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  • Display real-time statistics directly in front of you.
  • They resemble classic goggles in both appearances and feel.
  • It is extremely simple to use; all you need is one button.
  • Effective work that is spot on
  • Battery life lasts up to 6 hours.
  • Data editing options are limited.

  • Only Strava, a third-party app, is supported. 

FINIS Smart Goggles synchronization with SWIMOUTLET

The majority of swimmers are likely familiar with the moniker FINIS. The company, which is situated in Northern California, is one of the most successful manufacturers of swim gear. They have been in business for close to three decades and now offer their merchandise in more than eighty nations all around the world. This encompasses anything from swim caps to MP3 players that can be used underwater.

The organization prides itself on being innovative and has said that it is committed to coming up with the next great thing. And intelligent swim goggles definitely have the potential to develop into that very thing. In comparison to a sports watch or even worse, manually counting laps, the use of a device of this kind provides a technique for tracking your swimming sessions that is far more convenient.

Take into consideration the fact that FINIS is not the pioneer company to enter this sector. The FORM Swim Goggles are the first augmented reality glasses designed specifically for swimmers and have been on the market for almost two years now. But now, in the guise of the FINIS Smart Goggle, FORM is facing up against its first legitimate opponent. As a result, customers will have more options available to them as a result, and the price of such items will drop as a direct result of this.

For the last two weeks, I've been using the FINIS Smart Goggle to keep track of the length and frequency of my swim workouts. This is what I concluded about them.

A Look at the Design of the FINIS Smart Goggle

You will find a pair of swim goggles, a Smart Coach module that looks like a little pod, six interchangeable nose bridges in varying sizes, and a magnetic USB charging wire within the packaging. In addition, there is a brief instruction manual for your perusal, should you want to do so.

Traditional design

One of the things that drew me to the product was the fact that it has an appearance not dissimilar to that of a pair of classic high-end goggles. To a greater extent than the FORM Swim Goggles, which are somewhat more cumbersome and heavier.

When examined in great detail, the FINIS Smart Goggles don't have any special characteristics that stand out. And it can only point to positive outcomes. It is not very important to me to draw attention to myself from the other swimmers in my vicinity.

The goggles are available in two different colour options: blue and white/smoke. As can be seen from the photographs, I have the second choice available to me. This item is simply a blue polycarbonate lens that has a white gasket that seems to be made of thermoplastic rubber and a silicone strap that can be adjusted.

Making sure there is a good match

The equipment is easy to use and the tightness may be adjusted by tugging on the straps, exactly as you would do with standard swimming goggles. You also receive a selection of nose bridges in a variety of sizes, giving you further customization options. Because the one that was pre-attached by default provided a comfortable fit for me, there was no need for me to switch it out with another option.

Goggles were used when swimming to prevent water from getting in, and they were comfortable to wear. As far as fogging up goes, I've seen that it does happen to some degree. But not any more than a regular set of swimming goggles would cost.

The Smart Coach module is where all of the ingenuity and wittiness of the setup can be found. This should be positioned in the bottom right-hand corner of the left lens. When it has been correctly installed, you will hear two clicks. This is your cue. The first signifies that it is at the correct location, and the second demonstrates that it is safe.

Once it was installed, there was absolutely no chance of the module coming loose or moving in any way, since it will not budge once it is in place. In point of fact, it is secured in place so strongly that I had some trouble removing it before I could charge it. But by practicing and learning from your mistakes, you will eventually get the hang of things. In the end, I made the decision to simply keep it in its current state. Once the module has been installed, there is no compelling reason to delete it.

After each swim, FINIS recommends that you give the goggles a quick rinse in some fresh water. In addition, if you find any residue on the Smart Coach module, you should use some rubbing alcohol and a gentle cloth to clean it. Not an issue.

A single control button is provided.

