The best video game notification tones you can use on your Android

Hold on, because a good dose of nostalgia is coming . If you are from the glorious era of the late 80s or 90s, surely remember with love some of the best sounds in the world: those of old video games . The classic “Hey, listen” by Navi in Zelda, the sound of the Game Boy going on, that of the coin and the red mushroom of Mario Bros … We have all these sounds burned in our memory , and yes, now you can Use on your Android phone as a ringtone, either for WhatsApp , for calls, or for the app you want.

It has been a user of Reddit ( hiandbye7 ) who has been responsible for collecting and uploading more than 30 tones to Dropbox . Among them we find some as mythical as those mentioned above, and others that you surely know if you are a real gamer, such as Pokémon objects, the sound of Spyro’s gems, the laugh of Tidus and, of course , the classic “Zelda secret” , the melody that sounded when you found a cave or a secret path.

In addition, hiandbye7 has been quite clever and has named all the tones starting with “· n”. Why? Because the character · is usually placed first when you order a list of elements in alphabetical order . That way, if you put them all on your mobile, you can quickly find them from your file browser. The “n” is n otification, so you know exactly what kind of sound it is. A good system, without a doubt.

Up there you have them all in Soundcloud so you can listen to them and download them one by one . If you like them all and want to download them at once, here is the link to Dropbox . They come in a compressed file that weighs just over 1 MB, so you can download it even if you have little storage on your Android. To enjoy!

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