What are the best PS4 games that don't need internet?

We live in a very specific era in the world of video games, in which the internet is the order of the day and multiplayer experiences have gained much ground to solo experiences. But calm, because not only can you play alone, but you can also do it by enjoying games. These are, for us, some of the best PS4 games that don't need internet. And here, just in case, a good selection of games in case you want to play 2 players on the same screen and console.

Some of the best PS4 games that don't need internet

Let's start with an exclusive classic: Uncharted 4 . The end of the saga starring Nathan Drake and his teammates is one of the best video games of the whole generation, essential for adventure and action lovers. And yes, you can enjoy it without being connected to the internet.

God of War

Another of the best PS4 games that don't need internet is God of War , the recent exclusive console title. It is also a true wonder in every way, and you can enjoy it for tens of hours. Join Kratos and Atreues on one of the best adventures seen in recent years, and yes, without needing to be connected.


One of the most recent exclusive console titles is also one of the best PS4 games that don't need internet. Enjoying a superb open world is not only a matter of multiplayer MMOs, but this title of the climber can be enjoyed from the beginning to the end without being connected online.

Persona 5

If you are the JRPG, with Persona 5 you have one of the best exponents of the entire generation. Here you can have dozens and even hundreds of hours of stories, fighting, exploration and relationships without any problem in case you do not have internet or do not want to play online.


Although we are great advocates of enjoying From Software games with online activated, it is true that we cannot ignore Bloodborne as one of the best ps4 games that do not need internet. You will miss the invocations and the messages of the rest of the players, but in spite of this the experience is still essential.

Life is Strange

And for contributing some variety and not only talking about exclusive titles, we will also recommend one of our favorite video games of the generation: Life is Strange. In case you are passionate about narrative adventures in which our actions and decisions have consequences, the game of Dontnod is a delight that you cannot miss, and yes, it does not need internet.


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