In addition to the classic style, another aspect of the goggles that appealed to me was how easy it was to put them on and take them off. There is simply a single physical button, and you press this button to turn the goggles on and off, as well as to begin and end a swimming session. Because of the seamless integration of this feature, the button is so well hidden that you won't really notice it unless you're really searching for it. It mixes in quite well with the material that is all around it.

There is nothing that can be done on your end to turn off the FINIS Smart Goggle, so don't even bother trying. You may easily terminate the swim by clicking the button, and they will turn off by themselves after 10 minutes of inactivity if you leave them alone.

battery life of up to six hours at a time.

Moving on to the next very crucial factor, the battery life, the goggles do not fall short on this front either. Everything stays operational on a single charge for around four to six hours, depending on how it is being used. However, FINIS recommends that you replenish after each swim that you complete. I'm not sure why, but it might be that this helps maintain the battery's health. During a swim of one hour, I discovered that the battery life reported in the app on my smartphone was around 85 per cent.

The charging process is carried out with the use of a specialized cable that has a magnetic tip and is designed to attach to the module's pins. You have the option of removing the module and charging it separately or keeping it in place in the left lens and charging it from that location. If you lose the cable or damage it in any way, you will need to place an order for a new one. This is one reason why I am not a big supporter of proprietary charging equipment.

By glancing at the LED light indicator that is incorporated within the module, you will be able to determine the current charge state. When the battery is being charged, an orange light will illuminate; when that light goes out, you'll know the battery is full.

A Look at the Finis Smart Goggles: The Setup

When I'm trying out a piece of smart gear, one of my favourite things to do is to attempt to set it up and use it without first reading the directions. My understanding of how easy or challenging it is to use the equipment has improved as a result of this. The only piece of information that I was able to equip myself with was the name of the mobile application that needed to be loaded on the smartphone.

Downloading the Ciye app onto your mobile device is a must for getting everything set up. The phrase "The Coach in Your Eye" inspired the name of the band. In reality, the FINIS and Ciye smart eyewear are a result of a joint venture between the two companies.

When you add yourself as a new user, the program will ask you a few fundamental questions such as your gender, weight, and age before allowing you to proceed. You will eventually be asked to link the goggles with the app as well at some point in the process. Naturally, you will only need to do this step the very first time you utilize the application.

The whole of this struck me as a really smooth operation. The app immediately located the goggles and connected with them without any problems. After that moment, the two were able to communicate with one another without any issues. Simply launch the app after turning on the goggles, and they will automatically connect.

Adjusting the goggle strap to get a comfortable fit is one of the primary steps in the setup process. After that, place the module in the location that has been allotted to it. Your field of view ought to be occupied by the display of the Smart Goggles. If not, push the button to turn the power on.

The application will guide you through the process of customizing the display. This material manifests itself in the portion that is located to the left of the centre of your field of view. Although at first, it would seem to be odd, the idea behind it is rather ingenious. Because the screen is not located in the exact centre of the room, you won't be able to see anything on it if you look directly in front of you. If you gaze to the left, you will be the first to discover it. Only then will you be able to see it.

It is now time to utilize the arrows inside the app on your smartphone to place the text on the display in such a way that it is easy for you to read. In addition to that, there is a brightness option that you may adjust. You are always able to alter these settings by heading back to the app and choosing the Goggles tab followed by the Adjust Goggles option.

Setting up the display such that it may be seen in a comfortable manner takes just a few seconds. If you're encountering problems, FINIS recommends trying out a few different nasal bridges to see which one works best for you.

You are also able to give your eyewear a name and experiment with the various settings. A feature that enables the addition of several swimming places, for instance, might prove to be very helpful. Each gives you the ability to choose the length of the pool. This was necessary for me to utilize since the length of my local pool, which is just 30 meters, is not typical.

