time. The site also features information from musicians and works, being a platform for those in love with music.

6. Noisetrade

The NoiseTrade offers thousands of new artists songs. Therefore, it acts as a space for musicians from all over the world to share their works. The site also contains information about album / music and artist / band.

Here are some more best websites to download free MP3 music

Although we usually resort to direct download applications or P2P services, there are web pages to download or listen to free music that make this task easier by directly hosting the content and indexing it in your search engine. Therefore, we tell you which are the best websites to download free MP3 .

Streaming services, such as Spotify, have decreased interest in downloads since their price and convenience make them the perfect alternative to enjoy music in all places and from any device. In many countries they have even helped lower piracy rates and have been more effective than anti-piracy laws.

Now, what we show you here are pages from which to download free MP3 music , but it is not the only method. You can also use different mobile applications to download music or, directly, download music from YouTube or also download MP3 from Spotify. You just have to follow these links that we indicate to do so.

List of the best websites to download free MP3 music

1.MP3 raid - best free music download sites

Mp3 Raid is one of the largest and has a large collection of songs to download. As soon as you access we will see a huge list with the most popular songs and in the upper area we have access to a search engine where we can find the one we need. When we access a song, we will see the instructions to listen to it or download on the right side.

2.EMp3 World - mp3 download sites

EMp3 World houses a whopping 86,250 songs in its database. When we find the song we are looking for, we will have the option to listen to it, download it or embed it on a website. Like the previous one, it offers us a list of the most downloaded songs, the latest ones added or those that are trending at the moment.

3. Mp3.com - best free music download sites

Mp3.com is a fairly popular website thanks to its simple domain. It has almost 1 million songs on its servers and they always try to host legal content that does not violate copyright. It is a great alternative to discover new artists.

4. BeeMp3 - mp3 download sites

BeeMp3 is another website that tries to host only legal content, although many times it does not quite succeed. Therefore, it is an option to find the latest songs from the best-known artists on the planet. We can search by artist, album or song name. It stands out because most of its links are functional.

5. Mp3-Skull

Mp3-Skull is one of the best known and common in this type of compilation. They claim to have a database of several million songs although we do not always find the content we are looking for. Of course, the most famous songs will be available without problems.

6. Mp3-center's - mp3 download sites

Mp3-center's is another of the alternatives that we find on the Internet although possibly less interesting than the previous ones. This is because it is updated infrequently. It is a good choice for older songs.

7. Songs.Pk

Songs.Pk is perfect if we want to get away from the international music scene and look for more exotic things. We have very varied songs, albums and even video clips, not forgetting the latest Bollywood hits.

8. Filestube

Filestube is the last option of the compilation. Although it is not a specific MP3 download website, it can help us find a specific song since someone may have previously uploaded it to their servers.

In addition, users who wish can leave a tip to their favorites. It's a way the site found to stimulate music production and sharing.

Downloading content is quite simple. Once you find the song or album you want, go to the work page and enter your email address in the space provided.

Do you use any other alternative? Share with us in the comment box
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2020-04-13 11:29:29 After sites like Megaupload were closed and torrent servers were targeted by the anti-piracy war, everyone is liable to become a cyber criminal. The solution for those who can't live without downloading music from the internet are sites that offer free files. SUPER separated some sites full of independent bands and new artists. You can download at will and still become the new musical hipster encyclopedia of the class. 10. The Internet Archive For those who like classical music, jazz and more 'serious' things, this is a good choice. In addition to the downloadable music collection, the site also offers music in creative commons, books, films and audiobooks. 9. Indie Rock Café In addition to a music blog, the Café offers tracks and albums by independent bands that are coming out of the oven. For those who like indie rock, it is nice to follow the site, which puts a lot of music magazine in the slipper. If you are only after downloads, use the search field - the site is not very organized. 8. Epitonic This site appeared in 1999 and was one of the first to take advantage of the potential of the internet as a way to promote new bands. After closing in 2004, Epitonic reopened in 2011 - and this time, with material from more famous people - such as The Strokes and Peaches -, the collection is divided into playlists of artists, albums, record labels, styles and the musical taste of the publishers. 7. Jamendo The collection is completely royalty free. That is, you can freely download independent bands from around the world, including the strong presence of Brazilian artists! The site can be viewed in seven languages, including Portuguese, which is a great help if you can't speak English. Those who have a band can also create an account and share their compositions. 6. Mp3.com As the name says, this site is dedicated to mp3 format. Every day, they release tracks for free download and try to please everyone: daily options include country, hip hop, rock and pop. But pay attention to what you are going to download - some of the services are paid! 5. It's Free Downloads The site tracks iTunes promotions and every day publishes what's available for free download on the Apple platform. Perfect for those who have iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTudo, want to stay legal, but don't have the patience to keep watching everything that happens in the Apple Store. 4. Unsigned Band Web The collection includes 100% independent bands, that is, they have no contract with any record label. There is music for all tastes - and it may take a while before you find something worthwhile and that fits your taste. Musical democracy has these: not everything that glitters is a Grammy statuette. 3. bt.etree The strong point of this site is the live recordings of artists favorable to the download and free sharing of music. Some heavyweights, like Radiohead, made shows available for fans to download from the site. Some recordings are better than others, but there is always that emotion of listening to the crowd singing with the band. If you prefer studio versions, go far. 2. Soundclick The collection is quite extensive and they set up tables with the songs that are most downloaded, indicating whether they went up, down or remained in the same position in the ranking. You can follow general tables and in many subcategories, like Happy Hardcore (who explains ?!). 1. DMusic Once again, the eclectic are winning: the songs on this site are organized into hit charts for each style. Periodically, the site holds competitions between bands taking into account several criteria - such as the contest to choose the best Gothic music. There are also clips of the bands posted straight from YouTube.


