The best way to store your digital photos is through photo albums, but this can be a difficult decision to make when there are so many options on the market. To help you, we will talk about the best Photo Album Maker Software.

Before the modern technology revolution, people waited days to see their photos. Today, people could capture many images and view them immediately by using today's advanced technology. But the problem is that they do not manage these data or images properly.

So, to solve this photo management problem, there are various photo book maker available in the market. But people don't know which one is the best. That's why in this article we made a list of photo book maker software that help you manage your photos.

If you are looking for software to make photo albums that fit your needs, be sure to check out the features of these alternatives:


The first of the photo book making software we want to talk about is Design'N'Buy . This is a complete photo album design software that allows you to configure your album.

This software provides personalized photo albums that include other services such as printing. It has a comprehensive administration panel that allows you to monitor all aspects of your photo book, be it product catalogue, editable templates, print-ready results, discounts, offers and much more.

This is a unique solution for running a photo book printing business and allows your customers to create their own custom picture books or use images from pre - decorated templates . This online photo book maker includes a package, which automatically designs and even prints personalized photo books throughout the process.


  • Create predestined idea pages using photo boxes and editable text boxes and allow customers to choose when designing page sites.
  • Set various unique cover and background options to allow customers to fill in their unique stories on your pages.
  • Classify photo album templates according to occasion, size, etc.
  • It works on different browsers, devices and operating systems. You can also configure your work with multiple currencies and languages.
  • Alert option for photos with image resolution below acceptable print quality and much more.

2. Canvera

Canvera is another of the software to make photo albums. This software offers two types of photo book layout options to allow professional photographers the best performance. Either you can design your photo book with its simple and efficient design tools , or you can hire the experts at Canvera to do the work for you.

Canvera offers a variety of design themes for photo book design. This includes variations within the same theme.


  • Make your order printing process quick by simply uploading the pre-designed album directly.
  • It allows you to buy an order from the design catalog according to your choice.
  • It is compatible with different platforms like Windows and iOS.
  • It gives you the ability to work online/offline on various layouts.

3. BrushYourIdeas

BrushYourIdeas is one of the photo book making software that makes it easy for you to produce and print a photo book. You simply have to integrate it into your website and that's it.

This online photo album software is creative, robust, and provides an easy-to-use interface that allows your customers to upload photos, adjust sequences, and add personalized messages with just a few clicks.


  • Compatible with various eCommerce platforms like Magneto, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc.

    Provides various customization features for text, image, layout, etc. that help you to modify your album according to your choice.

  • Using the brush tool options, users can change the color and size of the brush to create freehand drawings for a particular product.
  • It allows you to print your design on different products with its multiple printing method compatibility.

4. Fizara

Photo book design software should be fast and easy to use. Unfortunately, it is not very common. That's why we're showing you the easiest to use warp speed photo album software you'll ever find, Fizara .

Also, it allows you to use different file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and Photoshop files. In addition, it offers you many options, such as being able to make your own designs from scratch or choose from hundreds of pre-designed designs.


  • Lets you check the resolution of images to make sure they look their best.
  • It offers more than 300 backgrounds, more than 600 templates and more than 1000 graphics to choose from and create your photo album in an amazing way.
  • Allows you to add images from your computer, Facebook, etc.
  • Create a bold statement by displaying panoramic photos on two different pages.
  • It is compatible and works easily on Windows and iOS.

5. Fundy Designer

Fundy Designer is another of the best software to make photo albums. Enjoy templates and full creative control. Design any album easily: flush mount albums, matte albums, book signings and more. Present your clients' designs from anywhere effortlessly.

Test albums online with beautiful brochures or integrated slideshows in person. You'll always have the latest page sizes and guides at your fingertips, with over 140 different print and counter partners.


  • Includes over 140 lab sizes for making albums.
  • Use the IPS tool to design and offer the best moments created by you in albums for clients.
  • It allows you to export HD slideshows.
  • Accept multiple payment options like PayPal, credit cards, etc.

6. Album Exposure

AlbumExposure is one of the online photo album making software, which improves and streamlines your album workflow with realistic presentation of each album layout, customer feedback capability and review process efficiency.

AlbumExposure in its entirety is an album process that makes producing, managing, selling and ordering albums simple and painless. Save time, manage everything in one place , and make albums easy, yet profitable.


  • It comes with built-in lab presets that let you start the perfect design based on the information.
  • Adjust images using a built-in editor or you can also edit your favorite editor as per your choice.
  • It gives you full control over margins and spacing which helps you fit any template without limits.
  • It allows you to export Adobe Photoshop files.

7. Smart Albums

Another of the software to make photo albums is Pixellu SmartAlbums . It gives you complete creative freedom while putting thousands of professionally designed templates at your fingertips. Drag and drop your images and see a layout right away. It's that simple.

There's no better way to design your album with beautiful layouts, easy customization, and time-saving technologies.


  • SmartAlbums analyzes your album and alerts you to detect possible problems sooner.
  • To avoid cropping faces, SmartAlbums automatically repositions the image within the frame.
  • It allows you to import files of different formats like PNG, TIFF, PNG and PSD .
  • Export Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign files to seamlessly connect SmartAlbums to your existing workflow.
  • Provides perfect gap consistency throughout the album


Magix is one of the photo book making software that helps improve efficiency and save photos in a well-organized manner. Other than that, it is easy and straightforward to use. You can start making your digital collection as well as manage the photos without any problem.

Also, it is a unique tool that helps you improve your photography skills by capturing more photos and you can improve your knowledge of photo editing.


  • This amazing software provides facial recognition feature which helps to increase efficiency.
  • It allows you to optimize photos easily and effectively.
  • You can manage all your photos and create albums in one space.
  • This photo album tool allows you to search and sort photos.
  • It is a software that provides flexibility in work and offers unlimited options for exporting and importing.


The options that we have presented to you in this list are some of the best photo album maker software you can find. Some are downloadable while others you can work online. The choice will depend on what you are looking for from a software of this type.

Thank you for reading our post about Photo Album Maker software. Please leave us a comment below and let us know your experience!

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