Another option that you may want to check is the "Customize Goggles Screen," which determines what you are able to view when you are swimming. This is an important one to do. In the end, I decided to go with the default setting since it met all of my requirements. The "Standard Swim" option, the "I Swim Laps" option, the "I Swim for Time" option, and the "I Swim Sets" option are all available to you. Each of them shows metrics that are somewhat different from one another. If you wish to reduce the amount of distraction that you experience, you may choose the "shorthand display" option.

A Look at the Features of the FINIS Smart Goggle

Within the waters of

To activate the goggles when you're swimming, you need to push the physical button once. When you are ready to start swimming, press it once again. That is the extent of the matter. There are no additional controls, and everything will be done automatically for you. The only other duty you have is to terminate the session after you are through swimming by hitting the physical button again. This is your sole responsibility, other than actually swimming.

The number of sets, laps, split times, set times, jogging times, total swim times, and rest periods are shown by the "Standard Swim" option that I use on my watch. These do not appear simultaneously with one another. Rather than that, the display cycles over them in a way that makes your swim time far more entertaining.

Because it is tracking your mobility, the accelerometer in the module is aware of everything that you are doing at all times. I looked forward to the rest intervals since they gave me the opportunity to think about the facts in more depth at those times.

I will be the first to say that I do not have exceptional skills when it comes to being in or around water. I would say that my swimming ability is somewhere mediocre at best. Despite this, the glasses were able to pick up on my stroke without any difficulty. Free, back, breast, fly, kick, and drill are some of the ones that its algorithm is able to figure out. It was not flawless each and every time, but neither is my technique. Neither of us is perfect. I am able to confirm that the majority of the time it was accurate. I believe that it would be very close to ideal for a swimmer of a higher calibre.

One minor criticism I have is that I found the settings counter to be a little bit too stringent. The gear keeps track of both the sets and the laps. However, there were moments when I needed a second or two to complete the turn from one end of the pool to the other, especially when I was at the shallow end of the pool. The glasses would sometimes signal that the set was complete and then start a new one. That was a little bit frustrating to me.

When I first went swimming, I had to pull over in the midst of a lap because the pool was so packed. Because of this, the glasses were under the impression that I had completed the lap, but in reality, I had not. Some information may be edited inside the app, but not the total number of laps or sets. Because I was more cautious not to stop in the middle of a lap during the subsequent workouts, I did not have that problem again.

After you have completed everything, as was previously described, hit the physical button to finish the session. After that, after you've cleaned up and are completely dry, use the Ciye app to sync everything. For a swim workout lasting an hour, this usually takes no more than a minute or two.

The software known as Ciye

While swimming, it is helpful to keep track of the metrics. They provide you with feedback in real-time on how well you are doing. Having access to this kind of data encourages you to improve, and I found that I was always attempting to surpass the lap time that I had previously set as a personal best. There is also a clock that displays the current time, so there is no need to guess how long you have been in the water. Due to the fact that it makes swimming more enjoyable, I realized that I was spending even more time than normal in the pool.

However, the app displays a great deal more information on your performance. In addition, it enables you to monitor current trends.

There are four tabs that elegantly organize everything: news (a scrolling feed of your activities, the activities of your friends, and news items), history (your swim history), Pools (where you can add or change pool information), and Goggles (settings, battery level, etc). The program has an appealingly simple and uncluttered appearance to it.

Reading over the statistics is entertaining, and some of them are even presented in graphic form. You are also able to set weekly objectives using this application. You have control over the parameters for this, including distance, frequency, and swim time. This is helpful for tracking patterns, but I wish there was also a way to see the monthly totals in addition to the weekly totals.

Inside the app, you can view additional information such as average pace, total distance, calories burned, lap splits for each set, and more specific information on active time and rest time; however, this information is not displayed in real-time. The only piece of information that may be modified is the stroke type, as was just explained above. It won't be an issue as long as you remember to keep swimming without stopping in the middle of the lap.