2020-04-13 11:36:49 In reality, we shouldn't download and download music using illegal methods, but rather support the artists who enrich our lives. You can also stream using legal services, such as Apple Music and Spotify , or by purchasing directly through Google Play - Music or iTunes , most recently using Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited . That said, if your free trial of Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, or the free version of Spotify is too restricted for your taste, there are several sites to download legal music from which you can download for free. You can use to download and keep the songs playing in your car, Android smartphone or tablet or iPhone / iPad, all legally. Below you can find some of the best free music download sites. Keep in mind, however, that in some of them you will not find the most famous artists. But if you look carefully in the right places, you'll find some of the best hits from some big names, along with hundreds of independent artists. These should keep your ears happy for a long time and without blowing your budget or making a hole in your wallet. Free Music Archive In 2009, Radio WFMU , New Jersey, decided to create a project to allow contemporary music of all genres to be available to the public. And that was when Free Music Archive was born. Since its creation, WFMU has partnered with dozens of curators, and the site has grown to become a treasure trove of free content. The site combines two different approaches to indexing tracks: 1. First, it indexes the free music posted by all of its partners. 2. Second, it allows users to publish their own music directly to the files. This source organization creates an impressive library of tracks that you could literally spend months browsing with, whether you choose to do it by music genre or by curator. In addition, the site hosts a plethora of podcasts, and famous radio stations in the U.S., such as Seattle's KEXP , that often post live videos of their sessions with big names in the studio. The tracks may not have excellent post-production or quality, but they are also free. SoundCloud Many of the songs available on SoundCloud are not free, but that does not mean that there is not a huge selection of alternative free content to choose from. Both Billboard and independent artists often offer a selection of their oldest tracks for free, although you may have to like them on Face or follow them on Twitter. The songs can be browsed in various ways, by artist and genre or even what is currently being displayed. There is also a section of the site dedicated to tracks released under open Creative Commons licenses free to download and remix, as well as Royalty-free audio , which can be used for marketing purposes and in monetized material (such as background music on YouTube). ReverbNation Here you'll find great names of American bands like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons that started on ReverbNation, sharing their music for free and building their loyal fan base. There is a mix of all genres on ReverbNation, but the site tends to lean more towards pop, alternative music and hip-hop than any other genre. With a community of nearly 4 million artists, publishers and users, ReverbNation is truly huge. It helps you analyze your catalog with interesting features, such as the website's Discover application, a page that will help you discover who will be the next big thing. AMAZON You are probably used to using Amazon to buy everything from the Kindle , the best headphones, 3D pens , the best smartphones, monitors for gamers to the baby seat so why not add free music to your shopping list? Believe it or not, Amazon has a huge variety of thousands of free songs available. Amazon do has already launched Amazon Music Unlimited with 30 days free and Amazon Prime Music for Prime customers. That way, you no longer have to use Amazon Music Unlimited Americana . You can choose from everything from obscene and classical music to hits by Carole King and Foo Fighters. Check-out is quick and smooth, and works like buying a song that costs money on Amazon, but without the payment part. Just add a song to your shopping cart, check it out and download the songs. DatPiff Rap lovers, rejoice! Since the mid-twentieth century, the hip-hop community has grown and continues to gain fans and has become a real breeding ground for free music, much of which comes in the form of mixtapes. At DafPitt some songs are original compilations of artists looking for success, some rappers release freestyle remixes of popular instrumentals from their contemporaries, and some are simply created by artists to reward their loyal fans. We appreciate these free songs, we're talking about you Curren $ y . DatPiff is also the only website on the list that constantly offers free music from mainstream American artists like Future and Drake . The site also has a pop-out player for you to listen to before downloading, as well as a news aggregator from sites like HipHopEarly . Audiomack There is a new boy on the block who challenges DatPiff's dominance. It's called Audiomack and it's the site that was quickly classified as the best collection of hip-hop, rap and trap. It includes everything from big hits by some heavyweights like Kodak Black to viral tracks by emerging artists like NBA YoungBoy . However, currently, many content creators have decided to disable their downloads, opting to make a streaming feature available as an alternative. But for sure, there is still a lot of material to download, including some mixtapes by Migos , Playboi Carti and Rich The Kid . Live Music Archive Live Music Archive is essentially a partnership between the Internet Archive and etree.org , a community dedicated to providing quality lossless versions