Breastfeeding is extremely vital for a newborn's development. That is why you must nurse your infant. 

Nursing apps can assist you in keeping a record of your breastfeeding routine and ensuring that your infant does not get hungry. 

I'll present the Ideal Breastfeeding Apps for Apple Watch in this article, which I hand-picked after conducting significant research. Let's get this crowd going.

Why is it beneficial for babies to be breastfed?

Breast milk contains all of the necessary nutrients, including protein, vitamins, sugar, and fat, to aid in the development of newborn. It contains the proper hormones to help your child develop healthily and prevent him or her from harmful bacteria and viruses. 

It also makes your children stronger, according to one research. The researchers looked at the bone density in the neck and spine of children aged eight who fed breast milk for three months or more. They found that these children had greater bone density in their neck and spine than those fed breast milk for less than three months.

Now that you understand why breastfeeding is the greatest option for your infant let's look at some applications that may assist you.

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Apple Watch Apps for Breastfeeding 

Apple Watch Apps for Breastfeeding 

If you have an Apple Watch, you may download the Nursing apps listed below to keep records of your breastfeeding routine. Let's have a peek, shall we?

1) Glow Baby 

Glow Baby 

Glow Baby is probably one of the greatest Apple Watch Breastfeeding Apps. The best part about Glow Baby is that it includes a watch face that displays specific information like nursing, sleep, and diaper monitoring. 

It also keeps meticulous records of everything and tells you when you last fed your child. The software also has a built-in logger that allows you to record everything your kid does, from solid intake to poops. It also helps you to keep note of your baby's developmental milestones.

The remarkable feature of Glow Baby is that you can link it with your spouse, allowing them to see all of your baby's data. Overall, Glow Baby is a good nursing app, and if you want something that does more than chart your breastfeeding, this is the one to go with. 

Although it is a free app, it does have in-app purchases.

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2) Baby Loggy 

Baby Loggy is another excellent Breastfeeding app for keeping a record of your breastfeeding and other routines. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, diapers, sleep, bath time, and other parameters may all be tracked with this app. 

The feature that I appreciate best about Baby Loggy is that it enables us to keep track of many infants' feeding schedules simultaneously. It also sends you reminders for the next nursing session, so your infant doesn't go hungry.

It also gives you the perfect breakdown of your baby's breastfeeding and feeding routine. You can also forward it to your email account or to other individuals who might be interested. The software is free to use, although there are only 200 entries in the free version. You may upgrade to the pro edition for $2.99 if you want to feed more entries.

3) Feed Baby

Feed Baby

Feed Baby is a popular Apple Watch Breastfeeding App. It's a pretty thorough software that monitors not just nursing but also diapers, nappy changes, sleep, pumping, journaling, medications, and much more. 

The program generates thorough reports and displays data in charts and graphs, making it very easy to keep track of everything. Furthermore, Feed Baby allows you to export your data as a CSV file, which you may submit to your doctor for review. Feed Baby may also keep track of many babies' nursing sessions and other activities simultaneously. If you're a parent of twins, Feed Baby has you covered.

Feed Baby also has a highly user-friendly interface. The developers designed the large buttons to make it easier for parents to engage with the app and record data. Feed Baby is a free app with in-app purchases.

4) Baby Feed Timer

Another popular Nursing App that you may use to record your breastfeeding routine is Baby Feed Timer. The most appealing feature of Baby Feed Timer is its User Interface, which is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and intuitive of any Breastfeeding software available. 

Baby Feed Timer can keep track of nursing sessions, bottles, sleep, nappies, breast pumps, etc. It also allows you to upload your baby's profile and gives you his or her actual age.

Furthermore, the app gives in-depth assessments of average nursing time and other information. You may also keep a full journal of your infants and add additional remarks to the logs. The app Baby Feed Timer is available for free download and use; however, it does have in-app purchases.

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Which Breastfeeding App is the Best? 

There are a lot of amazing nursing apps on the Program Store, but if I had to choose just one, I'd go with Glow Baby since it's a highly comprehensive app with a fantastic user interface. You may use it for free, but you'll have to pay for a premium subscription if you want more features. 

How long should a newborn be breastfed? 

A nursing session usually lasts between 20 and 45 minutes; however, this might largely depend on your child. If your child has stopped sucking, his or her hands are not fisted, and they seem calm or tired, these are signals that he or she has had enough.


That's all there is to it, guys. In this article, you'll learn why nursing is so vital for newborns and the top Apple Watch breastfeeding applications. Please update if you have other queries in the comments section.


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