Additionally, the Ciye app gives you the option to link to Strava. This may be accomplished by navigating to the settings. After you authorize the connection, your swimming statistics will immediately begin to sync with the widespread service. There is presently no additional third-party connectivity available. However, I would be very interested in seeing compatibility with Garmin, Fitbit, and other devices in this category.

According to FINIS, the goggles will feature integration with in the not-too-distant future, so swimmers have something to look forward to. Within the context of the swimming community, this is the preeminent platform for the monitoring of workouts.

The fact that the FINIS goggles can monitor open water swimming is another feature that ought to be brought out. On the other hand, this merely displays the time. Additional parameters, such as position, direction, stroke rate, and others, will be included at the appropriate time.

Form Swim Goggles vs. FINIS Smart Goggles

The FINIS Smart Goggle and the FORM Swim Goggles are now the two most popular varieties of high-tech swimming goggles. It is impossible to resist making comparisons.

When you put the FINIS Smart Goggle next to the FORM, it becomes immediately apparent that the two are fairly comparable to one another. Both of them appear very much like the conventional version of the device, but they superimpose a digital display in front of your eyes. This makes it possible to go swimming without drawing attention to oneself. This method is far handier than attempting to read swim information off of a watch display that is so small.

The FINIS goggles have a design that is more similar to that of regular goggles since they just need a little module to be installed in one of the lenses. This has the additional advantage that you can easily buy a new module if the one you already have becomes outdated or damaged. It will save you money compared to completely replacing the item. Additionally, the FINIS goggles are smaller and more compact than the FORM goggles.

One further distinction is that FINIS displays your swimming statistics on the left-hand side, so there is nothing to hinder your vision of the world in front of you. This is a significant advantage. The FORM app superimposes an augmented reality display directly in front of your line of sight. Consequently, in this regard, I discovered that the FINIS product was less distracting.

The FORM swim goggles provide their wearers with a number of benefits as well. These come in the form of the capability to hook up to a heart rate monitor manufactured by Polar. Additionally, when linked to a Garmin or Apple Watch, they have the ability to use GPS while swimming in open water. In addition, they feature better interaction with third-party apps and longer battery lives.

The conclusion of the FINIS Smart Goggles review

Instead of using a sports watch during your swimming workouts, you might consider using a pair of smart goggles instead. They provide information that is accurate and up-to-date directly in your field of vision, making it simple to read, and they are in a better location than your wrist to accurately measure movement. In addition to that, it is something that you would most likely wear anyway.

I believed the FINIS Smart Goggles were a product that had put a lot of consideration into it. It is to FORM's advantage that there is now credible competition in this market area where there was previously just one entrant.

The ease with which the goggles may be used is one of the things that drew me to the product. You only press one button to turn them on, and then you can begin swimming. It is difficult to see that the FINIS Smart Goggles are any different from a typical pair of swim goggles since the Smart Coach Module is neatly concealed away in the goggles. This is another one of these products' many strengths.

You should be able to see the swim stats out of the corner of your left eye. This indicates that you are only able to view them if you deliberately choose to look at them.

But let's not overlook the tracking capabilities; after all, they are the most essential component of a device of this kind. The FINIS Smart Goggles are capable of monitoring important swim metrics such as split times, laps, sets, the kind of swim stroke, and many more. This is all quite realistic, to say the least.

Integration with third-party applications like Garmin's, Apple's, and Fitbit would be my first and foremost goal. In spite of this, you do possess the capability to synchronize with Strava.

The FINIS Smart Goggle is an excellent product that any swimmer should consider purchasing. They will most certainly be able to assist you in becoming more skilled in the water. The goggles have a low required level of engagement; they are straightforward to use, and they perform well. The more dedicated members of the group may value the improved stats that are available to them as a result of donning FORM.

The FINIS Smart Goggle, which retails for $235 and can be purchased at SwimOutlet, the most popular online swim shop, is available there. They have been given the honour of being the exclusive authorized reseller of the FINIS Smart Goggle.


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