of live concerts. It's like a bootlegger's paradise , given the abundance of concert material, many of which are focused on bands like the Grateful Dead , String Cheese Incident and Sound Tribe Sector 9 . Still, there are a number of other bands to choose from, among the most famous are The Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson, Animal Collective, etc. Together you find many other genres to browse, from jazz to reggae. Browsing is a little laborious due to the huge wealth of content, but there are ways to filter results by title, date of publication or artist. Once you find a show you like in particular, you can play or download the individual tracks in FLAC or MP3 mode, allowing you to play the high quality tracks on your favorite media player . Unfortunately, the website's player does not guarantee a good quality performance. Therefore, we recommend that you view anything that seems to please using the Live Music Archive web player before diving in and downloading it for local playback. Jamendo With hundreds of thousands of tracks by thousands of artists, Jamendo is easily one of the largest free music repositories on the web. You’ll hardly find many of your favorite artists here, but the site’s simplified user interface is great for browsing and finding talented new musicians. Instead of browsing by genre, you organize tracks by popularity, by most downloaded, most played, or most recent version. Popularity is based on ratings from other users, so despite the large number of tracks on the site, you don't have to spend a lot of time searching before finding something you like. Certainly, the website's attraction to lesser-known artists and experimental tracks makes it more suitable for those looking for something new, rather than more mainstream and famous artists. NoiseTrade NoiseTrade is a part of the website, a free part of the music promotion platform. You can download any individual track or album that an independent artist submits to the site if, in turn, you provide to share your email address and postal code with them (like the one in California 90001). The freemium promotion platform also encourages you to publicize the artists you like via Facebook and Twitter, giving you the option to make a donation to the artist. The website's user interface is also incredibly simple and clean, allowing you to easily search or browse a visual hub full of free recommendations and mixtapes covering a wide range of genres, musicians and upcoming events. In addition, the site generally publishes samplers and exclusive releases from artists before debuting, as well as corresponding links that connect you to pages on artists' social networks. Some of our favorite albums are still being offered the last time we checked. MUSOPEN If you are a fan of classical music, then you will love this site. Finding free downloads is easy. After all, most classical compositions and many performances have long been in the public domain. Musopen, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and accessibility of classical music, hosting an impressive library of compositions without any copyright restrictions. Users can browse through the composer, performer or filter the results based on the period or even the instrument. If you like the complex arrangements of the Baroque period or the fierce passion of the romantics, Musopen will probably have what you are looking for. The selections are available for streaming or downloading, some even in high quality. The website also offers an enormous amount of useful information for your reading. If you are curious to know what Rondó is or what defined Chopin's style, you can read and learn all of it here. Musicians can also be delighted to know that the site offers sheet music, so if you fall in love with a particular piece, you can follow along or even learn to play it. Last.fm We still remember Last.fm when it was first created in 2002, functioning as an Internet radio station in a similar way to Pandora and iHeartRadio . In 2005, the site started using Audioscrobbler , a music recommendation system that collects data from dozens of media players and music streaming sites. It then creates individual user profiles that reflect their musical taste and listening capabilities. Last.fm has already collected information from over 100 billion executions, which add up to more than 7 million years of listening to music. Unbeknownst to many Last.fm users, however, they have the site's free music repository. It is accessible via the “ Free Music Downloads ” link at the bottom of the page and offers a very diverse library of free music. SoundClick One of the pearls here on the list, SoundClick calls attention for its vast library of amateur music, and of course free. It is very similar to SoundCloud, as it mainly offers a mix of songs from the independent scene, all uploaded by the artists responsible for their creation. SoundClick, which has been around since 1997, has millions of tracks in more than a dozen genres, including hip-hop, country, jazz, alternative and more. You can download many of these songs for free and in a few seconds of your time. And, streaming (up to 160 kbps, an extra for free services like these) is an option for songs that you can't download. Just like other sites on our list, you will find many songs without interest on SoundClick, but it is worth looking for to find the jewels. In conclusion, as we have already mentioned, instead of downloading music illegally, we can support artists who bring good music into our lives by streaming tracks on Apple Music or Spotify, or buying directly through Google Play Music or iTunes. Alternatively, you have this list of some of the best legal free music download sites.


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