The Lucnt SRL1 is an advanced bicycle tail light that functions similarly to a car's brake lights. It can detect whether you are accelerating or decelerating and will send out various light flashes to alert drivers following you.

The gadget is made by Mema Engineering, a little business in California. It is simply attached to your bike using powerful magnets and is about the size and weight of a USB thumb drive. There is no need to deal with the power switch because Lucnt detects when you are moving. The light detects your speed using a variety of sensors and clever algorithms. When you brake, each of the four independent lights automatically brightens and turns off.

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There are two ways to fasten the light. When flipped up, Lucnt emits a constant red light that increases in brightness from 10% while you're riding to 100% as you slow down. The light blinks in a variety of patterns when it is flipped downward to reflect your changes in speed; whenever you are braking, the light turns to a constant red glow.

Simply lift the light from its mount to remove it. Additionally, this prevents theft. Simply take out Lucnt and put it in your pocket each time you lock your bike.

The quest to make this bike light a reality is approximately a third of the way there with just over 20 days left to go. A model costs $100 and has a 20-hour runtime on a single charge.


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